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August 31, 2009

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Feature story on UH’s use of social networking

August 30, 2009

Asked about his use of Twitter, John Estes said:
“You have to use some common sense. Don’t say anything detrimental. Don’t mention injuries, new plays. It’ll pretty much be about my mood, the mood of the team, our morale.” (HSB)

“I’m not doing it based on myself. It’ll be about the team.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “He’s not going to call anyone out, opponents or teammates. He’s not going to make political or religious statements, he’s not going to swear.”

Asked if he would post Tweets during games, Estes said:
“During games? I don’t know, I don’t think that’s such a good idea. You’ve got to focus on the game. It ticks me off when guys on the sidelines are looking off into the stands, I don’t think we should have phones out there.” (HSB)

About how he has 359 friends on his Facebook page, Blaze Soares said:
“Everybody wants to see how I’m doing. People are concerned with my health.” (HSB)

About how he has 798 Facebook friends and uses his phone to read and post updates often, Rocky Savaiigaea said:
“My biggest thing is be true to myself. A lot of people put up dumb pictures, and they’re saying f-this, f-that. I’m not judging them, but you have to be careful because people will judge you.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Running back Inoke Funaki eliminates any possibility of that the easiest way of all; he does not participate in any social media. Years ago, while his peers were signing up for MySpace, Funaki was trying to sign up new LDS church members in the Dominican Republic.”

About how he doesn’t use any social networking sites, Inoke said:
“All I use the computer for is research or writing papers.” (HSB)

About his old phone with a lot of dents in it, Inoke said:
“This is the only cell phone I’ve ever had. My mom gave it to me when I came back from my mission five years ago. I didn’t want one, but the coaches told me I needed it.” (HSB)

About how he goes online all the time, Rocky said:
“I wouldn’t say I’m a technology geek. But me and technology are homies.” (HSB)



Feature story on Mac entering his second year as UH head coach

August 30, 2009

About how he’s always trying to learn from his experience each season, Mac said:
“You’re always learning in this game.” (HSB)

Expecting them to be better than last year, Mac said:
“I expect us to be a lot better football team than we were last year. This is an unknown team. There are a lot of factors and I’ve seen these guys work. I’ve seen these coaches coach, and these players compete, and I believe in them.” (HSB)

About how Mac has everything how he wants it now, John Estes said:
“It’s pretty much his camp and how he wants to run it. Last year it was part how he runs stuff and part how Coach (June) Jones ran stuff. There were little remnants.” (HSB)

About rebuilding their defense after losing 9 starters and several key backups, Mac said:
“I’ve never had this many players gone. In ’99 when we came here we had a few players to build on and basically got speed on the field. It’s the same type of system. It’s just getting speed on the football field and getting guys who can make plays.” (HSB)

Disagreeing with the notion that the offense will have to win shootouts to compensate for the D, Mac said:
“We’re going to win as a total team. I fully expect the defense to be a top-notch defense. We have good coaches and we have good players. We just have to get speed on the field and good tacklers and force turnovers.” (HSB)

About how their offense struggled last season, Estes said:
“Offensively, we really didn’t have too much chemistry. The defense had chemistry and it showed, while we struggled at times last year. It’s all about reps and knowing the guy next to you.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Local high school coaches have noted the program’s enhanced presence in recruiting, including the creation of a Junior Day to expose prospects to the school, and McMackin continues to target the South Pacific’s fertile recruiting grounds.”

About how the Warrior program needs to continue to improve, Mac said:
“We just have to continue to get better. Not only in spring ball and fall ball as a football team, but our entire program.” (HSB)


Feature on the Warriors’ use of technology in their preparations

August 30, 2009

About how UH’s coaches use the latest technology to teach their players, DL coach Dave Aranda (who is the Warriors’ tech guru) said:
“Coach Mack (Greg McMackin) believes that way. He believes in the latest technology. He believes in using all the media available.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “The Warriors coaches consider themselves at the forefront of the electronic arms race in college football by using innovative means to give their players mental reps. It was kick-started by new video equipment last year that overhauled UH’s outdated, hand-carted film system.”

About the new video equipment they got last year, Mac said:
“Now we’re at the leading edge on how we present. We cut things up, we show movies for motivation. Players are all computer literate and play video games, so just drawing Xs and Os doesn’t get their attention anymore.” (HSB)

About how PowerPoint presentations are used instead of hand-written schemes on chalkboards or overhead projectors, Mac said:
“It does things like ‘ZOOM, ZAP.’ It does things to get their attention, guys moving, then we have actual video and have it spliced in.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “UH can interweave clips of NFL teams to display how to execute a technique, or highlight a particularly tricky play by an upcoming opponent. Meanwhile, the coaches can draw on the screen using a digital marker, a la John Madden in Monday Night Football. Aranda said the UH coaches have also talked about implementing a teaching tool called “Eyes of the Linebacker” that Aranda and McMackin used at Texas Tech in 2000 and 2001, when Aranda was a graduate assistant and McMackin the Red Raiders’ associate head coach.”

About the “Eyes of the LB” technique they used at Texas Tech, Aranda said:
“We would have our scout offense run a play by Central Arkansas, and position Chris Williams with a camera in the position a linebacker would be on the field. We would film it from the player’s perspective. Then we drew up the play, on PowerPoint, here’s how they block it. Then you show the (opponent footage) clip. Then we’d show the Eyes of the Linebacker. One, two, three.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Aranda foresees the coaches exploring new techniques as the tech race continues to evolve, such as using Madden NFL video games to implement new offensive and defensive schemes.”

About the evolution of coaching technology, Aranda said:
“I could see coming in to see the coaches’ offices almost really kind of going away.” (HSB)


Warriors coaches diagram X’s and O’s electronically with sound effects to keep players’ attention during meetings. Replaced chalkboards, whiteboards, etc.


UH and opponent video clips are easily compiled and replayed in the Internet age. Coaches can make points on screen with a digital marker, or show a movie clip to get a point across. Removed the hassle of transporting heavy film to the viewing room.


Players have taken the initiative to download content on their iPods and iPhones for their own viewing. Footage of specific plays and formations can be called up at a moment’s notice as a new memorization tool.”


Quotes from the Star-Bulletin features on each Warrior position

August 30, 2009

About their QBs, QB coach Nick Rolovich said:
“Overall it’s a great group of people to work with. They’re very attentive when it’s time to work, very good listeners, good communicators as far as asking questions. Football-wise, the overall group has made a huge step over last year. They’re really fun to work with.” (HSB)

About their depth at RB, RB coach Brian Smith said:
“The most positive thing has been the depth. Having five guys we feel comfortable giving playing time to is a good problem to have. Leon’s looked outstanding in spring and early in camp. Inoke came in bigger and stronger. I’ve been impressed with both Alex and Chizzy. I compare them with Leon as far as a similar style of back.” (HSB)

About their talented but inexperienced WRs, Ron Lee said:
“We have some talented athletes, but they didn’t play much. … When they understand what we’re doing, they’re going to be fast and they’re going to be confident. They’re coming, they’re learning as they’re playing.” (HSB)

About how their OL will be better this season, OL coach (the 5th Warrior OL coach in 5 seasons!) Gordy Shaw said:
“They’re stronger and leaner. They hit all of their goals (in the offseason); every one of them are where they want to be.” (HSB)

About their DL this season, Dave Aranda said:
“We have a different skill set than we had last year. Last year we had guys who were real talented with their hands and were more finesse guys. Our guys right now are a bit more physical guys, more power moves.” (HSB)

About their young, deep LB corps, Cal Lee said:
“You can never have enough linebackers. We have seven or eight good linebackers, heck, what a problem to be in.” (HSB)

About their inexperienced but talented DBs, Rich Miano said:
“It’s an unproven group, but with a lot of the intangibles in terms of work ethic, focus, and ability. It’s just a matter of these guys early in the season getting their feet wet, feeling confident and living up to their potential.” (HSB)

About how they want to attack and try to block punts this year (UH hasn’t blocked a punt since 2006), special teams coach Chris Tormey said:
“We want to attack the punt team and we want to make them defend themselves. The more effective you are at blocking punts, the better your punt return will be.” (HSB)

About the battle between Blumberg and Enos for their starting kicker position, Tormey said:
“It’s a pretty tight competition right now. We do field goals every day, and we’re charting times and get-offs. How many we make and how many we miss. The competition’s pretty close. … They both know what their strengths are, and have to improve on their weaknesses.” (HSB)









Quotes from the local papers

August 30, 2009

HA Note: “The Hawai’i football team’s 2005 recruiting class already is highly regarded. It has featured quarterback Colt Brennan, slotbacks Davone Bess, Aaron Bain and Michael Washington, defensive end David Veikune, linebackers Adam Leonard and Solomon Elimimian, and kicker Dan Kelly. Thing is, those players ā€” who completed their UH eligibility ā€” represent only part of the 2005 class. The remaining members are preparing for their senior season, which begins with Friday’s opener against Central Arkansas.”

About being one of four 2005 recruits who will start on their OL, RT Laupepa Letuli said:
“This is the last hoo-rah.” (HA)

About how their offense is on schedule to be ready for the season, Ron Lee said:
“I think we’re right on schedule. We’re giving the first two units all the reps (this) week to really sharpen up the timing with the QBs. We dropped a couple passes (during Thursday’s practice). That’s why we stayed after working on our hands. But I think we’re right on schedule. We just need to go play.” (HSB)

About their talented but extremely inexperienced receiver group, Ron Lee said:
“They’re talented as can be and they understand what we’re doing, but we’re going to see how they play on (Friday). We’re coming along nicely; we’re ahead of last season by a bunch. It’s just a matter how they show up when the lights go on.” (HSB)

About how they will prepare for Central Arkansas this week instead of just working on their system, Greg Alexander said:
“It’s going to be a different mind-set. This week is going to be more about Central Arkansas and focus more on them. I think everybody’s excited. We’ve been going against each other since the start of spring, I think we’re kind of sick of seeing each other’s faces in practice and want to get into seeing some other faces.” (HSB)

About how redshirt freshman Kawika Ornellas hsa done well since joining the late in fall camp after returning from a knee injury, Rich Miano said:
“If he was here from the beginning of camp, he’d be challenging for a starting job and he still is because of some of the injuries. He’s a capable replacement, we don’t think we drop off with Kawika Ornellas, it’s just a matter of getting him reps.” (HSB)



The #2 QB battle between Brent Rausch and Bryant Moniz still isn’t decided

August 29, 2009

HA Note: “It will be another few days before the coaches decide between fourth-year junior Brent Rausch and third-year sophomore Bryant Moniz. Greg Alexander is the starter for Friday’s season opener against Central Arkansas. A choice was supposed to have been made when training camp ended a week ago. But Rausch and Moniz have been impressive in 6-on-7 and team drills.”

About how they need to decide on their backup QB so that he can get enough reps to get ready to play, Mac said:
“The only rush is if you need a No. 2 guy, you’ve got to have that decision made. I don’t want to go all the way to game time.” (HA)

About how they should decide by Tuesday, Mac said:
“I think by Tuesday we have to make up our mind on the second guy. We’re in a good situation. And Shane (Austin, the No. 4 quarterback) looks good. We’re not in the same quarterback situation we were in last year.” (HA)

HA Note: “Last year, the Warriors did not name Alexander as the starter until the day before the season opener. UH played three quarterbacks in that game.”


Other quotes from the local papers

August 29, 2009

About naming Leon Wright-Jackson their starting RB, Mac said:
“He’s been consistent, and he’s not hurt. Hopefully, he’ll be able to continue. It’s very competitive, and he’s getting better. He’s sort of a slasher/big guy.” (HA)

About practicing as the wildcat, LWJ said:
“We wanted to run (the wildcat), and coach threw me in there. We had some fun.” (HA)

about the plays where the wildcat throws option passes, LWJ said with a laugh:
“If it’s a pass play,. I’ll run it.” (HA)

About their RB rotation, Mac said that he’ll start LWJ and:
“then we’ll go from there.” (HA)

Praising Alex Green, Mac said:
“Alex is a big-time player. He’s really an athlete. He’s quick for a big man.” (HA)

About participating in light workouts as he is recovering from a bruised left calf, John Estes said:
“It’s a little tender. I have to get the blood flowing.” (HA)

About being on the practice field at 7:45am (after a team meeting) on Friday after ending Thursday night’s practice around 9pm, Rocky Savaiigaea said:
“You have to really battle through. It took us a little while to get into it, but everyone’s sharp and we know no practices can be wasted. The season’s right around the corner.” (HSB)

About giving the players today off and going back at practice on Sunday, Mac said:
“We’ve had a good camp; we got done what we wanted to get done. (Today) I want them to rest and come back fresh and Sunday we start our preparation on Central Arkansas.” (HSB)



The Warriors practiced the haka yesterday

August 29, 2009

HA Note: “The Warriors practiced the haka for the first time in the preseason. They are practicing a version of the Maori war chant that the team performed in 2006. Seniors Laupepa Letuli and Rocky Savaiigaea took turns leading the rehearsal. Savaiigaea said there are no specific haka leaders.”

About how they do not have leaders for their haka, Rocky said:
“We do everything as a senior class.” (HA)

HSB Note: “Before heading to the locker room, the Warriors spent a few minutes after practice working on the Haka. Savaiigaea led the instructions, but said a game day leader for the pregame chant had yet to be decided.”

About using the 2006 version of their haka, when some of their seniors now were freshmen, Rocky said:
“Some of us already know it, so we try to kind of spread it on and help all the newer guys learn it. In meetings the other day we went into what the haka really means, what it stands for and the way to do it. The big thing is not everybody here is of Polynesian descent … but we tell them when you’re at the University of Hawaii you represent the whole Pacific. We want them to do it correctly, know that it’s serious when we do it, and we’re doing it for a reason.” (HSB)



Chris Leatigaga’s X-rays were fine and he had an MRI yesterday

August 29, 2009

About his knee injury (initially diagnosed as a hyper-extended left knee), Chris Leatigaga said:
“It just buckled when I hit another lineman. It’s frustrating.” (HA)

About how Leatigaga earned a spot in their DT rotation, DL coach Dave Aranda said:
“Chris has been one of the hardest workers in the offseason. He dedicated himself to making a statement in his senior year.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Although the Warriors use two tackles in their 4-3 base alignment, the coaches consider Vaughn Meatoga, Rocky Savaiigaea and Tuika Tufaga starters in the defensive tackle rotation. They were followed by the trio of Leatigaga and redshirt freshmen Geordon Hanohano and Haku Correa on the second line of the depth chart.”

About how they want to have 6 DTs ready to play, Aranda said:
“There’s not a lot of places where you have six defensive tackles you’re comfortable playing in the game. Hopefully we can get that back.” (HSB)

About how Leatigaga worked hard to learn what DTs needed to do in their system, Aranda said:
“It’s almost night and day as far as him being a technician. Any time you see a guy turn a corner like that, you want to see him succeed.” (HSB)