Feature story on UH’s use of social networking

Asked about his use of Twitter, John Estes said:
“You have to use some common sense. Don’t say anything detrimental. Don’t mention injuries, new plays. It’ll pretty much be about my mood, the mood of the team, our morale.” (HSB)

“I’m not doing it based on myself. It’ll be about the team.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “He’s not going to call anyone out, opponents or teammates. He’s not going to make political or religious statements, he’s not going to swear.”

Asked if he would post Tweets during games, Estes said:
“During games? I don’t know, I don’t think that’s such a good idea. You’ve got to focus on the game. It ticks me off when guys on the sidelines are looking off into the stands, I don’t think we should have phones out there.” (HSB)

About how he has 359 friends on his Facebook page, Blaze Soares said:
“Everybody wants to see how I’m doing. People are concerned with my health.” (HSB)

About how he has 798 Facebook friends and uses his phone to read and post updates often, Rocky Savaiigaea said:
“My biggest thing is be true to myself. A lot of people put up dumb pictures, and they’re saying f-this, f-that. I’m not judging them, but you have to be careful because people will judge you.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Running back Inoke Funaki eliminates any possibility of that the easiest way of all; he does not participate in any social media. Years ago, while his peers were signing up for MySpace, Funaki was trying to sign up new LDS church members in the Dominican Republic.”

About how he doesn’t use any social networking sites, Inoke said:
“All I use the computer for is research or writing papers.” (HSB)

About his old phone with a lot of dents in it, Inoke said:
“This is the only cell phone I’ve ever had. My mom gave it to me when I came back from my mission five years ago. I didn’t want one, but the coaches told me I needed it.” (HSB)

About how he goes online all the time, Rocky said:
“I wouldn’t say I’m a technology geek. But me and technology are homies.” (HSB)



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