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Warriors Thriving in ‘Second Chance U’

October 31, 2007

About how hard it is to recruit top high school talent from the mainland like the other major college programs, JJ said:
“We’re 0 for 500. It just doesn’t happen. It’s becoming more of a possibility, but as of now, it’s about a 0 percent chance, unless they have a tie here.” (AP)

AP Note: “The only blue chip recruits Hawai’i has a chance on are the ones who have a connection to the islands or come from adverse personal lives, such as a broken home, Jones said.”

About how they have had to take chances on some recruits who have had past difficulties, JJ said:
“We’ve had to look at guys a little more than other schools that maybe had difficulties. It’s our job as coaches to help them through their difficult times.” (AP)

AP Note: “Hawai’i’s second-chance stars are: quarterback Colt Brennan, receiver Davone Bess, linebacker Adam Leonard and running back Leon Wright-Jackson.”

About how he’s been fortunate with the players he’s taken a chance on, JJ said:
“I’ve been lucky. I’ve chosen some good kids that I’ve taken chances on.” (AP)

AP Note: “After washing out at other schools, those players are thriving at Hawai’i with the NFL in their sights. They have found redemption and a new home in the islands — a world away from their darkest days.”

About how many of their players are seizing their second chances provided at UH, Adam Leonard said:
“A lot of people got their second chance over here and are making the best out of it.” (AP)

About how he came back for his senior year to give back to Hawaii, Colt said:
“I didn’t come back for me. If it was about me, I would’ve left. I came back to give Hawai’i a great year and do something special.” (AP)

AP Note: “Bess also came to Hawai’i after being locked up, as did St. Louis Rams linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa, who was one of Jones’ first recruits. Tinoisamoa, who spent four months in prison his senior year of high school in southern California, has said playing for Hawai’i was the best decision in his life and kept him away from trouble.”

About the players he took a chance on, JJ said:
“They made mistakes. If they repeated those mistakes, they wouldn’t be here. But I knew they were good kids and they’ve all been good citizens, so I’m proud of them.” (AP)

About how Bess has appreciated his second chance, JJ said:
“I think he’s appreciative of the second chance and it’s not going to let it slip through his fingers. He’s just a great kid and one of the hardest workers I’ve ever had.” (AP)

AP Note: “The players have thrived here for several reasons. They’re isolated thousands of miles away from their friends, families and problems. Many have bonded with teammates, focused on football and proven their doubters wrong.”

About how Hawaii is the best place for a player who needs a second chance, Colt said:
“To come here and be able to play the game, relax, enjoy life, allows you to go out there and succeed. I think it’s just a great environment.” (AP)

About how players that have been through difficulties have grown from their experiences, JJ said:
“When you see kids who have gone through a lot of tragedy, a lot of heartache and yet they’re still persevering in life, then there’s something to be said about that.” (AP)

About how many of their players have had difficulties and that helps them bond together to prove their doubters wrong, Adam Leonard said:
“Everybody has a story here. That kind of bonds us even closer than a regular team where you got all the top talent in the nation and everyone comes with their own egos. … We want to work that much harder to prove people wrong.” (AP)

About how colleges stopped recruiting him when he suffered a knee injury in high school, Adam Leonard said:
“The schools called me once just to see what happened. They told me they would call me back, and they never did. I sent out tapes hoping that somebody would give me a scholarship. It was tough, especially because I thought I was one of the best players in Washington, if not the nation.” (AP)

About how UH came through with a scholarship offer for him, Adam said:
“They showed the interest and I’m just paying them back for the opportunity. So, I’m just thankful.” (AP)

About how he was frustrated at Nebraska where he was moved from RB to S to WR, LWJ said:
“It didn’t work out at Nebraska. But I found where I need to be and it’s here.” (AP)

AP Note: “The word is now out that Hawai’i is Second Chance U.”

About how many players come to him for a second chance and he has to choose carefully, JJ said:
“We do get a lot of inquires because of the track record, but at the same time, it’s my job to pick which kids I think can actually do it.” (AP)

About how he’s been burned by players a couple of times, JJ said:
“I tried to correct them. I tried to get them straightened out. I gave them two or three opportunities, but at some point you have to draw the line. So they’re no longer here.” (AP)

Quotes from the local papers

October 31, 2007

After the NMSU game, Rocky Savaiigaea said about the bonds of their team:
“We’re a brotherhood. We share this journey together, and we’ll end it together.” (WB)

About how Dane Porlas, Ryan Mouton, Erik Robinson and Spencer Smith are competing this week for the 3rd safety spot opened due to Monteilh’s injury, secondary coach Rich Miano said:
“They have a lot of good qualities.” (HA)

“we’re looking to find the third-best safety.” (HA)

About the importance of the safety job, Miano told the candidates for the spot:
“The rules are against you. If a d-lineman makes a mistake, it might be a 7-yard gain. If the linebacker makes a mistake, it might be a 10- or 12-yard gain. If you make a mistake, it might be a touchdown. You’re no longer responsible for yourself. You’re responsible for the whole team. We’re trying to win a championship.” (HA)

HA Note: “In Saturday’s 50-13 victory over New Mexico State, Monteilh, Patek (stinger) and Thomas (quadriceps contusion) suffered injuries in the second half. Robinson, who transferred from Navarro Junior College in August, and Smith, a second-year freshman, were summoned. Each played 16 snaps.”

About how their backup players have to be ready to play, Miano said:
“You never know. You sit there thinking, ‘Wow, it’s a close game, I’m never going to play,’ and all of a sudden a couple of safeties get hurt and you’re in there. That’s a lot of responsibility. There are 120 guys depending on you. There are coaches depending on you. There’s the state of Hawai’i depending on you. I want them to make sure they understand that.” (HA)

Praising Mouton, Miano said:
“(Mouton) is so smart. He can play anywhere back there. He understands nickel, corner and safety.” (HA)

About how he has benefitted from playing nickelback, Mouton said:
“It helped me with the coverages.” (HA)

HA Note: “Robinson is trying to make up for lost time. Although he earned an associate degree during the summer — an NCAA eligibility requirement for a junior-college transfer — UH had not received his transcripts on time. He was held out of the season opener and the first road trip, which included a five-day stopover in Houston.”

About how his transcript delay prevented him from making their road trip that included a 5-day stay in Houston, Robinson (raised in Dallas) said:
“It was hard when I found out I wasn’t going to Texas to see my family. It was a crazy situation with my (junior college). I talked to my mother every day. She told me to pray about it. God doesn’t make mistakes. Things happen for a reason.” (HA)

About how Patek, Monteilh and Thomas were established as the 3 safeties by the time he got clearance to play, Robinson said:
“I understood and respected that. They’re like my brothers. I knew I had to wait my turn.” (HA)

HA Note: “While Robinson had earned a reputation as a hard hitter, there were questions about his ability to defend the deep areas. Those concerns were alleviated during last week’s practices.”

Praising Robinson, RGM said:
“E-Rob is a hard worker. You can tell he’s very determined.” (HA)

About how he had to learn to watch for the deep pass instead of going for the big hits all the time, Robinson said:
“I used to always move up and just hit. Every day, coach Miano was on my case, reminding me what to do.” (HA)

About what Robinson said about him, Miano said:
“I hope when they say I’m ‘on them,’ it’s in a positive way because I want to make sure they know I care about them. I’m trying to get them ready.” (HA)

About how he had to prove himself after GM took over from Glanville, Smith (who redshirted last season) said:
“I had no history. I don’t think (McMackin) knew anything about me. I felt I had to prove myself.” (HA)

About how he had to be patient for playing time, Smith said:
“Most of the safeties here are older. I’m just a redshirt freshman. I have four years left. I’ve been through stuff in football before where I wasn’t ahead of everyone, but I worked hard. I knew the hard work would end up paying off in the long run.” (HA)

About being interviewed about how Colt is about to break his career TD record, Detmer said:
“I figured I’d be getting a call here real quick. My friends, here, they like to keep those (reminders) coming. They tell me my records are falling left and right.” (HA)

About Colt breaking his career TD record, Detmer said:
“It will be one of the last major ones to go. Any of the career marks, especially, mean a lot. It shows what you’ve done over a long period of time. It shows that it wasn’t just a one-year flash-in-the-pan type of thing.” (HA)

HA Note: “Indeed, Detmer assembled this one over parts of four seasons (1988-91) for the Cougars when they were a dominating force in the old Western Athletic Conference and owned the passing chapter in the NCAA record book. Brennan figures to break it in three years and in fewer games and attempts, unlike former UH quarterback Tim Chang, who captured Detmer’s career passing yardage mark in 2004 with more games and attempts.”

About how he is a fan of UH’s offense, Detmer said:
“I enjoy watching Hawai’i (on TV). I like watching June Jones’ offense. They are wide open and, for a former quarterback, you like watching the ball in the air a lot.” (HA)

Heisman Trophy voter Detmer said that Colt is a candidate:
“I definitely would (consider him). He’s done everything that’s been asked of him. They’re ranked, undefeated. People are going to talk about the level of competition and all those things but the bottom line is he is throwing the ball where he has to even when everybody is gunning for him. He makes it all work for them (the Warriors). I think he is definitely in Heisman contention.” (HA)

About how he only saw UH on TV once while he was in high school, Bess said:
“You know, I saw Hawaii one time, but it wasn’t nothing spectacular. I wasn’t amped about it. All I remember was Timmy Chang, the quarterback. Other than that, I wasn’t really into it at all.” (HSB)

About how having their final 5 games (including the bowl game) nationally televised would be a great way for potential recruits to learn about Warrior football, Bess said:
“I think this is a great, great opportunity for kids across the country, who’re giving letters and who’re interested in Hawaii, to get a peek at us firsthand.” (HSB)

About what recruits would learn from their nationally televised games, Erik Robinson (who never saw UH on national TV while growing up in Texas) said:
“Players would see how family-oriented we are and how we play together.” (HSB)

About how they need to do well in the nationally televised games to get the benefit from them, Rich Miano said:
“It’s one thing to be on (TV) and not being able to perform, so there’s pressure. Every game is like a playoff now. We want to win the WAC championship, we want to go undefeated, but every game — and I think the players realize it — the intensity magnifies when millions of people are watching versus 40,000 in the stadium.” (HSB)

About how having a full stadium is important for the nationally televised games, GM said:
“It’s so important because people like to see that our fans do support us. I think we have great fans, and recruits like to be appreciated.” (HSB)

About selling out Aloha Stadium, where the record is 2 sellouts in a season (most recently 1988), Miano said:
“I think it’s like when Derek Tatsuno pitched, when A.C. (Carter) played basketball with Alika (Smith), people are only going to be able to see this team once. I’ve been around Hawaii football a long time (since 1982), and the exposure that Colt has brought, the exposure that Coach (June) Jones has brought, the whole program is at a level now where people throughout the nation respect and enjoy watching Hawaii football.” (HSB)

About blacking out the ESPN broadcast of the Fresno State game in Hawaii and Fresno, Michael Humes of ESPN said the game was:
“a special case.” (HA)

About how the time of the game will not change if ESPN picks up the game, HF said:
“Same time (6:05 p.m.). That’s our parameters, to not disturb what we already had in place.” (HSB)

About the discussions about ESPN adding the game, HF said:
“There was some discussion (yesterday) on the telephone with Fresno State, the (Western Athletic Conference), ESPN, and ourselves and KFVE. Fresno State and ESPN were going to continue some discussions about it, and everybody’s going to let us know (today) as to where we’re headed.” (HSB)

About how the UH internal investigation of Ian Sample’s allegations has been completed and reviewed by HF, HF said:
“I would say that the (review) committee (faculty athletic representative Peter Nicholson, vice chancellor on campus Ron Cambra, and compliance coordinator Bill Bryant) did a thorough job on looking at everything that was available to them. So at this point we’re going to have to wait and see how the chancellor (Virginia Hinshaw) feels about it, and have a statement after she’s had a chance to review.” (HSB)

Quotes from JJ’s weekly press conference

October 30, 2007

About Colt’s WAC Offensive Player of the Week award, JJ said:
“It was nice. It was a toss up between him and Ryan Grice-Mullen. I thought both kids had great offensive games. I think six touchdown passes certainly helps. This particular game for some reason, he had three or four throws that he normally hits right on the money, but he didn’t. Even on a couple of the throws to Ryan that went for touchdowns were a little underthrown. They weren’t perfect but Ryan made the catch. I’m not disappointed. Colt told me it was only his second full game at home this season. We’ll get him completely healthy by Fresno. He is a pretty good player.” (UH Athletics)

About what they will do during the bye week, JJ said:
“We’re going to focus a little more on Fresno and then take a day to look at some of the other teams too, in particular Nevada who runs a different offense. I’ve never really (looked at) other teams before during the bye week, but if we were playing a wishbone team one of the last few games, we’d do the same thing. I think the Reno offense is a little different than anything we’ll play, so we’ll spend some time on it defensively. Offensively, we’ll just focus on Fresno.” (UH)

About how their young OL has developed, JJ said:
“They have played really well. Dennis (McKnight) has done a good job, and the players are committed and take a lot of pride. All of them have had great games. We gave the offensive game ball this past week to Hercules (Satele). He has had two-straight really good games. All of them have played really well. They’ve had eight games and are now a veteran group.” (UH)

Asked if he followed the rankings, JJ said:
“I really don’t unless (a reporter) calls me and says something. I don’t look at it because it doesn’t matter. It’ll only matter if we keep winning. We’ve convinced the players of that too. They speak that same way. It is kind of cool, but everyone in this room will be disappointed if we don’t end up that way.” (UH)

Asked about their remaining 4 games, JJ said:
“We are playing at a level we can win the WAC, but we’ll need to play really well the last four games. It is all there. Defensively, I am proud of how the players are becoming sound in the scheme, and Greg (McMackin) has done a great job in getting them ready.” (UH)

About their upcoming game vs. Fresno State, JJ said:
“(It doesn’t matter if we’re 8-0 or 0-8) it’s Fresno. They will play their asses off when they come here, I assure you of that. Now we’re going to have to stop the run against Fresno. They have changed a little offensively playing four and five wideouts, but they are still primarily a run team and you got to stop the run to beat them. They are very physical. They’ve also improved their coverage personnel. They’ve tried everything against us in nine years. They’ll even change what they did last year against us. They are playing a little more man-to-man. In 2004, they put 70 on us and then came here the following year and won. I think it has more to do with them being Fresno. Since the 1999 game, I think this game has been more emotional with more hype.” (UH)

Asked about possibly breaking into the top 10, JJ said:
“It was not a goal for me, just winning. When I came here, the goal was to be a Top 20 team every year. We’ve done it now two years in a row and also one other time. Just finishing (in the Top 20) and being consistent.” (UH)

Asked to compare this team to last year’s team, JJ said:
“I think we’re pretty close to the same but maybe playing with a little more confidence. A whole bunch of guys on this team have won a lot of games – 18 of 19. I don’t think there is another team in the country that has accomplished that feat.” (UH)

Feature article about the Ha’a

October 30, 2007

About replacing the haka with their ha’a, Brad Kalilimoku said:
“We didn’t want some other culture representing Hawai‘i. Doing the haka that we did, it was a thing from the Maori culture and it wasn’t representing Hawai‘i and the people, and that’s why we decided to change it.” (Ka Leo)

KL Note: “The ha‘a unites the team and helps the players show appreciation to their families and fans.”

About how she spoke to the Warriors 3 years ago and provided assistance to help them develop an identity emerging from their name (the Warriors), Associate Professor of Hawaiian studies Kanalu Young said:
“After a while, it had very little to do with my involvement at all and had everything to do with where the players wanted to take it. They took off on that and expanded it.” (KL)

KL Note: “Young provided Jones and the team with a Hawaiian phrase, “eō nā toa e,” which translates to “Warriors, respond to the call of battle.” ”

KL Note: “The cultural aspect of the ha‘a revolves around how the team responds to adversity as a part of competitive sports, he explained. This year, the players also want to conduct themselves in a warrior-like manner on and off the field by being model student athletes and representing the team well.

About the lyrics to the ha’a, Young said:
“In ancient times, that would’ve been a battle. Today, metaphorically, it’s football competition.” (KL)

KL Note: “Young defined the ha‘a as a “physical protocol connected to a higher spiritual order.” Although the lyrics are kept within the team, the movements suggest enforcing what it means to be a warrior and preparing an individual for a large, important group action.” ”

Hoping that the native Hawaiian community can embrace the ha’a, Young said:
“The leadership of the native Hawaiian players who have taken the kuleana (responsibility) to share their culture is so positive and should be appreciated.” (KL)

When their football days are long gone, Young would be pleased to know that the Warriors will be able to say:
“I know what that means to respond to adversity, to respond when you’re really needed to be there.” (KL)

About how the ha’a contains more words than the haka, which probably made it more difficult to learn, Guyton Galdeira said:
“But I think that’s a good thing in that when you see it and hear it, it really makes a great impression.”

KL Note: “Kalilimoku, defensive back Guyton Galdeira and defensive lineman Keala Watson wrote and choreographed the ha‘a, making it even more personal to the team. All three have a background in Hawaiian language. After they wrote them, the lyrics were used as a guide to choreographing the routine. Then the ha‘a was taught to the team before their 7 a.m. practices. Galdeira also emphasized the importance of having a positive attitude and the team’s willingness to learn.

About how the ha’a was a chance to learn about something different, Colt (from Irvine, CA) said:
“I’m kind of used to going all over the place. I enjoy kind of getting a chance to learn about the culture (I’m) living in.” (KL)

About the ha’a, RGM (from Rialto, CA) said:
“At first, it was a little different. I didn’t really understand it.” (KL)

About how learning the words was difficult for him but he put the team ahead of himself, RGM said:
“It’s something that when you do it, it’s not about you; it’s not about one individual person. It’s about getting everybody up, getting the crowd into it … getting that extra energy we need to get into the game.” (KL)

About the ha’a, Keala Watson said:
“The combined effort of all us really resembles Hawaiian values. It’s not just from one person; it’s from the whole team. That’s what makes it so personal for all of us.” (KL)

About how the ha’a helped them develop an identity and brought them closer as a team, Colt said:
“When you look around in football, there’s a lot of teams out there that have certain types of rituals and things that they do. This is something very specific to us. I really think it gives our team an identity and gives us a chance to really come closer.” (KL)

KL Note: “Brennan also mentioned the ha‘a is effective in other ways like intimidating other teams and upsetting coaches. Kalilimoku emphasized that the ha‘a is not only for the team, but for showing appreciation for the love and support from their families and fans.”

About how they are proud to represent Hawaii’s culture, Galdeira said:
“The big difference coming here (to Hawai‘i) is that we have a culture. We’re proud to represent that.” (KL)

Quotes from the Hawaii papers and the Associated Press

October 30, 2007

So happy with the defense’s play vs. NMSU, GM said:
“I’m so proud of them.” (HA)

“I had the Miami Hurricanes who were No. 1 in the country in total defense, passing defense and scoring defense, and there was always one or two that we didn’t get done. That was a special effort. I’ve had some really good teams and nobody’s accomplished that.” (HSB)

HA Note: “Greg McMackin was defensive coordinator when the University of Miami had the nation’s No. 1 defense in 1993 and 1994. McMackin also was the coordinator when the Seattle Seahawks were a fantasy-football owner’s dream, scoring an NFL-record 14 defensive touchdowns in 1998. He was at the defensive helm in 1999, when Hawai’i produced the greatest single-season turnaround in Division I-A history. But in all of those years and through all of those stops, his defenses never had a better game than the Warriors’ 50-13 victory over New Mexico State Saturday. That was the first time in 14 years that his defense checked off every box in a nine-goal list.”

About how their D met all 9 of McMackin’s goals, JJ said:
“He’s been using that since he was No. 1 with Miami. To finally meet all of the goals is an impressive deal.” (HA)

HA Note: “While his Miami defenses were topping NCAA statistical charts, McMackin decided he wanted a more precise barometer. That’s when he crafted a list in which the goals are: to win; hold opponents to no more than 17 points, 3.4 yards per rush, and 37-percent-conversion rate on third down; not allow a rush of more than 19 yards or a completed pass of more than 29 yards; not relinquish a touchdown after a UH turnover; force at least three turnovers, and score a defensive touchdown.”

About how they made their coach proud, Michael Lafaele said:
“I know coach Mac is excited, and that he’s proud of us. I knew our defense was playing well, and guys were making big plays. It was a testament to how hard we worked in practice and during the summer.” (HA)

About why he set the goal at allowing 17 points, GM said:
“17 is two touchdowns and a field goal. You figure if you don’t give up more than that, you have a good chance to win.” (HA)

HA Note: “He said it was a better gauge to use rushing average instead of rushing total. It is noteworthy that none of the goals involve total yards.”

About the purpose of the goals, GM said:
“They’re realistic goals and they’re all goals to get the offense back on the field.” (HSB)

About how turnovers and 3rd done stops are the key for their D, Adam Leonard said:
“Turnovers are the big thing. We put a lot of focus on how we play on third down, and making those key stops.” (HA)

About how McMackin never changed his goals despite college offenses scoring more and putting up more points than NFL offenses, Adam said:
“It really puts into perspective how well our defense is playing.” (HA)

About how they reached 8 of their 9 goals twice this season, JJ said:
“If we didn’t give up that late touchdown in Idaho, we would have had enough.” (HA)

HA Note: “This season, the Warriors are holding offenses to 2.9 yards per rush and 30-percent conversions on third down. They have intercepted 16 passes, five of which were run back for touchdowns, and forced five lost fumbles. The goals are listed on a large grid posted in the locker room. “H” stickers are used to fill in the blanks, like chips on a bingo card.”

Happy they reached all 9 goals, Fale Laeli said:
“I’m happy we accomplished it. We came, we saw, we conquered.” (HA)

About reaching all 9 goals, Patek said:
“It’s a great accomplishment for the team in reaching those goals and it says a lot about the coaches, that everybody’s understanding what they need to do and where they need to be.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “McMackin credited defensive assistants George Lumpkin, Jeff Reinebold, Cal Lee and Rich Miano, and graduate assistant Terry Duffield for preparing their individual units for a New Mexico State team that entered the game seventh in the country in passing offense.”

About his fractured left scapula that will keep him out for the rest of the regular season, Keao Monteilh said:
“It’s part of the game.” (HA)

Monteilh said that he cannot start a rehab program until:
“the bone attaches.” (HA)

JJ said that having to play without Monteilh is:
“pretty big because he’s kind of a captain back there (in the secondary). He lines people up in assignment. He’s just really a good football player. He made a lot of things happen. He made a great pick in the game. He’s really kind of coming into his own, found his spot on the team.” (HA)

“He’s kind of a captain back there. He lines people up and he really is just a good football player, made a lot of things happen, was really kind of coming into his own and found his spot on the team.” (HSB)

About Monteilh, Desmond Thomas said:
“I feel for Keao. I pray he’ll get better.” (HA)

About how he will support his teammates, Monteilh said:
“I’ll still go out there and help and support the guys. It won’t be fun sitting out and just watching. But as long as I get a (WAC championship) ring and the boys get it done I’ll be happy. And it’s an opportunity for someone else to get in there.” (HSB)

Monteilh said about their upcoming bowl game that he hoped to:
“make an appearance” (HA)

About being a hard hitter despite bench-pressing a max of 285 pounds, Thomas said;
“I don’t bench that much, I don’t weigh that much, but whatever I have, I use every ounce of it.” (HA)

About replacing Monteilh in the starting lineup, Thomas said:
“Getting good reps throughout the season has helped. I know I’m ready. When the first guy goes down the next guy has to step up and be ready. Hopefully if I get in there we don’t miss a beat.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “The Warriors have two weeks to come up with a plan to fill the void and Jones said junior Erik Robinson and freshman Spencer Smith could work into the rotation. Ryan Mouton, who returned from a knee injury and played extensively in nickel situations last week, could also factor in.”

About missing 3 weeks because of a partially torn MCL in his left knee, where the initial fear was that he had an injury to his ACL, key special teams members Rustin Saole said:
“I’m glad I’m not out for the year.” (HA)

After getting his 3rd WAC Offensive Players of the Week award, Colt said:
“I think Ryan was the one who really deserved it.” (HA)

About how his award is more of a team award, Colt said:
“As a QB that’s kind of how it goes. When you lose you get the finger pointed at you, when you win everybody gives you a lot of credit. If you watched the game, I had unbelievable play by my receivers, especially Ryan (Grice-Mullins), he had a tremendous day. As a unit, I think it’s a reward to what we accomplished on Saturday.” (HSB)

Praising his offensive teammates, Colt said:
“Davone (Bess) had two touchdowns and another big game, Jason Rivers dominated on the outside in man coverage, the O-line did a great job of picking everything up. It was a great day for the team and I feel like we got back on track and got back to our comfort level and it’s a great first step in this last chapter of our season.” (HSB)

About their ranking, Colt said:
“I think everybody’s happy, but it’s not about being happy about what we’ve done, it’s happy about what we can do.” (HSB)

About how RGM turns a 3-yard pass into a 42-yard TD in the NMSU game, Colt said:
“That’s always great from a quarterback standpoint.” (HA)

About that 42-yard TD catch and run, RGM said:
“I love it, too. It’s a lot more fun catching and running for 40 (yards) than catching one in the end zone.” (HA)

About how Colt deserved the award, RGM said:
“He deserves it. I mean, six touchdowns. He did a good job. He came out swinging.” (HA)

Happy with how the season has gone so far, Colt said:
“At this moment, I definitely expected to be 8-0. Right now, everything’s all good. Coming up is where it’s time to rise up and make a statement.” (AP)

“This is exactly where we want to be. We’re in the driver’s seat. …These next four games will say a lot about our football team. If we win all four, I think we would’ve said enough. It’s all about getting victories.” (AP)

About how he finally felt injury free in the NMSU game, Colt said:
“It just felt like I finally got out there and I was myself again. Now I’m so excited to get back out there. It feels like the season is about to start against Fresno State.” (AP)

About how he’s looking to have a great end to the season now that he’s past his injury struggles, Colt said:
“Because I struggled early on, everybody’s kind of written me off. I don’t think people realize that I’m really hungry and I’m about to have a run that I’m really excited about.” (AP)

“That’s something I really want to do — really go out on a blazing note.” (AP)

About his Heisman chances depend on his team’s performance, Colt said:
“If we’re 12-0, chances are, my numbers will be where they need to be to get respect. Really, the Heisman has been about the best player on the best team in the country. It hasn’t been about the overall best player. That’s why my team really is the deciding factor whether I go to New York.” (AP)

About how he isn’t looking at the polls yet, JJ said:
“I don’t look at it because it doesn’t matter. It’s only going to matter if we keep winning.” (AP)

About the chance that the Fresno State game will be broadcast on ESPN, though only available via Oceanic PPV in Hawaii, UH associate AD John McNamara said:
“Nothing changes for our fans.” (HA)

HA Note: “UH associate athletic director John McNamara said “it would be premature” to say whether negotiations and resolution of production issues will lead to ESPN showing what would be a record sixth Warrior game this season. If ESPN does show the Nov. 10 game, the date and time (6:05 p.m.) would likely remain the same, but ESPN will be blacked out in Hawai’i and Fresno.”

About how they would like a 6th game on ESPN this season if ESPN meets their terms, McNamara said:
“Certainly having additional national exposure for the program and for the state of Hawai’i is something we want to pursue, but we also want to make sure we do it with all considerations to all parties.” (HA)

About ESPN broadcasting the Fresno State game, Karl Benson said:
“Efforts are being made to accommodate everyone’s interests.” (HA)

“All I can tell you is they were discussing it and trying to find a way to make it happen.” (HSB)

Quotes about UH being #14 in the BCS and topics

October 29, 2007

Focused on winning games, not the BCS or rankings right now, JJ said:
“I don’t think we’ll ever be where we should be until the end. I know me and my players are not thinking down the road. I don’t think postseason has come up in anyone’s thought process.” (HSB)

About their move up in the ratings, Colt said that it is:
“obviously good, [but] our focus is on winning games. … We know if we lose, we’re out of the polls. We have to face the challenges ahead of us.” (HA)

About how the key is for them to focus on winning the WAC, Adam Leonard said:
“I think we just gotta win the WAC. The people who analyze this and decide where to put us, that’s up to them and we can’t really concern ourselves with it. We just have to play our best football and when we do that it will take care of it.” (HSB)

Asked if they should be considered an elite team, Sol Elimimian said:
“I think so. But we have to keep improving. In my mind, we are a top-10 team. The schedule, we can’t help, we just have to play our schedule.” (HSB)

About how teams below UH can pass them in the BCS standings, Jerry Palm of said:
“Since Hawai’i has virtually no chance of posting an impressive win, except Boise State, they can get jumped by teams behind them because those teams play much better opposition.” (HA)

About how all of the upsets has helped UH’s BCS position, Palm said:
“All the attrition has helped Hawai’i tremendously. They are much higher in the (BCS standings) than they had any right to expect, even by the end of the season, let alone the end of October.” (HA)

After estimating UH’s BCS chances of being 50/50, now Palm says:
“Now, they have a pretty good chance of getting in, if they win out.” (HA)

Happy about UH’s BCS chance, Karl Benson said that:
“we have to be pretty pleased where they are at this point. If they continue to win and have convincing victories, they are going to get there (12th).” (HA)

About how UH hasn’t beaten a team with a winning record, Benson said:
“None of them in the top 100, probably.” (HA)

About how the news of Monteilh’s shoulder injury took the joy out of the win for him, GM said:
“It took the luster off the win for me. He’s done such a great job, and he’s such a great kid. I feel really bad for him and for us.” (HA)

“It’s a shame. It’s disappointing. He’s had such a great year. He’s sort of the quarterback of our secondary. He makes the calls. He gets everybody organized. He’s real valuable. He plays the nickel. He plays the safety.” (HA)

Monteilh has been told that he probably has fractured the socket in his left shoulder, adding:
“We don’t know what it is yet. I was told it could be the shoulder socket. I’m glad we’ve got a bye. A lot of guys are dinged up.” (HSB)

“If that’s the case, I’m probably out for the season.” (HA)

Monteilh says that the recovery time for that injury is:
“six to eight weeks.” (HA)

About how he initially thought he suffered a stinger in his shoulder, Monteilh said:
“When I hit him, my shoulder went dead. It was painful. I couldn’t move it. I thought it was a stinger at first. I hoped it was a stinger, but it wouldn’t go away.” (HA)

About how Mouton would take over the nickelback spot and Desmond Thomas would take over the starting left safety, GM said:
“That’s the way it looks right now. But I’ve got a lot of ideas.” (HA)

Sad about having to miss games, Monteilh said:
“As long as we bring home a ring, I’ll be glad with that.” (HA)

Update on Ikaika’s progress with the Lions

October 29, 2007

Asked about Ikaika’s development, head coach Rod Marinelli said:
“He’s coming along really good. I like where he’s at. We’re deep (at defensive end). We’ve got some depth right now. I think we’ve got a really, really good young player coming.” (Michigan Live)

About why it takes longer for DEs to make the leap to the NFL, Marinelli said:
“I’d say the two toughest positions are quarterback and especially right defensive end. The biggest thing is, in college, the guys like him were so athletic, they beat people continuously with speed and just athleticism. All of a sudden, you come here, and everything matches up. Now you’ve got to be exact. Sometimes those defensive ends might be a little bit behind technically; fundamentals, hand placement, hip turning and those things. All of a sudden, they come in, start rushing, and nothing works anymore. The guys are setting on them, and now it’s a whole learning curve on how to rush.” (Michigan Live)

Asked if Ikaika’s lesser football experience makes it even harder for him, Marinelli said:
“A lot of those guys, over the years-just really good, athletic guys-are like: ‘I’ve always won, how come I’m not winning anymore?’ Guys are jamming them, arms here and here, as they’re rushing. It’s a whole different world when you get down in there.” (Michigan Live)

Asked if the right DE spot is hardest because the left tackles are the most talented, Marinelli said:
“The most talented guys, highest paid guys and they’re very athletic. Usually, those guys are a little bit older, and they know how to use their hands. They set up with their hands all different, and the sets are different. You’ve got a center sliding to you, you’ve got to know that that guy will jump you. Center sliding away, it’s going to be a vertical set. They’ve got to understand all that as they’re getting going.” (Michigan Live)

Asked if he is working with Ikaika on technique, Marinelli said:
“Oh yeah, especially if, like when we’re playing the Bears and Tampa, it’s our defense. So he can get great work. He’s got a great attitude, a great motor and he’s going to keep developing.” (Michigan Live)

Quotes from the UH-NMSU game

October 28, 2007

HA = Honolulu Advertiser
HSB = Honolulu Star-Bulletin
AP = Associated Press
LCSN = Las Cruces Sun-News
RMN = Rocky Mountain News

Quotes from the UH coaches:

About how winning is the key to the BCS chances, JJ said:
“As long as we win, that will take care of itself.” (AP)

About Colt, JJ said:
“Colt is a pretty good quarterback. He does a lot of good things and I’m happy he got it done.” (AP)

“wasn’t at his best, but it’s hard to say with six touchdowns you’re not at your best.” (HSB)

“Colt was not at his best tonight, but six touchdowns is still pretty good.” (HA)

About RGM’s 58-yard TD reception from a short pass, JJ said:
“You saw Ryan’s speed on that one.” (HSB)

About winning one game at a time, JJ said:
“We just got to keep plugging along. I told the team turnovers and big plays were going to be the difference in the game. I was concerned early, but the kids focused and got the job done.” (HSB)

About RGM and his career-high 195 receiving yards, WR coach Ron Lee said:
“His number was called tonight. He dropped a couple or he would have had over 200 (yards).” (HSB)

About RGM’s 42-yard TD receoption from a simple out route, Ron Lee said:
“He’s so fast. That was just a 3-yard route and like that he took it all the way.” (HSB)

Happy with how his defense played, GM said:
“I was very happy with the way we tackled and played overall.” (HSB)

About their goals for the game, GM said:
“We wanted to get turnovers. We wanted to make them earn what they got, and play good on third- and fourth-down situations.” (HSB)

“We set some goals of what we had to do to win. Turnovers, third and fourth downs, our normal goals. (We wanted to) make them earn what they got. They’re the best offense that we played. I’m just really proud of our guys.” (HA)

“We knew we had to make them earn what they got. Turnovers are a big key in a game like that.” (HSB)

Note: NMSU had 3 INTs, and converted just 5-16 on 3rd down and just 1-4 on 4th down. Great job by the D!

About the importance of being able to constantly rotate fresh defensive linemen to keep up the pressure, GM said:
“It made a lot of difference. We played 10 defensive linemen. The way they had us running back and forth to the sidelines on those screens, we needed ’em. We had a plan on what we had to do, and our players made plays.” (HSB)

Note: I think that a big key is that UH is *10 deep* on the DL! That really demonstrates the enhanced recruiting they have done on the defensive side…it is showing up in the games!

About Keao Monteilh, who suffered a serious left shoulder injury when trying to tackle the NMSU WR as he was scoring their only TD, GM said:
“He’s probably our most improved player.” (HSB)

Quotes from the UH players:

About being 8-0, Colt said:
“It’s an awesome feeling. We’ve come a long way. To think about my first year, to be 8-0 right now … and, to be honest with you, I feel the season is just getting started.” (HA)

About how they have been stopping themselves on offense, Colt said:
”I don’t think anybody has ever stopped us since I’ve been here. We stop ourselves. If we limit stopping ourselves, it’s scary how good we can be.” (AP, RMN)

About being just 2 short of Ty Detmer’s TD record, Colt said:
”It’s never been about records or stats. This year more than ever, it’s all about the ‘W.’ We want every win so bad.” (AP)

“What I learned last year is don’t pay any attention to records or stats. … (But) it is a great honor.” (HSB)

About how he doesn’t think about the records, Colt said:
“What I learned last year is as long as I don’t pay attention to them, chances are I might beat them. As long as I don’t think about it I should be all right. … Unless you guys keep bringing it up.” (HSB)

“I never think about any of that stuff. The only time I think about it is when somebody brings it up.” (HSB)

“What I learned last year is that (you) don’t pay attention to records or stats. This offense and this team is not about that, but about the ‘W.’ That is our mentality.” (HA)

When an interviewer read off his stats and complimented him, Colt pointed out he also had:
“…And one (interception) and fumble.” (HA)

About his INT on his first pass, Colt joked:
“Hey, I’ve thrown 10 interceptions, one more can’t hurt.” (HSB)

About how NMSU had a solid defensive scheme against them, Colt said:
“The came out with different zone looks, they tried all-out blitzes and they did a really good job of disguising their defenses. They were tough, but we did what we had to do and our defense came out and did a great job, too.” (HA)

“They gave us different kinds of zone looks, man looks. They blitzed sometimes all out. … But we had a good game plan coming in and the receivers did an unbelievable job.” (HSB)

About how their offense will switch from just trying to avoid mistakes to going for it, Colt said:
“Our mentality is about to switch and it’s just about being on the full-on attack and let the dogs loose and just let it go.” (AP)

“Right now I think our throttle is in neutral. Our mentality’s about to switch to full-on attack. We’ve got nothing to lose. It’s not about making mistakes, it’s about kicking butts.” (HSB)

About how they haven’t reached their potential yet, Colt said:
“I don’t think we’ve hit our stride yet. We came closer today but you could see our defense gave us a ton of opportunities to score and we kind of messed up some of those opportunities.” (HA)

“People might be happy about these kind of offensive numbers tonight, but we’re not happy. That’s because we know we can do a lot better.” (HA)

About how the tough part of their season is about to start, Colt said:
“To be honest with you, it seems like we got the job done the first eight games and now the real season starts vs. Fresno. My ankle still hurts, that’s just the way it is. I got leg-whipped and stepped on, but hey, I played through it.” (HSB)

Passing the compliments he was getting to his WRs, Colt said:
“I think this year we had a great scheme and the receivers made big plays. I think it is more of a receiver day than a quarterback day.” (HSB)

“This was the best game I’ve ever been involved in as far as making plays with our receivers. They were unbelievable tonight. They did a great job getting to passes even when I was throwing behind them.” (HA)

About the man-to-man coverage their WRs had, Colt said:
“We took advantage of that. Today was all about the receivers. They made great catches (and) running after the catches. It’s just unbelievable how good they are. They made me look really good today.” (HA)

About how their offense is operating efficiently but hasn’t peaked yet, RGM said:
”It’s like second nature now. Now we just go out and have fun.” (AP)

“We still haven’t played our best game — not even close.” (HA)

“We still haven’t played our best game — not even close. Either offense or defense, we still make some small mistakes and hope the best comes out in one of those big games coming up.” (HSB)

About his 13 catches for 3 TDs and a career-high 195 receiving yards, RGM said:
“I feel if Coach Jones calls a route, I’ll get open one way or another.” (HSB)

“I wasn’t necessarily the guy we were going to go to tonight, but I kept getting open and (Brennan) kept getting it in there. That’s the great awareness that he has and since we all know the system so well, we know that he’ll take advantage of whatever opportunity we have.” (HA)

“Once I’m on the field, I believe no one can guard me one-on-one. I know that is how all of our receivers are.” (HSB)

About how he did during the bye week that inspired him, RGM said:
“I went to see ‘The Lion King’ and got a little Simba action. That was my motivation.” (HSB)

About all of his drops in this game, RGM said:
“It’s something I don’t do. I was too anxious to get up field and start running. I’ve got to catch it first.” (HSB)

“I can correct it.” (HA)

HA Note: “he has an excuse. He has been playing despite a sprained left thumb that is wrapped heavily during games.”

About passing Ashley Lelie for career TDs and receptions, RGM (who only has played 30 games so far for UH while Lelie played 36) said:
“I heard so much about him and watched some film of him. He’s a first-round draft pick, so it’s a nice accomplishment.” (HSB)

About the records he could set at UH, RGM said:
“To tell you the truth I have never been a record guy. I’m sure when I’m done and get a chance to look back on them it’ll be nice, but I’m just enjoying the winning.” (HSB)

About how his high school team went 0-10 during his senior year, RGM said:
“Trust me, records don’t mean anything if you’re not winning. I experienced it first hand.” (HSB)

About his 42-yard TD catch from a pass in the right flat, RGM said:
“When the ball comes my way, I try to make a play. I’ve had a goal since I was little. I feel every time I touch it, I can score. I’m going to continue with that goal and hope it works out.” (HA)

About their offense, Bess said:
“Once we got in the game, we were like a machine.” (AP)

Bess said that they have to remain:
“humble and hungry. The moment we get bigheaded, that’s when things will go downhill.” (AP)

After his 2 TDs in this game Bess tied for the UH career record with 38, and Bess gave credit to his teammates:
“I thank my quarterback and offensive line. When it comes down to it it’s a team game. I want to thank my teammates who put me in position to make plays.” (HSB)

After getting his 36th TD pass from Colt, Bess (7 catches for 112 yards in this game) said:
“It’s not about me and Colt. It’s about our offense being prepared. It’s the way we practice, and the way defenses play against us. Coach (June Jones) shows us so many things to be ready for. When we get into a game, we’re seeing everything we practiced against all week.” (HA)

About his 14-yard TD catch for the first score of the game, Jason Rivers said:
“We practice that all day: fade, stop, fade stop. It’s called ’15.’ He throws it however he wants and I just run.” (HA)

About playing despite his right hand being fractured (he plays with a padded brace), having a stomach virus the past 3 days, and suffering a deep bruise in his right quad, Adam Leonard said:
“God got me through it. I’m dealing with a lot. I’m a little under the weather. I’m thankful God gave me the ability to play.” (HA)

About how he returned from his right quad injury to tackle the WR 2 yards short of a first down on 4th-and-4 with the score 36-13, Adam said:
“I was at the right place at the right time. My defense does a great job of putting the quarterback in a situation where he has to get rid of the ball.” (HA)

About the importance for their D to hold NMSU to a minimal amount of points, Adam said:
“It was way important. People don’t look at how the game went and look at the score and don’t know how good we are. We want to prove every week that we can stop each and every team because this is a great offense when they have (quarterback Chase) Holbrook at the helm. We just wanted to prove we could stop a high-powered offense.” (HA)

About the contribution their defense made to this win, Adam Leonard said:
“We want the pressure to be put on us. We don’t want to make these games into shootouts where we just win by one or two points.” (HSB)

About how their D wants to be tough and make their opponent into a finesse team, Adam said:
“We want to play aggressive. We don’t want a team to out-tough us. We want to make sure we hit them harder than they hit us. That’s what we proved tonight. We made them more of a finesse team. We played tough Warrior football.” (HA)

About being 8-0, Adam Leonard said:
“It feels great. We have to focus on our next game so we can be 1-0 against our next opponent.” (HA)

Note: Adam had 10 tackles, 2.5 tackles for loss, and an INT and was nominated by UH for WAC defensive player of the week.

About how he defended the 4th-and-1 play by NMSU on their 2nd series that gave UH the ball back, Solomon Elimimian said:
“I know I was there. I should’ve intercepted it. I should have had two interceptions tonight, but it was just like a turnover.” (HA)

About how they executed their game plan on defense, Sol said:
“Coach’s scheme was to limit the drag routes and pressure the quarterback. We got a couple hits on him and it affected him. Everybody arrived at the ball. We felt we knew what they were going to do, and we adjusted properly.” (HSB)

“I feel we did a great job reading our keys that we’ve been working on the past two weeks. We did our assignments and played smart football tonight. (NMSU) has a great quarterback, but we knew they had that option to run as well with two good running backs.” (HSB)

About how they used their bye week to prepare for NMSU’s offense, Michael Lafaele said:
“We had two weeks to prepare for them. They’re a tough team. We came out and put a lot of pressure on them.” (HA)

Jake Patek suffered a stinger injury, but added:
“I’m healed.” (HSB)

After they got 3 INTs off deflected passes, Keao Monteilh talked about the “tip drill”:
“We practice it once in a while, we do more ball drills, but maybe those couple times we practice it, it helps out.” (HSB)

About how their defense was prepared for this game, Monteilh said:
“We studied tendencies and what they like to do out of certain formations, and going against a pass offense every day was a plus for us. We were ready.” (HSB)

About his INT off a Sol Elimimian tipped pass, Monteilh said:
“I was actually coming in to hit the guy and Solly tipped it and I dove and it was in my hands. The two interceptions I had (this season) Solly tipped both of them, so I told him, ‘I’m going to follow you wherever you go.’ ” (HSB)

About their play on defense in the game, Desmond Thomas said:
“We knew they were going to get passing yards, but the way we played tonight, I was just amazed. We came with what our coach calls a ‘kick-A’ attitude.” (HSB)

About his extensive playing time at nickel back in his first game since his PCL injury, Mouton said:
“It felt real good, I played a lot more than I thought I would. We knew they were going to put up yards, but the big thing was points. Stopping them from getting in the end zone was the biggest key.” (HSB)

About how their margin of victory is important for the BCS, JoPierre Davis said:
“We have to make every play we can possibly make. It’s how much you win by, too.” (HSB)

About his INT return for a TD to get them to 50 points, Davis said:
“Just going for the ball hard just got me a pick and I’m blessed. I saw nothing in front of me and it was like when I was playing running back in high school. I was going to go score.” (HSB)

“I just wanted to tackle the guy. I was so aggressive about my tackling that it paid off for me. I just got the tip.” (HA)

“I was coming up on him to tackle him and make a play, but he dropped (the ball). Luckily, we’ve been through enough tip drills that I was able to come up with it and I just took off. It’s what I’ve been waiting for all year.” (HA)

About how he wanted to take advantage of his playing time, Davis said:
“We don’t get too many opportunities because the guys playing in front of us are doing so well, there’s no reason to take them out. Once we get some little dirty work, once we get in the game, we’re going to try our hardest.” (HA)

“It can be frustrating, but we have so many talented seniors on this team that I can’t get mad. I just want to make a play when I have the opportunity.” (HA)

About his 14-yard sack early in the 2nd quarter, Karl Noa said:
“I basically came in free because Adam (Leonard) did a good job of picking up two guys.” (HA)

About how GM’s game plan freed up the DL to rush the QB, Noa said:
“Basically, Coach gave us the freedom this week because he wasn’t really a running quarterback. I think we did a good job of getting after him, especially in the first half.” (HSB)

About how they still have 4 more tough games during the regular season, Noa said:
“We still have a ways to go, but the boys stepped up tonight.” (HA)

About his missed extra points broke his streak at 50 for the season, with his last extra point miss coming against NMSU on 10/21/2006, Dan Kelly said:
“Tonight was a little out of character. It’s ironic (that the miss came against the Aggies) but it’s not anything that anybody else is doing. It happens and it’s all on me.” (HA)

About how he’ll bounce back from his miss and start another streak, Kelly said:
“I never plan to miss one and I don’t plan to miss another one for the rest of my time here and, if I play professionally, for the rest of my career.” (HA)

Quotes from NMSU:

NMSU head coach Hal Mumme said that his team played:
“terrible. When you make a poor effort against a great team, you end up with that kind of score.” (AP)

About how they didn’t get anything out of the early INT and fumble recovery they had, Mumme said:
“Not doing anything with those turnovers was indicative of our whole night. We did not play together as a team at all. We’d have 10 guys out there playing and one who didn’t want to play. Or we’d have somebody that didn’t want to make a hit or a block or didn’t want to catch the ball. We played offense a little. We played defense a little. And we got our asses kicked by a great football team. There’s no excuses. It was bad coaching and bad playing.” (HSB)

Praising UH, Mumme said:
“I think Hawaii is a really good team. They’re fast and they’re a lot bigger than I thought they’d be. I thought they’d be a lot smaller without (Melila) Purcell and those other guys.” (HSB)

Unhappy with their OL for not adjusting to the speed of UH’s D, Mumme said:
“We’re not happy with the way the O-line played. Watching the game film, it was obvious that they never caught up with the speed of the game.” (LCSN)

Asked if Holbrook suffered a concussion on the play that led to him being taken out of the game, Mumme said:
“We don’t know. It was a blow to the head. We’ll know more later in the week.” (LCSN)

About how UH’s defense was better than they looked on film, Mumme said:
“I thought they were better than they looked on film. They did have 15 days to get well and we had four. They’re definitely a great team and have great speed. Their front was a lot more physical than I gave them credit for. I don’t know if some of that was because we played like we were asleep, but they still played well.” (LCSN)

LCSN Note: “Mumme said that Hawaii ran exotic blitz packages and even dropped defensive ends into coverage to curtail NMSU’s penchant for throwing screen passes to its wide receivers. The Warriors came off a bye week prior to Saturday’s game and Mumme said that the added time off was apparent in Hawaii’s preparation for the Aggies.”

About how they had to settle for FGs, Mumme said:
“We moved the ball. We just didn’t put it in endzone” (LCSN)

Asked when the loss of Chris Williams was evident, Mumme said:
“It was pretty glaring in the redzone.” (LCSN)

About how their defense played well, Mumme said:
“The defense got us a couple turnovers. Heck, if you make Hawaii punt you played pretty good.” (LCSN)

About having to play Nevada on Friday, Mumme said:
“I wish we didn’t have to play on Friday. We won’t get a lot of work in, and we don’t know who our quarterback will be.” (LCSN)

About how they needed to score off their 2 early turnovers, NG Ray Manumaleuna said:
“Those two turnovers were very good, and if we had been able to score (off of them) or if we got some more as the game went along, it probably would have made a difference.” (HSB)

About the game, Manumaleuna (who played at Kahuku High) said:
“Coach told us that we didn’t perform to our best and that he doesn’t want to hear excuses. Hawaii is a good team and they played better than us. We gave it our all, but now it’s time to focus on Nevada (on Friday night). We’re trying to make a bowl game and we need to win three more games to do it. We’ve gotta regroup. It was a privilege to come back here and play. I thought I’d never be able to come back and play here. A lot of family and friends came to the game, and (the rest) of the fans were good to us, but it would have been great to win it.” (HSB)

About playing on special teams and at FB at the end of the game, Dylan Moss (LB at St. Louis) said:
“I wasn’t going to play much at linebacker this year, so the coaches gave me an opportunity to switch over. I looked at that as a green light to get on the field more. It was a dream of mine to come back and play here. It sucks that we didn’t do better than this. We did the best we could, but it could have been better. Coach told us that we’re responsible for our own actions, but to keep our head up.” (HSB)

Other Quotes

About how he can’t watch the defense play, Colt said:
“Whenever I feel I find myself rooting for the defense, sitting there watching every play, it just seems like I jinx the defense. It seems like when I’m not paying attention, the defense gets a big turnover.” (HSB)

About how he won’t eat eggs or bacon on game days, Colt said:
“It’s just something as a kid, my dad on my first two football games, he got me eggs and bacon and we got blasted, so I never ate eggs and bacon since then ever again.” (HSB)

Asked if he does anything special during their winning streak, Colt said:
“Umm, no man, just trying to … not lose.” (HSB)

About how he has to lace his right shoe before his left, sophomore LB Josh Rice said:
“(It goes back to) high school. Just started doing it, and if I put my left shoe on before my right I’d feel funny and have to take them off.” (HSB)

About how he changed his pregame eating routine after his freshman year, RGM said:
“One thing I did change — when I was a freshman, I used to barely eat, because I didn’t want to be stuffed before the games. Then I realized we don’t play until three hours after we eat, and every game I used to be hungry right before the game starts. Now I make sure I get myself as full as possible and by the time the game starts I got the energy to play at the highest level.” (HSB)

About how he wears his wedding ring (he got married in July) under his glove during games, Karl Noa said:
“Ever since I started putting on gloves (this season), I’ve been wearing my ring under the glove. If I take off the gloves I’m sure to take off the ring. Just to have my wife (Kehau) with me.” (HSB)

About how he also watches film from past games, even from last season when they used a different alignment, Noa said:
“Just to see and go through what I was thinking at that time, get back into that mentality I was in when I was playing well. I do that from time to time.” (HSB)

About how he uses visualization techniques before the game, Adam Leonard said:
“Before the game, I relax, don’t really listen to music, but just think about what’s going to happen, and just visualize myself making big plays in the game, doing great things.” (HSB)

Praising the job that Stephanie Lum did as Warrior mascot, Vili Feheko said:
“She did great. I told her it looked like she had been doing it for years. I think she was surprised at the reaction she got from the crowd.” (HA)

John Estes was featured by the Rimington Report

October 27, 2007

About starting at center this year (he was the starting RG last year), Estes said:
“The first couple games I was so worried about the calls, worried about the snap that I wasn’t thinking about the guy I had to block. Now it all comes natural.” (HA)

About how they had to replace 3 OL starters this season, OL coach Dennis McKnight said:
“We lost three seniors, three starters, and all three are in the NFL right now. We had big shoes to fill, and June felt John was a natural to move over there and anchor down the center of the line.” (HA)

About how started at center in high school, Estes said:
“I wouldn’t say (the transition) was really difficult. At St . Mary’s we were in the (shot)gun a lot. And, I learned from the best center in the nation last year.” (HA)

Praising Estes’ play at center, McKnight said:
“He’s getting better and better with each game. It’s a different technique; the guy is close to you; you’re making the calls and playing a shotgun.” (HA)

About how he used to dream about playing college football but he now dreams of the NFL, Estes said:
“My dream in high school was just to play college football. Now my dream is to play in the NFL. I’m not thinking about the NFL now. I still have a lot of work to do.” (HA)

Feature article on gray shirt Andrew Robiskie

October 27, 2007

About working out each day at the Miami Dolphins complex, Andrew said:
“It’s getting kinda boring. I’m ready to play football. Taking the season off has not been easy.” (Zwire)

Zwire Note: “It’s not that he’s been sitting home in Florida doing nothing, though. Robiskie is still 6-foot-2, 280 pounds, but has replaced fat with muscle and is much more chiseled than he was when he received his diploma from Chagrin Falls this past spring. Keeping with the school schedule he has been used to over the year, Robiskie gets up at 7:45 a.m. and keeps active. He’s eating right and is being put through the rigors at the Dolphins complex by his father, who is wide receivers coach for Miami.”

About how his workouts have been paying off, Andrew said:
“My body fat is way down. I’m the same height, weight … just less fat. I needed to get big and lean, but I have to stay quick.” (Zwire)

Hoping to be able to attend the BSU game, Andrew said:
“I’m hoping to go out for the Boise State game next month. I’m looking forward to getting going.” (Zwire)