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Marin Independent Journal feature on Rolo

September 30, 2008

MIJ = Marin Independent Journal

MIJ Note: “AT THE University of Hawaii, the starting quarterback is often seen as some sort of demigod. He is worshipped when things go right, which means passes find their intended target and the Warriors score more touchdowns than there are planes carrying tourists in Honolulu.”

About how their team was booed by the home crowd during the SJSU game, Rolo said:
“I’ve been booed out of the stadium with my parents there. People (in Hawaii) love this team. They don’t like being 1-3 and not playing great football. The spotlight is on you as the quarterback.” (MIJ)

About how the fans are not happy now, Rolo said:
“I’m sure people aren’t really happy. I’m sure there’s some doubters. This hurts me as much as anyone. I didn’t lose when I was here (as a quarterback) and winning is something I want to keep going.” (MIJ)

About all of the different QBs that have been their #1 QB this season, Rolo said:
“It’s been really crazy to be honest. It’s not the standard way you pick a quarterback.” (MIJ)

MIJ Note: “That’s four quarterback changes in four games and none of them have had much success. Between them, they’ve been intercepted 11 times and thrown only four TD passes. Colt Brennan threw six TD passes in his first game last season.”

MIJ Note: “Rolovich is rolling with the punches and the poi. He received advice from Jones, who sent him text messages from SMU where he now coaches, and McMackin keeps encouraging his QB coach. McMackin was the defensive coordinator at Hawaii in 1999 when he recruited Rolovich out of City College of San Francisco. But when Rolovich was flying to Hawaii to accept the scholarship, McMackin was on a plane to Texas Tech to become defensive coordinator there. Fortunately, Rolovich stayed in touch with McMackin, who coached the linebackers with the 49ers from 2003-05.”

About how he kept in touch with Mack even after Mack left UH before he joined them, Rolo said:
“He made an impression on me. I knew he was with the 49ers and I’m a Niners guy.” (MIJ)

About how he took the QB coach position after he figured that his playing days were over, Rolo said:
“I’ve always observed my coaches along the way and how much time they put into it. I had a lot of fun when I was playing. I’ve run the gamut.” (MIJ)

MIJ Note: “Now Rolovich is settling down. His younger brother, Jack, a standout QB at San Marin High, joined him in Hawaii. He helped Nick coach at the Warriors summer football camp and now Jack is finishing his education at Hawaii-Pacific. And there’s another Rolovich on the way. Nick’s wife, Analea Donovan, is pregnant with their second child. With their son Daniel present, the couple were married this winter on a beach east of Diamond Head.”

Fresno Bee feature on the Warriors

September 30, 2008

FB = Fresno Bee

Worried about UH’s offense, Pat Hill said:
“They cause some real problems [for defenses] because they’re not sure what they want to do yet. With [former coach June Jones] there, you pretty much knew what you were going to get every time you played against Hawaii. But with this team there are a lot of unknowns.” (FB)

About how UH is running more this season, Hill said:
“I wouldn’t say they’re relying more on it. They are very efficient. They’re running the power. They get those box setups where they have more blockers than you have defenders. They run some quick-hitting plays. It’s not just the draw and the shovel pass anymore. You can’t always dictate it by the alignment of the backs. I think their running game is going to give you more problems than it has in the past.” (FB)

FB Note: “The Warriors are averaging 3.6 yards per rush. They averaged 3.8 yards per carry last season through four games.”

About how they will get ready for Inoke’s running threat by using freshman Ebahn Feathers (a running QB in high school) as their scout team QB, Hill said:
“He’ll give us a workout.” (FB)

AP article on the Warriors

September 30, 2008

AP Note: “The losses are mounting, fans are getting restless and chances of making it to the postseason are quickly vanishing. It’s not the start first-year Hawaii coach Greg McMackin wanted, especially with the meat of the Western Athletic Conference schedule coming up starting with No. 22 Fresno State on the road Saturday.”

Believing that they can turn their season around, Mack said:
“I believe in the players. I believe in the coaches. We just have to continue to get better.” (AP)

About being last in the nation in turnover margin (-3.75 per game), Mack said:
“You can’t win games when you have a bad turnover ratio. We all know that and that’s something I’ve always believed in.” (AP)

AP Note :”The Warriors’ once high-flying offense has stalled and is ranked among the worst in the nation in several categories, including scoring, rushing and total offense.”

About how they have had QB problems, Mack said:
“The run-and-shoot needs a quarterback and we’ve been scrambling in that position. It’s not because we don’t know who to play, it’s just who’s going to be able to play.” (AP)

About how they aren’t getting turnovers when they are on defense, Mack said:
“We turned the ball over last year but we were getting turnovers also and the offense had high-powered guys that could score. We’re not doing that at this point, so when we get a turnover, it really hurts us.” (AP)

About Inoke’s INTs vs. SJSU, Mack said:
“He made a couple bad decisions with the interceptions. He needs to keep himself up the entire the ball game. He needs to be a leader. The players love him.” (AP)

About how Tyler is bothered by injury now, Mack said:
“He can’t shake your hand right now. But he’s a competitor and he wants to play, but we have to be smart about that.” (AP)

About their personal foul penalties against SJSU, Mack said:
“You can’t play like that. We haven’t had problems in the past but there were too many of them in this game and it cost us during crucial times and they’re going to be dealt with severely.” (AP)

About how they have to be more disciplined when other teams try to bait them, Mack said:
“We’re the defending champions. They all want to take a shot at us because we beat them all the last year and the last couple years. But we have to be smarter and tougher than that. Those were crucial penalties. They took away first downs. That’s selfish.” (AP)

About players who want to fight, Mack said:
“Go do this fighting in the cage-type of thing, but no, that’s not how you play footbal. ‘m not going to allow it.” (AP)

Feature on how UH has to avoid the personal foul penalties

September 30, 2008

About how three players will be punished after practice for the personal foul penalties, Mack said:
“That’s something that won’t be allowed – you can’t play like that. We haven’t had problems with that in the past, but there were too many in this game and it cost us. They were at crucial times and they’re going to be dealt with severely.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Hawaii was called for a season-high 11 penalties, with the personal fouls accounting for 70 of the 115 yards the Warriors were docked (one occurred with UH at its 20, resulting in a 10-yard penalty).”

About how his players talked a lot more during the game, Mack said:
“There was a lot of talking going on in the game. Games in the past, other coaches have told me how good our guys are, that they’re not chattering out there. I think they got into some of that.” (HSB)

About how SJSU baited them into several penalties, Mack said:
“We’ve got to be stronger than that, we’ve got to have discipline. This hasn’t been a problem until this ballgame. … If guys are baiting us into that, we’ve got to be tougher than that.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “The Spartans apparently got under the Warriors’ collective skin during warm-ups Saturday, when the visitors edged a little too close to the home team. Chirping galore before kickoff, leading to plenty of lips flapping during the game and scuffles after the whistle.”

About how their personal foul penalties hurt their team, Mack said:
“Those are crucial penalties that took away first downs. That’s selfish.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “He said there would be plenty of extra running and maybe a shoulder roll or 10 for the offenders today. It’s no coincidence that the Warriors’ most contentious game so far this season was its first against a WAC foe. UH picked up an image with some in the league over the years as a band of showboating bullies, and payback is an itch every team in the conference wants to scratch – starting with Fresno State on Saturday.”

About how the personal foul penalties upset him, Mack said:
“We have a disciplined team. I’m not going to allow guys jumping into the end zone and I’m not going to allow guys punching guys in the face.” (HSB)

About how players who do that type of thing are playing the wrong sport, Mack said:
“Put those guys in a dang cage and let ’em fight.” (HSB)

About how the Warriors waste psychological and physiological ammunition with the ha’a and should stop doing it, MMA trainer Joji Yoshida said:
“From our standpoint, if you get too pumped up you can’t perform/ Maybe for football it’s different. But in MMA, you want total calm before your fight.” (HSB)

Note about the turnovers

September 30, 2008

About how they cannot call plays that get so many turnovers, Mack said:
“There might be a couple of plays we’re not going to call anymore, because if we’re getting a couple or three turnovers vs. a certain play then we’ve got to get away from that until we get our timing down.” (HSB)

About getting zero turnovers against D-IA teams this season, Mack said:
“They come in bunches, but this is quite a dry spell. We teach the first guy makes the tackle, everybody else goes for the ball. We’re playing teams that don’t turn the ball over, but that doesn’t matter, we’ve got to create turnovers.” (HSB)

Fresno State is worried about the Warriors

September 30, 2008

About how teams will play hard against Fresno State since they are ranked (#22), Pat Hill said:
“People want to beat Fresno. People want to beat Top 25 teams. They want to come into our stadium and win.” (HA)

Ignoring that they are a 22-point favorite, Hill is worried about the Warriors:
“This game against Hawai’i is going to be a tough game I promise you. I promise you right now Hawai’i will come in ready to play. Their backs are to the wall. They’re in a must-win situation and they have a lot of pride. They are a tough, tough group of kids and they will play their heart out. It is gonna be a knock-down, drag-out football game.” (HA)

When someone asks if they will empty their bench after getting far ahead of the Warriors, Hill said:
“We have to play up against Hawai’i. I’m not dreaming about grass skirts. I’m thinking about those green (clad linemen). They are physical. This game is going to be a battle, I promise you.” (HA)

HA Note: “Hill mentions several times during his various media stops that the Warriors are the “defending WAC champs” and talks up their “senior laden defense” that his “young, work in progress” Bulldogs will have to go up against.”

Asking their fans to help them against the Warriors, Hill said:
“We have a great opponent coming in, a team that has been very good against us. I expect to see a full house. So do our players. Our players expect to go down the ramp (at Bulldog Stadium) and see it all red there.” (HA)

Injury update for the Warriors

September 30, 2008

About how he suffered his concussion after catching a pass, Malcolm Lane said:
“On the first play, a curl route, I had the ball. I tried to get a couple of more yards. They had me in a pile, and my head was down. I felt a big ol’ boom. I guess somebody hit me on the top of my head. My neck went down, I felt like my head exploded. It was weird.” (HA)

About how he sat out 2 plays and then returned, Lane said that he went to the sideline in a daze after Pilares’ 34-yard TD run:
“I was out of it. I didn’t feel like myself.” (HA)

About the concussion he suffered after scoring his second TD, Pilares said:
“I got hit right on top of the head. I didn’t know where I was. The trainers kept me out (of the game) for precaution.” (HA)

Rocky said that he wasn’t fully recovered from his triceps injury but was able to play extensively in his first game of the season (SJSU) until he extended his arms and:
“it popped on me. I wasn’t 100 percent, but I was able to play. I was playing good and it was holding up on me and just that one motion just killed it for me. It felt so good to be back with the boys, feel the emotions, make plays, just be able to hit someone else other than your own people. But it’s part of the game, injuries happen so I’m not going to hang my head.” (HSB)

About how the injured Warriors except for Rocky should be able to play vs. Fresno State, Mack said:
“I think all of those guys are going to be back. Rocky we’re going to have to look at.” (AP)

Updates on the QBs

September 30, 2008

About the criticism he has been getting as the #1 QB, Inoke said:
“It comes with the territory.” (HA)

About how some fans booed him during the SJSU game, Inoke said:
“I’m harsh on myself, too. I understand where they’re coming from. There’s nothing you can do about it. It’s understandable. Fans will be fans. You can’t be mad at them. They’re fans. That’s what they see. I can see it from their perspective, like, ‘Dang, Inoke, you can’t be doing that. You can’t be turning the ball over. You have to be doing better.’ I understand. You have to stay strong mentally, and try to do what you can.” (HA)

HA Note: “Except for the turnovers — which were a combination of miscommunication, broken routes and, yes, poor throws — Funaki graded well during the game, especially in the first half. Funaki’s improved play and Tyler Graunke’s still-sore right hand led to the coaches’ decision on the starting quarterback for Saturday’s road game against 22nd-ranked Fresno State.”

About how he has to limit bad decisions and turnovers, Inoke said:
“I have to minimize that stuff. Even if someone throws for 400 yards and four touchdowns, the four turnovers are going to kill (the positive plays). Obviously, I didn’t throw for 400 yards and four touchdowns. I accounted for four turnovers. That will kill any offense.” (HA)

About how he expected to get criticism, especially following Colt, Inoke said:
“There’s always going to be negative vibes. Even Colt, who is one of the best to come out of this program, despite doing so well, there were people out there criticizing (him) and stuff. For me, someone who hasn’t even won a game yet, of course I expect a lot of people to be jumping on me. I jump on myself a lot, too. You have to try and clear it. … I try to do the best that my coaches tell me to do.” (HA)

About how he’s going to try to give Alexander and Rausch some practice reps now, Mack said:
“They’re both pure run-and-shoot quarterbacks with strong arms. Just for our future, whether they play this year or not, we need to get them reps.” (HSB)

“We have to make a decision on the two JC guys. Not because we’re playing for next year, but we’ve got to get the guy some reps. They are both pure run-and-shoot quarterbacks with strong arms and just for our future, whether they play this year or not, we need to get them reps.” (HSB)

About how he has gained 15 pounds (he now weighs 200 pounds), Rausch said that it came from:
“just lifting every day and these things.” (HA)

About being named #1 QB during training camp and not getting much playing time during the season, Rausch said:
“You can’t get mad about that. The better player has to play.” (HA)

About not playing since the first game of the season, Alexander said:
“You have to go with it and see what happens.” (HA)

Mack said that their staff felt that Tyler’s throwing hand had healed enough to play against SJSU, but:
“it affects his velocity on the ball and he can’t shake your hand right now. But he’s a competitor and he wants to play, but I think we have to be smart about that.” (HSB)

About how they changed their offense a little to take advantage of Inoke’s strengths, Mack said:
“We did do different things with him. We sprinted him out, we ran option with him. He made a couple of bad decisions on the interceptions, which comes with experience. He needs to keep himself up the entire ballgame, he needs to be a leader. The players love him.” (HSB)

George Daily-Lyles commits to the Warriors!

September 30, 2008

HA Note: “The best defensive player from one of the top high school football teams in California has accepted a scholarship from the University of Hawai’i.”

About his commitment to the Warriors, MLB George Daily-Lyles said:
“Yes, I’m going to be a Warrior.” (HA)

HA Note: “Daily-Lyles is 5 feet 11, 220 pounds and runs 40 yards in 4.7 seconds. He turned down an offer from Arizona. He also received interest from UCLA, Colorado State and New Mexico. Scouts liken Daily-Lyles to former Warrior linebacker Pisa Tinoisamoa, now with the St. Louis Rams.”

Praising Daily-Lyles, Long Beach Poly head coach Raul Lara said:
“He’s a tenacious football player. The way he takes control of the game — calling the signals and making plays — it’s pretty neat to watch him.” (HA)

HA Note: “During the day, Daily-Lyles can be found at one of three places: the football field, weight room or class room. He has a 3.2 grade-point average, and aspires for a career in sports medicine.”

About how Daily-Lyles is a good student, Long Beach Poly’s academic coach Monica Kim said:
“He’s a great student, very diligent. He’s a great kid all around. He’s very affable, and has great character.” (HA)

About how Daily-Lyles is popular, Lara said:
“Everybody likes him. He’s the kind of person you would want to hang out with. He’s trustworthy. And he takes care of business.” (HA)

About football, which he started playing when he was 7, Daily-Lyles said:
“I never thought (football) would take me some place.” (HA)

About how he was LB coach, then defensive coordinator before becoming their head coach, Lara said:
“I played linebacker at Poly, and that was the position I coached. We’ve had some great players, and George is in that group. It’s really neat seeing him do things there.” (HA)

HA Note: “The school also used to be a football pipeline to Manoa: quarterback Michael Carter, wideout Chris Roscoe, linebacker Mark Odom and safety Daniel Ho-Ching. It was Ho-Ching who called Daily-Lyles last year to tell him to watch UH football games. Lara, who is close friends with Carter, also spoke highly of the Warriors.”

About his reaction to getting the offer from UH last wek, Daily-Lyles said:
“I decided to commit.” (HA)

About how he surfs about once a month now, Daily-Lyles said:
“It’s a good workout.” (HA)

Other quotes from the local papers

September 29, 2008

About how they need to recruit deep threats at WR, Mack said:
“We don’t have the guys to make a catch and score. We’re going to have to recruit to that, get some guys who are really fast.” (HSB)

About how they will go to a bowl game, Mack said:
“We’re going to a bowl game over my dead body.” (HSB)

About their 5 personal foul penalties during the SJSU game, Mack said:
“We’ve never had that all season. We’ve been a disciplined team. There are going to be some of those (calls) sent to the league office … and a majority that we think should have been called.” (HA)

About how Ryan Mouton played despite a rib injury and had 2 tackles for losses and broke up two passes against SJSU, Mack said:
“He really showed a lot of guts.” (HSB)

About how SJSU got a 77-yard TD off a trick play and 160 yards on the rest of their plays, Mack said:
“You take away the trick play and our defense played very well. I’m proud of our players.” (HSB)

About how they adjusted at halftime to shut down UH’s offense, Dick Tomey said:
“We made a few adjustments (at halftime) to help us with the shovel pass because they gashed us with a couple things. Inoke’s ability to run was real difficult. But we have a good defense; guys with the ability to make plays. We have some secondary guys with good instincts.” (HSB)

About how they need to put the loss behind them and focus on Fresno State, Adam Leonard said:
“We can’t sit and dwell on it and feel sorry for ourselves. We have to come in Monday morning and be ready to prepare for Fresno State. If we dwell on this and think about what could have happened, we’re not going to be prepared for Fresno State.” (HSB)

About how their offense tried to adjust to SJSU’s changes on defense, Aaron Bain said:
“They were running schemes on defense that we were trying to adapt to. That’s how our offense works, the defense does one thing and we always have to come back with something else. … In the second half their defense was backing off and running a little bit of zone.” (HSB)

After he led the team with 55 yards rushing, Daniel Libre said:
“I wouldn’t even say individually I had a good game. We made mistakes you can’t afford to make.” (HSB)