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Quote about how UH will probably have a 12 game schedule

May 31, 2007

About how it is up to two unnamed D-1A schools to accept UH’s proposal of a game in Hawaii, HF said:
“We have two Division I-A schools considering proposals that include an ESPN telecast at Aloha Stadium. If neither accepts the offer, we will play a 12-game schedule.” (HA)

Latest quotes about the schedule

May 31, 2007

About the schedule, UH spokesperson Lois Manin said:
“Regarding finalizing the schedule, nothing is definitive.” (HSB)

About UH’s schedule, WAC Commissioner Karl Benson said:
“We’re still making contacts and exhausting all possibilities.” (HSB)

About the WAC’s upgraded media guide, Benson said:
“We spent $20,000 on our preseason media guide this year, compared to $2,000 in past years. Our strategy is to make sure the magazines and pollsters remember Hawaii and Boise State were Top 25 teams to end last season and they have premier marquee players coming back. We will continue to make sure people don’t forget.” (HSB)

Quotes about UH recruit Tyler Wilson

May 30, 2007

About UH’s scholarship offer and recuiting visit invitation, Tyler Wilson’s coach Rick Jones said:
“They are really careful how they handle visits.” (

About the praise UH QB coach Morrison gave for Tyler, Rick Jones said:
“Their quarterbacks coach (Dan Morrison) compared Tyler to Colt Brennan. They have a really special system. They have a tremendous legacy of throwing the ball.” (

SWtimes note: “The quarterback coach gave coach June Jones tapes of 20 quarterbacks, and he pared it down to three. Wilson was one of those three. Wilson also picked up a scholarship offer from the University of Missouri.”

Tyler stats from
Ht: 6-foot-3
Wt: 182 lbs
Forty: 4.75 secs
GPA: 3.50
Class: 2008 (High School)

Last year’s stats (from
2006 (Jr.) attempts: 434 completions: 294 completion %: 67.7 passing yards: 4,222 TDs: 50 INTs: 14

More notes from
Greenwood (Ark.) quarterback Tyler Wilson is one of the top quarterback prospects on LSU’s board for the Tigers 2008 recruiting class.

College choices (from
New Mexico

Greenwood’s Tyler Wilson received 3 more written football offers this week from New Mexico, Missouri and Hawaii.

This brings his total offers to 9.

Written offers: Alabama, LSU, Arizona, Tulsa, Kansas, Minnesota, New Mexico, Missouri and Hawaii

Verbal offers: Mississippi State and Arkansas State

Others colleges expressing sincere interest: California, Tennessee, Auburn, Illinois and Oklahoma.

June visits include: University of Missouri, Nike Elite 11 camp, Alabama, LSU, New Mexico and Arizona.

Quotes about how Nate has been learning in minicamp

May 30, 2007

About Philly’s offense, Nate heard:
“there was a lot more passing here than with most NFL teams.” (Philly News)

About how the Eagles have a pass-first offense, Nate said:
“that’s what I’m used to out in Hawaii. You block first in Hawaii; you always have a gunslinger sitting back there [at quarterback]. Coach [June] Jones wants you to protect ‘the golden arm.’ Everything happens from there. Here, you’re not just blocking, you can go out there and get the ball.” (Philly News)

After being “bug-eyed” during their first camp, Nate said that now:
“this [camp] kind of takes a step back . . . everybody’s on the same page, you can just kind of sit back and get through this thing together.” (Philly News)

About how they learned from the vets instead of the coaches in the first camp, Nate said:
“When the vets were here for the first camp, me and Tony were tapping into their information system the whole time,” Ilaoa said. “The coaches weren’t really coaching us, they were just kind of like, ‘Let’s go, this is the tempo.’ With the vets here, that’s how they run things.” (Philly News)

Quote from Samson’s agent about the early contract negotiations

May 29, 2007

Thank you to Tombo ( for this link!,0,4855841.story?coll=sfla-dolphins-front

About how contract negotiations are really early this year, Samson’s agent Craig Doman said:
“It looks like the Dolphins are moving pretty fast. We’ve got 13 picks and have got offers from four teams, including one from Miami on Soliai. Last year we did nine rookie deals but none before the Fourth of July, so I don’t know what the league is trying to do. The last time I checked it was still May. It’s insane, but OK as long as we do a good deal.” (SFSS)

Quotes from a Nate Interview

May 28, 2007

About being able to user his power and elusiveness, Nate said:
“I think that just plays in my favor, having the ability to do both pretty well.” (

About the other NFL teams he thought he might have fit with, Nate said:
“I had been talking to one of the scouts from the Steelers for a while and I thought they would have been a good fit as well. And the Giants, too, because they’re more of a power-running football team.” (

About how Philly wants him to be a HB, not a FB, Nate said:
“They have me at tailback, maybe a short-yardage type situation. They haven’t basically come out and told me, but you know, that’s the whole point of these camps. It’s not the fact that you can play football anymore because everybody at this level can play. It’s just a matter of if you can fit into their system.” (

A few more quotes from Nate

May 27, 2007

About feeling more comfortable in Philly’s offense, Nate said:
“I’m not bug-eyed anymore about it. I have not played in this system, but it is everything I expected. I just have to keep learning. It’s going to be tough. This is the top level of football. Having these camps give me a lot of reps and a lot of time to learn.” (

About being a supersized RB, Nate said:
“At Hawaii, the running backs behind me were heavier. They looked at me as the little guy. I think it’s OK to have an unusual body. A lot of models have unusual bodies. That’s a good thing for them. You have to go with your strengths.” (

About working hard to improve, Nate said:
“I will do whatever they need me to do. The goal is the same for everybody here. We’re working to improve every day.” (

PE Note: “Ilaoa and Tony Hunt shared all the running back reps last week in the two days of practice and will continue to get plenty of reps through the next few days.”

Quotes about Nate and Tony Hunt

May 27, 2007

About his friendship with Hunt (Philly’s 3rd round pick at RB), Nate said:
“He’s a cool cat. We had a mutual friendship through my cousin (who has since transferred to Hawaii) and getting to meet him at the Combine was cool. Now, we always talk. We talk about football, kind of try to motivate each other and learn this offense together.

It’s good to have somebody go through the same process as you. This can be a real lonely time for a lot of people if you don’t have somebody you know in that position. Fortunately, we kind of have each other and we can talk through things and go over things and compare our thoughts toward the playbook.” (

Note: I believe Nate’s cousin is Amani Purcell. It is such a small world when Hunt was a roommate with Amani and then gets drafted by the same time as Nate!

About how he doesn’t know anyone in Philly outside of the Eagles, Nate said:
“I love it. There is so much to learn. That is what you do every day — you learn. Then you take it outside and see if you have learned well. It can be a nerve-wracking time, but it’s been good. Tony is in the same situation, so we have a lot to talk about. He’s a good roommate, a quiet guy. I know it has been great for me so far and I’m sure he feels the same way.” (

About rooming with Nate, Hunt said:
“We’re kind of stuck together with a playbook to learn. We’re partners in that way, so it is good to go through that with Nate. If we have any questions, we can talk about it with each other. Nate is a cool guy and a good roommate. He is the guy I compare things with. Two weeks ago, I didn’t know anything at that camp (post-draft). I feel like I’ve already learned a lot, and so has Nate. It’s football, when you come right down to it. We have to go out there and play football.” (

About how he and Hunt work together, Nate said:
“I think that kind of thing makes you better. I know what I have to do to play my best football and so does Tony. If we can help each other, that’s fine with me.” (

Quotes about the schedule

May 23, 2007

About how they can’t play UH this season, Steve Fenk (Oregon State sports information director) said:
“UH contacted us, but we just can’t do it. I think given different circumstances — like the end of the season or maybe earlier in the year — we’d really be interested.” (HA)

“Oct. 20 is our only midseason (open date) and we already have one of the toughest road schedules in the nation.” (HA)

About why they can’t fit UH into their schedule, Washington State spokesman Rod Commons said that they:
“do not want to (give up) our bye weekend in the middle of the season. Our staff feels strongly we need that midseason break.” (HA)

Colorado spokesman Dave Plati said that Colorado coach Dan Hawkins:
“would like to visit Hawai’i once every four years while he is coach as he enjoyed those trips with Boise State and saw what they meant to the players.” (HA)

Note: It isn’t out of the goodness of their heart that they want to play at Hawaii every 4 years–that is the perfect increment of time to be able to promise every recruit that they will be able to play in front of their family.

Plati talked about Brian Cabral, who recruits Hawaii for Colorado, as wanting Hawaii on their schedule:
“We’ve always had a couple of kids from Hawai’i on our team … and the big tie is (assistant coach) Brian Cabral.” (HA)

About the 2010 game at Colorado, HF said:
“We’re not completely set on the date, but it looks like Sept. 18.” (HSB)

Note: HSB reports that the 2011 game is set for 9/3/11.

HA Note: “Finalization of the Colorado deal will leave UH with one opening for 2011. UH already has Nevada-Las Vegas, Washington State and Charleston Southern for that season. Colorado spokesman Dave Plati said the Buffaloes are in the “preliminary stages” of completing a “four-pack” scheduling agreement with UH. UH, which hasn’t played Colorado since 1925, would play in Boulder in 2010 and 2014 and Colorado would come to Hawai’i in 2011 and 2015. “I anticipate no problems,” Plati said.”

Quotes about Miami’s UH rookies and their Samoan connection

May 22, 2007

About how Samoans consider themselves a warrior class of people, Reagan said:
“We’re a little different breed. I really don’t know how to explain it, but coaches see it.” (MH)

About their 4 Samoan rookies, Cam Cameron said:
“What we’ve seen in these guys is that spirit of enthusiasm and that pride. When they step onto the football field they know they represent someone bigger than themselves. And that’s important. We believe in that. We believe you play for something bigger than yourself, obviously the team. I think they play for family and have a lot of pride.” (MH)

Happy to have 2 UH teammates and another Samoan rookie from Utah, Tala said:
“It’s awesome having two teammates and another guy from American Samoa here, because then hopefully [Miami] will get a feel of how close we are — Polynesians — because we’re very family-oriented. Hopefully, guys will see that and it will rub off.” (MH)

About how they have gone from 19 of 105 players of Polynesian descent when he joined UH to 76 under him, JJ said:
“I think the numbers show that there is some real truth and value to having this culture on your team. The kids are very respectful by nature, and the Polynesian families respect their elders.” (MH)

Note: MH also points out that before JJ, UH hadn’t had a player drafted in 11 years!

About how Seau was idoloized by Samoans, Reagan said:
“Growing up, we didn’t know organized football. Everyone just wanted to be Junior Seau. Even if you were playing quarterback you were Junior Seau.” (MH)

About how he gets angry when people pull his hair during games, Samson said:
“I’m like the Hulk.” (MH)

JJ says that Tala is the 4 Samoan rookies natural leader, and added:
“Esera should have been drafted because he’s certainly good enough. He was just a little sick during the [scouting] combine.” (MH)

Happy to be drafted by Miami, Reagan said:
“I wasn’t supposed to be here. I’m just so grateful. This is what I’ve dreamed of, being a part of this.” (MH)

About how he called JJ to ask if he could walk on to UH, Reagan said:
“I just built up the nerve to call Coach [June] Jones. I took it upon myself to walk onto the team. I told [Jones] not to give me a scholarship if I didn’t earn it. I wanted to earn it.” (MH)

MH Note: “Mauia, who says he ‘dinked around in high school’ before dedicating himself to football, wasn’t even recruited by Hawaii. While playing junior college football in California, he fell in love with Hawaii’s program after watching a video entitled Polynesian Power, a documentary narrated by “The Rock” about football in the islands. After watching the film, Mauia, born in American Samoa but raised in Stockton, Calif., was inspired to reconnect with his Polynesian culture.”

MH Note: “He first played nose tackle for Jones but the coach moved Mauia to fullback after watching him play rugby one day before practice. Jones now calls Mauia “the most powerful player I’ve ever coached” and likens him to former NFL fullback Craig “Ironhead” Heyward. It’s an interesting comparison considering Mauia once ran headlong through a wall. A homemade video of the feat can be found on YouTube. It’s a senseless act of bravado but also serves as a metaphor. In another YouTube video, Mauia screams, “Polynesian wrecking crew,” as Esera slams his head through the same wall. “It’s all about the warrior’s mentality,” Mauia said.”