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Feature on the early recruiting this season at UH

October 31, 2008

About why he signed with Colorado out of high school instead of UH, David Veikune said that UH:
“didn’t start to recruit me until the week before the signing date. If they tried earlier, I would have stayed home. This was the first place I wanted to go.” (HA)

HA Note: “The previous five years, the Warriors’ strategy was to bring in recruits in the three weekends leading to the start of the NCAA signing period, which is always the first Wednesday in February. Because of a limited recruiting budget, many of those prospects were discovered from videos they had submitted.”

About how UH contacted him late, Michael Washington said:
“They contacted me real late. I gave my verbal to Cal when (the UH coaches) asked me to visit Hawai’i.” (HA)

HA Note: “But the recruiting emphasis has changed under Greg McMackin, who was hired as the Warriors’ head coach in January. The recruiting budget was expanded, a trade agreement was reached with an airline, and former UH defensive tackle Tony Tuioti was hired as essentially a recruiting coordinator. McMackin also decided to push for early commitments. In doing so, McMackin and Tuioti set up a schedule in which the coaches would go on recruiting trips during bye weeks, and prospects would be brought in for visits during the fall.

The Warriors are on a two-game road trip to Utah State and New Mexico State. Because there is a bye week following the New Mexico State game, many of the coaches will remain on the Mainland to recruit. This is considered to be an evaluation period, meaning the coaches can speak with high school coaches and counselors, but not have face-to-face contact with recruits. In recent years, the UH coaches did not stay on the Mainland after road games to recruit.”

Happy that the UH coaches will visit his school during the bye week, Long Beach Poly coach Raul Lara said:
“I’m glad they’re coming around again.” (HA)

HA Note: “Poly graduates who went on to play at UH include quarterback Michael Carter, receiver Chris Roscoe, linebacker Mark Odom and offensive guard Hercules Satele.”

About how he recommends UH to some players, Lara said:
“I tell (some players), if I had an offer from Hawai’i, I’d go there.” (HA)

HA Note: “The decision to make early offers has been productive. UH already has secured commitments from 15 prospects. The drawback is that commitments are not binding until put into writing. And that the early interest also draws attention from other schools. Poly linebacker George Daily-Lyles gave a verbal commitment, but now wants to take other recruiting trips. Defensive end Liloa Nobriga of Silverado High (Henderson, Nev.) said he gave a verbal commitment Sunday, the last day of his recruiting trip. Nobriga was raised in Hawai’i, where his mother, girlfriend and best friends live. He also is a self-proclaimed “life-long UH fan.” But after consulting with his father, who lives in Nevada, Nobriga said he will take recruiting trips to Fresno State and Utah. Those close to the situation believe Daily-Lyles and Nobriga still will end up as Warriors.”

About how their early recruiting will have a positive impact, Veikune said:
“It’s been a real drastic change.” (HA)

About how Colorado recruited him, Veikune said:
“Colorado talked to me for two months. I had a relationship with them. … The head coach came down. He flew in all the way from Colorado just to meet me. Plus, the linebacker coach came. It showed they care that much about you.” (HA)

Veikune said that Uh recruiting:
“is definitely a positive now with this new coaching staff.” (HA)

Other quotes from the local papers

October 31, 2008

Looking forward to their road trip to Utah, Tim Grasso (who grew up in Kaysville, Utah, near where they will be staying this weekend) said:
“This is a game I’ve been looking forward to for two years, ever since I decided to come out here.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Grasso is heading home coming off one of his best games. The senior averaged a season-high 45.8 yards per punt last week, including a career-best 55-yarder, and killed three inside the Wolf Pack 20-yard line in Hawaii’s 38-31 win over Nevada. Not bad for a former receiver who didn’t focus on punting until his freshman year at Dixie State College of Utah. Grasso was an all-state player at Davis High in Kaysville and did some punting on the side. He got a scholarship to Dixie as a receiver, but when he wasn’t getting much playing time, he shifted his focus to punting rather than catching.”

About focusing on being a punter at his JC, Grasso said:
“They needed a punter, so I worked on it and worked on it and I realized if I’m going to make it in Division I it’s going to be as a punter.” (HSB)

About JoPierre Davis downing two of his punts inside the Nevada 5 last week, Grasso said:
“I told JP I owe him lunch.” (HSB)

About how they practice “Sky punt” on Thursdays, where he angle kicks towards the corner and the gunners try to keep the ball out of the end zone, Grasso said:
“I just have a good time with it on Thursday and it’s been paying off. It’s personal to me, because I know it’ll help the defense, especially in a tight game.” (HSB)

About why Rausch made the travel roster while Tyler did not, Mac said:
“He’s our third-best quarterback in everything you rate them on.” (HSB)

Feature story on Ryan Mouton

October 31, 2008

About how they will still use Mouton on offense, Mac said:
“In our Sunday meeting, that was the first thing (offensive coordinator) Ron Lee asked me, if we were going to still play Mouton on offense. He’s a key player on defense — that’s where his future is — but he’s a playmaker. I think he really brought the offense, especially the receivers, to another level.” (HSB)

About playing slotback instead of CB, Mouton said:
“It’s a little difficult. It’s fun, though, doing something new. We’re having a good time with it.” (HSB)

About how he wanted to play offense, but didn’t expect to play it full-time, Mouton said:
“I’ve been asking in earlier weeks when I might get on the other side of the ball. When (head coach Greg McMackin) called me in his office that Monday morning, it was what I was waiting for, telling me I could play a little offense. Didn’t think it would be full-time, though.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “In his first game as a two-way player, Mouton was on the field for 78 snaps last week against Nevada, 58 as a starting slotback and 20 in the secondary as the Warriors’ nickel back.”

About possibly needing a new nickname for Mouton (who wears jersey #2), Mac said:
“We were calling him ‘deuce.’ Now we might call him ‘iron man.’ ” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Still, McMackin would like to keep Mouton’s play total closer to 60 to keep the senior from wearing down in his new roles over the second half of the season.”

About how they need to limit Mouton’s plays since he won’t complain, Mac said:
“He will just keep going … and won’t say a word and will compete until he falls over, so we as coaches have to monitor that.” (HSB)

Mac said they had planned to just play Mouton on offense in a limited basis to spark the offense:
“but we felt we needed another playmaker full-time.” (HSB)

About how Mouton does what is best for the team, Mac said:
“His future is as a DB and he’s got a great future. But he’s a team guy and he didn’t even hesitate when I talked to him about moving over to offense and what we were planning.” (HSB)

About how his teammates on the D have reacted to his moving to the offense, Mouton said:
“I hear it every day. I’m surrounded by defensive guys in the locker room. They always tell me, ‘traitor, traitor.’ They’ll take a shot at me every now and then. But it’s all in good fun.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Mouton caught five passes for 58 yards in his debut as a slotback and coaches noted more pep in the other receivers following the move. Mike Washington posted his second 100-yard game of the season against Nevada and Malcolm Lane had his most productive game.”

About having Mouton next to him on the offense, Malcolm Lane said:
“That’s a blast. He brought that fire to the offense, and with his speed he opens up a lot of things in our offense.” (HSB)

About playing receiver, Mouton said:
“Being a defensive player you want to try to get the ball anyway. So when you know some of the plays might come to you and you end up getting the ball, it excites me a lot.” (HSB)

About being their punt returner, Aaron Bain said:
“I like having the pressure on to try to make plays. I like getting the emotions high. If you get a good return it just pumps everybody up.” (HSB)

About how the receivers like Bain have been a big help to him adjusting to slotback, Mouton said:
“I’ll ask them to refresh my memory. Those guys have been a great help to me. Guys like Aaron, his unselfishness, is the best thing for me right now.” (HSB)

Mike Wadsworth commits to the Warriors!

October 30, 2008

About committing to the Warriors (he’s projected to be a safety), Mike Wadsworth of Silverado High School in Henderson, Nevada (a teammate of T.J. Alofipo) said:
“I like what they have to offer. I like the defense they run, and the style that they like to play.” (HA)

About how Wadsworth is his team’s best overall player and a model student, head coach Andy Ostolaza said:
“A lot of it comes from his mom and dad. They push him in the right direction, and he takes direction well. When it comes to grades, you don’t have to worry about Mike Wadsworth. If I were starting a program, he would be the kind of kid you’d build a program around.” (HA)

HA Note: “Wadsworth, it seems, never gets any rest. He was named to the 2007 All-State first team as a cornerback, although, at 6 feet 1 and 192 pounds, he often plays safety. In this week’s game, he will align as a weak-side linebacker.”

About using Wadsworth at a lot of different positions, Ostolaza said:
“We move him around. If we play a team with a big-time receiver, we will move him to corner. When we play running teams, we move him to run support.” (HA)

HA Note: “Wadsworth also plays tailback and wideout on offense. What’s more, he is used as a punt returner, kickoff returner and kick-blocker.”

About another role he has this season, Wadsworth said:
“This year, I’m actually punting, too.” (HA)

HA Note: “Wadsworth is indeed special on special teams. This season, he has scored on punt and kickoff returns. Last year, he scored on three punt returns and a kickoff return. He also blocked five point-after kicks and a field-goal attempt. He is capable of running 40 yards in 4.5 seconds and 100 meters in 10.9 seconds. In track, he was the leadoff runner for the 4×100 team that won a regional title. He is a power forward and small forward on Silverado’s basketball team. And his cumulative grade-point average is better than 4.0. (He takes honor classes.) He is ranked 10th academically in a class of about 600 students.”

HA Note: “Wadsworth visited Arizona the past weekend, and has received interest from Oregon State, Brigham Young and Stanford.”

About choosing Hawaii, Wadsworth said:
“I like Hawai’i the best. I love being around the ocean.” (HA)

HA Note: “Wadsworth said he wanted to play in the Warriors’ defensive scheme. He also wants to reunite with UH director of player personnel Tony Tuioti, who was Silverado’s defensive coordinator last year.”

HA Note: “Wadsworth is living with a neighbor this season after his family moved to Utah because of business obligations. His father, John Wadsworth, is a food scientist who developed the formula used in Tahitian Noni Juice, a health-promoting beverage.”

About how he wants to learn the ha’a (Silverado learned the haka last year), Wadsworth said:
“I love watching it. I can’t wait to learn it.” (HA)

Other quotes from the local papers

October 30, 2008

About the benefits of staying on the mainland instead of returning to Hawaii between games, JD said:
“By staying in the Mountain time zone rather than going back and forth (to Hawai’i), we hope to minimize the the difficulties getting acclimated to the road.” (HA)

HA Note: “UH estimates it will spend $326,615 in combining travel for Saturday’s game at Utah State and the following week’s game at New Mexico State, according to associate athletic director Carl Clapp. By remaining on the Mainland — the Warriors will spend seven days in El Paso, Texas prior to the nearby New Mexico State game Nov. 8 — instead of returning home between games, UH forecasts a savings of approximately $27,200 for its financially strapped athletic department.”

HA Note: “Donovan said tutors will travel with the team and study halls will be held daily.”

About the monetary savings of not flying back to Hawaii, JD said:
“At the airfare rates we would have had to pay three or four months ago in booking separate trips, the savings will be significant.” (HA)

About being named their starting free safety, Desmond Thomas said:
“I’m very humbled about it. I just want to go out and try to make plays and do my responsibilities. I’m grateful for the opportunity and want to make the best of it.” (HSB)

About having Thomas start, Rich Miano said:
“He’s practiced hard, he’s started before and made plays for us and it’s Desmond’s turn to start.” (HSB)

Alexander named the starting QB

October 30, 2008

About being named the starting QB vs. Utah State, Alexander said:
“I’m excited.” (HA)

Alexander said that the difference between the Florida and Nevada games is:
“like night and day. I feel more comfortable with the reads. But then again, it’s only one half of football. I still have to focus.” (HA)

“The Florida game was tough — there was a lot to think about. Now it’s just go out and play, and I can just focus in on the job and let my instincts take over.” (HSB)

About Alexander’s progress, Mac said:
“You can see Greg has a good feel for things now.” (HA)

About how they have an offensive package for Inoke, Mac said:
“We’ve got a package for Inoke and we’re going to start Greg. He showed he can handle it in a game.” (HSB)

About preparing as the #1 QB instead of the #2 or #3 QB, Alexander said:
“You prepare the same way. Obviously you get the reps in practice, but as far as watching film and all that, you still have to prepare the same way.” (HSB)

About treating the QB position just like any other position, Mac said:
“I look at the quarterback position like every position. I look at it just like our center or our left guard. If a guy’s producing, then he plays.” (HSB)

About Alexander’s improvement, Rolo said:
“He’s grown a lot in the offense. He knows what he does wrong in film (sessions), so we can concentrate on deciphering or talking about opposing defenses rather than teaching the offense. We only opened a few pages of the playbook for him (against Florida), so now this thing’s pretty wide open. … He knows where his guys are going to be a lot more than seven or eight weeks ago.” (HSB)

KHNL article on the Warriors

October 29, 2008

Happy that Alexander was named WAC player of the week, Mac said:
“I was really happy to see that he was awarded the WAC player of the week and I was really impressed by his temperament and his ability.” (KHNL)

About using both Alexander and Funaki at QB, Mac said:
“If you have something that causes people problems and doesn’t foul up your rhythm, then why not?” (KHNL)

About how they will keep using Mouton at slotback, Mac said:
“He’s a key player on defense that’s where his future is, but he’s a play maker and I really feel that he brought the offense, especially the receivers to a higher level, and we’re going to continue playing him both ways.” (KHNL)

About how they need to keep improving, Mac said:
“We have to get a lot better than we are right now and continue to get better and be playing championship caliber at the end of the season.” (KHNL)

Quotes from the local papers

October 29, 2008

About UH’s win-a-trip-to-Vegas contest, David Farmer said:
“Hopefully, they’ll let me do that halftime thing, where I throw the ball into the hole, and cash my plane ticket into (a trip to) Europe instead.” (HA)

HA Note: “Farmer’s interest in the Old World stems from his fascination with history and, in turn, the coaches are intrigued with Farmer’s comparable skills to successful historical football figures.”

Comparing Farmer to two NFL greats, Mac said:
“He’s like (John) Riggins of the Washington Redskins, or Franco (Harris) of Pittsburgh. For a big man, he has good moves.” (HA)

About Farmer, Mac said:
“He doesn’t have breakaway speed, but he has breakaway attitude.” (HA)

HA Note: “The coaches decided to expand Farmer’s role. Not only is he receiving handoffs, but against Nevada, he sometimes was aligned as a slotback. He even ran a streak route.”

About being used as a receiver in the Nevada game, Farmer said:
“I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve. Looks can be deceiving. … I’ve always had good hands. If they want to use me (as a receiver), I’m open to it. I’ll take on the challenge.” (HA)

About using 245-pound Farmer at slotback instead of their smaller slotbacks, Mac said:
“He’s got speed and he’s a good athlete, so he can catch the ball. He’s got more size than any defensive back he’s going to face. He fits right into everything we do.” (HA)

About how it took until the 5th week of the season for him to return from his MCL injury, Farmer said:
“My first week, I was a little timid. Now it feels good again.” (HA)

About how the brace that he wears during games and practices bothered him at first, Farmer said:
“There’s a lot of Velcro. It nags at you. It kind of limits your mobility.” (HA)

Farmer said that after awhile his knee brace became:
“like my new knee. It takes away that mental aspect. It lets me go out there and put a juke move on or throw an extra block.” (HA)

About how he will earn a bachelor’s degree in history in May, later than he would have graduated if he hadn’t changed majors, Farmer said:
“I wasn’t happy in business school. I wanted to switch to something I enjoyed a little better. I’ve always liked history since I was a kid.” (HA)

About how he prefers European history, especially the Age of Enlightenment of the18th century, Farmer said:
“There’s more drama and soap opera in European history than American history. I like it.” (HA)

HA Note: “He is considering applying for law school or graduate studies.”

About Farmer, Mac said:
“Farmer is in our plans.” (HA)

About how he suffered a fractured ring finger in his left hand, Adam Leonard said:
“I went out there and, I don’t know how, but when I got up (after a tackle), it was pointing in a different direction.” (HA)

HA Note: “Leonard tried to force the finger back in place. When he went to the UH sideline, he told the medical staff that it felt as if the finger were dislocated, and that he needed assistance.”

About how they tried to fix his injured finger during the game, Adam said:
“There was one spot I couldn’t get. It stayed the same. I think the part of the bone was sticking up there. They were trying to mess with it, yanking at it. They said it might be broken.” (HA)

HA Note: “After going to the training room in Aloha Stadium, Leonard underwent X-rays. He then received special wrapping that allowed him to resume playing. He finished with nine tackles, tying a season high.”

About how his injured right knee will force him to miss the Utah State game, Victor Clore said:
“It’s going to get worse if I re-injure it. I’d rather be safe than sorry.” (HA)

HA Note: “The Warriors will stay in El Paso during the week between the Utah State and New Mexico State road games. Clore was told that if he is healthy, he might be brought up to play against NMSU.”

Josh Leonard said that the walking boot on his right foot yesterday was a:
“precaution right now.” (HA)

John Leonard said that he has a sprain and the foot is:
“definitely not broken. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.” (HA)

After his first practice in more than a month, Keith AhSoon said:
“I’ve been out for a while so I just have to go in slowly and work my way back into fullspeed contact. I’m trying to make that audition in this week’s practices and hopefully I’ll make that (travel) squad.” (HSB)

About remaining positive after suffering his MCL injury, AhSoon said:
“When I got hurt it was just devastating. I didn’t think I was going to come back and my family motivated me to just be positive and keep my head up and don’t be mad at things I have no control of. I have to deal with what’s given to me, have fun and be positive about it. It was a challenge.” (HSB)

Excited about AhSoon’s return, Mac said:
“I’m really excited about (AhSoon’s return) because he’s such a class individual. We’ll practice him this week and see where he’s at. … He’ll be a big addition and give us a lot more depth on the offensive line.” (HSB)

About ESPN choosing to televise their Cincinnati game instead of their Washington State game, JD said:
“To me, it was the obvious choice based upon performance. The first Saturday in December provides a nice time slot and great exposure for our football program, the school and the state.” (HA)

About a benefit of having an ESPN game in December, JD said:
“It also comes during our recruiting period.” (HA)

About how both he and DE John Fonoti played well in the Nevada game, DE David Veikune said:
“Finally we put it together and we fed off each other and made some big plays.” (HSB)

About what they had their D focus on for the Nevada game, Mac said:
“The things we talked about on defense were to score or set up a score, we needed to play well on third-down conversions, and get three turnovers. That’s what we focused on.” (HSB)

About their DEs Fonoti and Veikune, Mac said:
“They’re like big linebackers playing defensive end. So they’re really athletic guys and we ask a lot out of them.” (HSB)

About how he had 7 sacks last season as a backup player and went 6 games this season before getting his first sack, Veikune said:
“It’s a relief. There’s still always pressure to make plays every week, but it kind of took off some pressure.” (HSB)

About had he didn’t realize that he got his first sack and forced Kaepernick to fumble, Veikune said:
“I didn’t know it was a sack or a fumble. I thought I just missed a tackle and I was disappointed. But I got up and saw the ball was loose and went to go block for John.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Fonoti, calling on the “score drills” the defense runs most mornings in practice, secured the bouncing ball and took it 9 yards into the end zone.”

About scooping the ball up and scoring a TD, Fonoti said:
“I was thinking about jumping on it. But I saw a lot of my defensive guys helping me out and blocking for me, so I figured I’d try to pick it up.” (HSB)

About returning the fumble for a TD, Mac said:
“The assistant coaches did a great job of coaching the fundamentals and we see those kind of things come out and it wins ballgames.” (HSB)

About the Warriors, Utah State coach Brent Guy said:
“On defense they look a lot like last year’s team. They bring a lot of pressure and have a lot of speed and we have to be able to protect the quarterback.” (HSB)

Liloa Nobriga, who committed to the Warriors recently, said he still plans to be a Warrior and has:
“100 percent respect for UH. I grew up a UH fan and Hawaii is where my heart is.” (HSB)

Nobriga said that his visit to UH over the weekend:
“was everything I could have imagined.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “After talking over the decision with his father upon returning to Las Vegas, he said he plans to visit other campuses before finalizing his choice.”

Feature stories on Greg Alexander

October 28, 2008

Mac said that Alexander has benefited from his tutorial sessions with Rolo and:
“I think it’s his time now.” (HA)

HA Note: “That was reaffirmed yesterday when Alexander was named the Western Athletic Conference’s Offensive Player of the Week. In a coming-of-age second half against Nevada, Alexander completed 17 of 22 passes for 205 yards and two touchdowns, including the game-winner with 20 seconds to play. He was not intercepted.”

Impressed with Alexander and the job that Rolo did in teaching him, Mac said:
“I was really impressed with his temperament and ability. Nick Rolovich has done a great job of coaching the quarterbacks, and Ron (Lee, the offensive coordinator) has done a great job of calling the plays. We knew (Alexander) was getting better and better.” (HA)

About his WAC award, Alexander said:
“It feels good. It’s all right.” (HA)

HA Note: “Alexander was not part of the game plan. In the three full practices leading to the game, Alexander was the No. 3 quarterback, behind the platoon of Inoke Funaki, who would make his sixth start in eight games, and Tyler Graunke. Alexander took “mental reps” while Funaki and Graunke split the reps with the first-team offense.”

About how he learned during his “mental reps”, Alexander said:
“Definitely. Watching Inoke and Tyler do the offense, you see everything from a different perspective. When you’re in there, you’ve got the rush and all of that. When you step back, you can focus on the secondary and the receivers; see what the receivers are looking at. That helps you a lot.” (HA)

HA Note: “It was pivotal on a third-and-11 play in the third quarter. Alexander went through his read progressions — 1 … 2 … 3 … — before pirouetting and throwing to slotback Michael Washington in the left flat. Washington, with a running start, gained 12 yards, keeping alive an 11-play drive that would result in a touchdown. It was a play that Alexander acknowledged he would not have been able to make during the season-opener against Florida.”

About how he has learned a lot since the Florida game, Alexander said:
“There’s a huge difference. Going into the Florida game, I had an idea where my guys were going to be. But if I was going backside, I didn’t know what I was seeing. Now, it’s pre-snap ‘I’ve two here, we’ve got so and so …’ I can really anticipate what’s happening backside.” (HA)

HA Note: “During the game-winning drive, the Warriors faced a third-and-9 situation. After correctly reading the defensive end, who tried crashing down on the right side of the UH offense, Alexander weaved up the middle, and juked the Nevada free safety to complete the 10-yard run and gain the first down.”

About how his scramble for the first down surprised the UH coaches, Alexander said:
“It surprised me, too. I had to go out there and make plays.” (HA)

About how his release seemed quicker in the Nevada game because he knows the offense better now, Alexander said:
“Mechanically, I haven’t really changed too much — little tweaks here and there. But it comes from knowing the offense, knowing where guys are going to be, and you can start anticipating.” (HA)

About Alexander being available right before signing day, Rolo said:
“It was surprising. For what he did at the junior college level not to be heavily recruited, we weren’t really sure why that was happening.” (HSB)

About how they haven’t decided on a starting QB, Mac said:
“We haven’t talked (about) who’s starting. I really liked how (Alexander) handled the pressure at the end of the ballgame. Looking right into a guy’s eyes, that’s why I’ve always coached on the sidelines, you know their emotion. He was a cool guy on the sideline and was focused.” (HSB)

About not getting D-IA scholarship offers, Alexander said:
“It was frustrating. I was walking around town and everybody’s asking me where are you going? I’m like, ‘I don’t know, stop asking me.’ So I tried to stay in my house as much as I could.” (HSB)

About how he learned from Inoke and Tyler to get better in the offense, Alexander said:
“I wanted to get back on the field and the only way I was going to be able to do that was I was learning from Inoke and Tyler (Graunke) and trying to get my mental reps. I wasn’t really expecting to play on Saturday … but you have to stay prepared and prepare like you’re going to play.” (HSB)

Feature stories on Malcolm Lane

October 28, 2008

About how his game-winning TD catch was with his right hand and helmet, Lane said:
“I caught it with my hands.” (HA)

Lane said that CB mike Evans:
“was pulling my other arm down. So I was holding (the football) with my hand on my helmet.” (HA)

About averaging 38.3 yards per return and having UH start on average at their 46-yard-line, Lane said:
“We’ve been practicing at getting better and better every week. Guys went out there and opened up some huge holes for me to run through.” (HA)

About how he was different in the Nevada game, Lane said:
“I was more relaxed. People were giving me advice about games and things like that. They told me to go out and have fun. I went out there and had fun. I was having a blast.” (HA)

About Mouton playing next to him on offense instead of facing him in practice, Lane said:
“People say I see him all day and then I have to see him on offense. But when I see him making plays, it inspires me. It drives me. We try to compete against each other to see who has a better game. He’s the perfect guy to have next to me. I used to go against him in practice. Now I’m telling him what he has to do on this route and what he has to do on that route. He’s a very quick learner, a smart football player.” (HA)

About playing slotback and nickleback, Mouton said:
“It’s a lot of fun to play both ways. The offensive guys really accepted me. They rallied around me.” (HA)

HA Note: “Mouton and Lane are close friends, often going to Sunday barbecue dinners at Lane’s mother’s house at Schofield Barracks. When Lane did not have a place to live, Mouton invited him to stay at an apartment originally shared by two other UH teammates.”

About how Lane serves as his chauffeur, Mouton said:
“He drives all of the time. I left my car back in Texas.” (HA)

About how the Nevada game helped his confidence, Lane said:
“I need to continue to work hard and get better from this. But this really increases my confidence.” (HSB)

About how he was struggling this season, Lane said:
“It’s been hard for our offense to get on a roll and I haven’t been stepping up and doing my job like the rest of the team’s been doing their jobs. I felt like I was letting the team down, and just had to turn it around.” (HSB)

About his game-winning TD, Lane said that waiting for the ball to come down:
“took forever.” (HA)

About how he thought of his critics while the ball was in the air, Lane said:
“Everybody was doubting. I just wanted to go up and get that ball so bad, and it worked out perfect.” (HA)

Grateful that Ron Lee called the play for him, Lane said:
“I’m so happy (offensive coordinator Ron Lee) trusted me and called the play for me. I owe a lot to him that he had the trust in me and gave me a chance.” (HA)