Feature story on Mac entering his second year as UH head coach

About how he’s always trying to learn from his experience each season, Mac said:
“You’re always learning in this game.” (HSB)

Expecting them to be better than last year, Mac said:
“I expect us to be a lot better football team than we were last year. This is an unknown team. There are a lot of factors and I’ve seen these guys work. I’ve seen these coaches coach, and these players compete, and I believe in them.” (HSB)

About how Mac has everything how he wants it now, John Estes said:
“It’s pretty much his camp and how he wants to run it. Last year it was part how he runs stuff and part how Coach (June) Jones ran stuff. There were little remnants.” (HSB)

About rebuilding their defense after losing 9 starters and several key backups, Mac said:
“I’ve never had this many players gone. In ’99 when we came here we had a few players to build on and basically got speed on the field. It’s the same type of system. It’s just getting speed on the football field and getting guys who can make plays.” (HSB)

Disagreeing with the notion that the offense will have to win shootouts to compensate for the D, Mac said:
“We’re going to win as a total team. I fully expect the defense to be a top-notch defense. We have good coaches and we have good players. We just have to get speed on the field and good tacklers and force turnovers.” (HSB)

About how their offense struggled last season, Estes said:
“Offensively, we really didn’t have too much chemistry. The defense had chemistry and it showed, while we struggled at times last year. It’s all about reps and knowing the guy next to you.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Local high school coaches have noted the program’s enhanced presence in recruiting, including the creation of a Junior Day to expose prospects to the school, and McMackin continues to target the South Pacific’s fertile recruiting grounds.”

About how the Warrior program needs to continue to improve, Mac said:
“We just have to continue to get better. Not only in spring ball and fall ball as a football team, but our entire program.” (HSB)


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