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Quotes about Timmy Chang being the new starter in Hamilton

August 31, 2007

About losing his starting job to Timmy, Maas said:
“It’s obviously disappointing. But it is what it is and I’m going to support it. I’m a team guy, I’ve been one all of my career. So it’s no different now. I’ve started 24 games here and my record isn’t very good as a starter. They’ve tried numerous things since we’ve been here, and none of it has worked, so I guess this is the next logical step. I can’t argue it.

I prepare every week, I work very hard, I haven’t changed anything here that I used to do in Edmonton. It just hasn’t worked out on the field, as far as Ws are concerned. We’re not in the business of entertaining, we’re in the business of winning. And when you’re not winning, these are the consequences that come with it. I understand that, and changes need to be made.” (Hamilton Spectator)

HS Note: “Maas said that general manager Marcel Desjardins and head coach Charlie Taaffe asked him whether he felt he could remain here in a diminished role. If not, the Cats were likely willing to seek a place for him on another team.”

About how his GM and coach asked him whether or not he could accept being the backup, Maas said:
“They told me they wanted me to be here if I wanted to be here, so I said, ‘Yeah, I’d like to be here.’ So that’s where it left off. I’m a competitor. I have pride and all those other things that anyone who gets demoted has. I have mixed emotions about it for sure. The reason it’s easier to deal with, I guess, is I don’t have the ego to say I should be the starter … and only me.” (HS)

About how he’s been demoted before, Maas said:
“In this league I’ve been starter, backup and third-string all in the same season. I understand how to deal with demotion. I understand how to deal with it when you get called upon again, after being demoted. I’ve chosen to deal with the situation every time I’ve been dealt it, by working harder, trying to improve my game, staying with it mentally and being supportive of the guy in there, and of the team.

People want to label you as a starter or a backup, but ultimately I’m just another player on this team. I want to win as badly as anybody. If making this change is going to help propel us to win ball games, I’m all for it.” (HS)

About how being in the starting QB spot will result in his leading more, Timmy said:
“In the No. 2 position you don’t open your mouth. You’re watching. You observe the team. And that’s what I was doing. Obviously, when you step into the starting quarterback position, it’s a different mind set.” (HS)

About being suddenly elevated from backup to starting QB, Taaffe said:
“You’ve gotta be yourself. But you’ve also got to understand that you’ve just taken a big move forward. And with it comes expectations and accountability. Tim’s always been prepared, but now he’s got to prepare even more. He has to make sure that’s visible, that he’s out front as the leader.” (HS)

About taking on a leadership role, Timmy said:
“Leadership is something I’m going to have to take on. It doesn’t just come right away. I’m not going to ask these guys to just jump aboard. It’s something that you earn between the lines. I feel like I need to earn these guys’ respect. That’s extended to everywhere. The locker room, practice, the film room, everywhere. It doesn’t stop.” (HS)

About how people have always said that his mobile game was suited for the CFL, Timmy said:
“Even coaches mentioned it to me, that my game was real suitable for the CFL. Coming out of college, I didn’t think of the CFL at first. I was trying to make an NFL team. But continuing to progress in my career, or in some cases regress – because I wasn’t’ getting assigned to a team – I looked to the CFL and thought that I could do something special there. It was in the back of my mind, and now I’m here. I really believe God has a plan for everybody, and I guess my plan is to be in on Monday.” (HS)

About how he’s got to restrain Timmy’s urge to go deep too much, Taaffe said:
“The thing I’ve gotta get (Chang) to do is not want to chuck it 80 yards downfield every time.” (HS)

About his appreciation for the patience that the team will show in him as the starter, Timmy said:
“I appreciate that they’re going to be patient with me, and I thank them for that. But I want to put it in the end zone every time we get the ball.” (HS)

Quotes about Amani Purcell

August 31, 2007

Happy that both of his UH-playing sons will graduate, Mel and Amani Purcell’s father said:
“Two athletes in the university, two graduates, that’s a hundred percent. They’ve achieved what Mom and Dad wanted them to do, and that’s graduate using sports as a vehicle to get there.” (HSB)

Needing just 12 credits to graduate with his sociology degree, Amani Purcell said:
“It’s been a big deal for me. My parents have been preaching that since we were little — go to college, get a degree and get a paying job. When I saw (Melila) graduate I was real proud of him and it made me determined to graduate even more.” (HSB)

About how he still needs to prove himself because injuries have held him back, Amani said:
“I’m a senior, but I still have to prove I can play, so I’m trying to show more by my actions than my words. I’m trying to hustle a little bit harder and be more precise.” (HSB)

About how Amani gained weight (15 pounds during the offseason) but kept his quickness, his cousin Hercules Satele said:
“When he first came (Purcell’s strength) was his quickness. Now he’s added the weight and he still got the quickness, but he’s got some power with that too now.” (HSB)

About how he’ll understand his his Dad goes to more of Mel’s games this year instead of his, Amani said:
“It always feels good to have my dad at the game. But I told him not to worry about me this year, told him to support Mel. It’s his rookie year and he needs to see the family as much as he can.” (HSB)

Quotes about Colt

August 31, 2007

About how Colt makes plays look easy, RGM said:
“You have to be one of his receivers to understand. He does so many different things to make every play look easy.” (HA)

About how comfortable Colt is in his offense, JJ said:
“This is his third year in this offense. He’s very comfortable in it. Can you imagine if he had two years left? How many more records would he break?” (HA)

About how wanting to learn the offense better was one incentive in returning to UH, Colt said:
“I’m having fun with (the offense). That’s why I came back, for that complete understanding of the offense, and to really take my game to the next level.” (HA)

About how Colt goes through his progressions so quickly now, JJ said:
“He was a little slow in his read progressions when he first came in (as a sophomore in 2005). Now he gets through them pretty quick. It’s 1, 2, 3, 4, throw.” (HA)

Comparing Colt’s speed of reading the progressions ot his experience, JJ said:
“When I was playing, I wasn’t doing it as a fast as I wanted. It just comes with being in it for a while. He’s been in it for a while. He knows what he’s doing.” (HA)

About how Colt goes through all of his reads to give each WR a chance on each play, Hawthorne said:
“He goes through all of his reads. It’s not like he locks in on one guy. It’s not like, ‘I’m going to throw to my favorite receiver,’ or ‘this play is for one person.’ ” (HA)

About why he spreads the ball around so well, Colt said:
“My whole mentality is I want my receivers to know that no matter what the play is, even if it’s not designed for them, there’s a possibility they can get the ball. You never know when things are going to break down (defensively). I like letting my receivers feel any night can be their night.” (HA)

About how Colt confuses the secondary with the looks he gives, QB coach Dan Morrison said:
“Everybody sees his eyes going there, and they start to pull there, then he throws to the other side. He can move corners and safeties and linebackers with his eyes. If he wants you to move, he’ll look a particular way to move you. He’s very good at that. He’s very convincing.” (HA)

About how Colt throws catchable passes, Hawthorne said:
“His passes are fast, but they’re also soft. It’s hard to explain.” (HA)

About how Colt throws catchable passes, RGM said:
“The ball gets there fast, but it doesn’t jam your fingers, like catching a bullet. That’s the magic of Colt.” (HA)

HA Note: “Brennan said the key is the way the football spins when he releases it. Morrison agreed, noting a fast-spinning pass is easier to catch.”

About how he throws the football, Colt said:
“I’ve never been a very strong kid. I’ve never been able to lift a lot. Maybe that’s one of the underlying qualities that karmically comes to my advantage because maybe I’m not that strong, but I’m really strong at throwing a football. But as hard as I throw it, it still comes with a nice, soft touch.” (HA)

About how Colt throws where he anticipates the WR to be open, Morrison said:
“His passes are not high-miles-per-hour fast. But because his vision is so good, and he anticipates so well, he throws it earlier. He anticipates a window is going to be over here. When he releases the ball, the receiver is not even near the window. Because he’s throwing ahead, the ball and the receiver get to the window at the same time. It makes it seem like the pass is faster than it really is.” (HA)

JJ said that those qualities of Colt:
“show why he’s a phenomenal quarterback.” (HA)

Injury update

August 31, 2007

About how he won’t get to play vs. UNC, Blaze said:
“The best thing is to rest it. I hate watching, but some things happen for a reason. I’ve been reading the Bible a lot lately, and that helps my patience. LaTech is a more important game.” (HSB)

About how Blaze will miss the UNC game due to his injury, JJ said:
“I’m going to hold him out.” (HA)

About Brad Kalilimoku, who will start in place of Blaze, GM said:
“He can play either side. He’s got great speed and can hit and he’s a real smart ballplayer. He’s been playing all along and getting a lot of reps and been in our plans since the spring.” (HSB)

About leaving practice early when his foot was stepped on by a teammate, Colt said:
“No worries, you know how when your foot gets stepped on and it hurts at first and it’s annoying. I’m walking fine right now; there’s nothing wrong.” (HSB)

About how Ryan Keomake won’t play vs. UNC, especially since he hasn’t practiced with pads yet, GM said:
“He won’t be suiting up (tomorrow). (Keomaka) gives us more depth and competition. We started out with out a lot of depth at the corner and now a good depth situation.” (HSB)

About how he was taken out of practice on Wednesday and held out of practice yesterday because UH needed written verification of his associate’s degree, Calvin Roberts said:
“It was posted on the Internet, but they needed the actual paper. They got it (yesterday).” (HSB)

Quote from JJ about their preparation for the season

August 31, 2007

About their preparation for the season, JJ said:
“I feel like we had a good camp and everyone came together. We can only do the next step by playing games and making it through the tough times together.” (HA)

Quotes from Nate

August 30, 2007

Asked whether or not he’s going to replay game situations in his head, thinking about whether he did enough to make the team, Nate said:
\”You always go back and do that, but I am not going to beat myself up like that. You play, watch it on film and continue to learn from mistakes that might have happened, and continue doing the things you do well.” (

Asked if he will be happy ending the preseason with a 2-point conversion, if this is his last opportunity with the team this year, Nate said:
“Yeah, that was great. There are no hard feelings if I don’t make the team. What you do is come in here and do whatever you can to help the team. I was fortunate enough to come out with an opportunity and convert a two-point conversion. It was something we practiced for and it was a good thing. I am all smiles about that. I am going to just enjoy the next day and a half and just see what happens.” (

Quotes about Colt being the best QB in UH history

August 30, 2007

About Colt, former UH QB Michael Carter said:
“He’s probably the most accurate quarterback I’ve ever seen in person. Probably the most special. He’s a guy that (teammates) look to and trust. That’s the thing that made me play well, and helped Garrett (Gabriel) and the others play well. With that, it allows him to use his ability carefree and do his thing. He’s super comfortable.” (HSB)

About how some QBs have the ability to inspire their team, former UH QB Garrett Gabriel said:
“There are some guys the players want to play for. When he’s on the field you know your chances (to win) dramatically increase.” (HSB)

“He’s got it all.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Warriors quarterback coach Dan Morrison has lived and coached in Hawaii the past 26 years, following UH football closely, even before he joined Jones’ staff as a charter member in 1999. He says Brennan is the best in school history. It’s hard to argue. Morrison agrees that Brennan is in the top two to five in a lot of the categories you would use to compare QBs, like arm strength, quick release, vision. There are no deficiencies … nothing where you would call him “average” or “poor.” Maybe the bench press, but he’s working on that.”

HSB Note: “An NFL scout said Brennan is the best quarterback in the West because his passes nearly always go where he wants them to go. And when circumstances don’t allow him to throw a dart, he can still make something positive happen.”

About Colt, an NFL scout said:
“Colt can put the ball in a tight spot, and he has a stronger arm (than USC’s John David Booty). He’s a better runner and he can make a play when things break down because he is put in so many decision-making situations.” (HSB)

About how Rolo and Colt were competitors, Morrison said:
“I think Nick had a lot of that. Moxie is a good word for that. The grittiness that Colt and Nick have stems from being very competitive. They love to compete in all aspects of life.” (HSB)

Quotes about Blaze Soares

August 30, 2007

About how he discovered Blaze while watching film, LB coach Cal Lee said:
“When I saw somebody chase (Kealoha) Pilares down, I found out who that was, and it was Blaze Soares.” (HSB)

About Blaze, Cal Lee said:
“I think his strength is he’s got good size and he can run.” (HSB)

“Anytime you have a guy who can run to the ball, it’s something that’s hard to teach. You can work on your strength, but it’s hard to get speed.” (HSB)

About his ability to read the flow of the action quickly, Blaze said:
“To me it just comes natural. Just being out here, this is where I feel like I’m untouchable. It just clicks.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Soares played in 12 games as a freshman and initially earned the praise of the coaching staff through his play on special teams. That eventually led to more time at linebacker and by the end of the season he had built enough trust to be left on the field in critical late-game situations. Among the highlights of his freshman year was a key fourth-quarter sack in Hawaii’s 42-35 win over Purdue.”

About their new 4-3 defense, Blaze said:
“It’s going to be something. You never know where we’re coming from. Coach McMackin has some good schemes for us and I can’t wait to see what we can do. I love to blitz personally – that’s just what I love to do. I think it fits perfect, because I ran that in high school and the reads are all the same, just faster.” (HSB)

About Blaze, Cal Lee (who played with Blaze’s grandfather at Kalani High) said:
“He’s got some good genes. Blaze comes from that Soares mold and has a great passion for the game.” (HSB)

Quotes about Colt

August 30, 2007

About how his teammates keep him humble, Colt said:
“They do a good job of making sure whoever’s getting a lot of the publicity during a certain time, they usually attack them, make fun of them, bring them right back down to humility.” (HSB)

About how they tease Colt, Bess said:
“We have fun. We call him Mr. Heisman, Mr. ESPN. It comes with the territory.” (HSB)

About Colt’s popularity may be the greatest of any UH athlete ever, QB coach Dan Morrison said:
“I’ve been here 26 years, and people who have been here for a lot longer say that he is probably one of the most celebrated athletes we’ve had in Hawaii.” (HSB)

About how he has to make sure that Colt gets away from the autograph seekers and media interviewers after a decent amount of time after practice so that he doesn’t miss classes, Morrison said:
“We have to make sure he’s out of here at a fairly decent time because he’ll be here for a long time. He has a hard time saying no to people, and I hope the community understands that it can be overwhelming. … We want to try to simplify his life to a certain degree.” (HSB)

Asked if Colt or Dog the Bounty Hunter was the more famous person from Hawaii, JJ laughed and said:
“I don’t know the stats on that. But I can’t think of anyone from Hawaii right now more popular than Colt.” (HSB)

About the media attention he got recently, Colt said:
“Everybody came in the same week and really ran me ragged. But that’s over and done with and I’ve been able to practice and get ready and I’m back to my normal routine.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Though he finds himself repeatedly recounting his journey, Brennan hasn’t backed down from addressing his past along with talking about his current station as the nation’s top college passer and an NFL future.”

About how he talked and talked about his past with all of those reporters, Colt said:
“It’s just something I can’t shy away from. If people are going to talk about it you might as well really try to stress for them to say the right things and get it accurate. Some people have, some people haven’t. Time will tell.” (HSB)

Happy that the media has been taking the time to learn the truth behind Colt’s Colorado incident, his father Terry Brennan said:
“It’s good to see some of the reporters have taken a little more time to look into the whole scenario. The Colorado thing happened and we’re trying to move on. … It would be nice to see it go away at some point, but that’s part of the deal.” (HSB)

About how Colt’s story and play has been selling itself and UH hasn’t had to do much, UH Assistant AD McNamara said:
“He’s created the message, we’re just the messengers. The DVD was a way for us to spread the news, but he told the story. If Colt wasn’t the phenomenal story he was, you wouldn’t see those types of numbers or that type of impact.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “As the Warriors headed into game preparations this week, UH sports media relations structured Brennan’s availability. He’s scheduled to have a teleconference for national media on Mondays and will be available to local reporters after Wednesday practices only.”

Feeling that Colt can handle all of the media attention, Morrison said:
“I think he’s pretty good at keeping an eye on things and we’re trying to help him with this stuff. He’s always handled it with grace and sincerity.” (HSB)

Quotes about Colt, Herc, and Lafaele being named captains

August 30, 2007

About being voted by his teammates to be their captain, Colt said:
“It’s a tremendous honor, especially because your teammates selected you. I love my teammates. I think I’m going to do a great job for them this year. They know I came back to play for them and to give them a great year. No matter how I’m going to do it, I’m going to give them a great year.” (HA)

About how he worked hard to become the player that he is, Colt said:
“When I was growing up, I wasn’t the talented athlete. I wasn’t the kid everybody talked about. I wasn’t an all-star. I was the kid who was never getting the attention and the love and respect. I respect kids who didn’t get those things, but worked hard continuously. I was one of those kids. I see a lot of guys who don’t get the credit, but come to practice every day no matter if they’re fourth team or second team. It doesn’t matter. They all deserve respect.” (HA)

HA Note: “Brennan, Lafaele and Satele coordinated the players’ summer workouts. It was a sacrifice for Lafaele, who is married with three children. Lafaele also attended summer-session classes.”

Crediting his wife for sacrificing so that he can devote himself to the team, Lafaele said:
“That’s why my wife plays a big part in what I do. If it wasn’t for her, I don’t know where I’d be. She has a lot of patience.” (HA)

Praising Lafaele, JR said:
“He’s a guy who’s been a leader through the offseason and training camp. He’s the kind of guy who exemplifies June’s values for this program – hard work, unselfishness, and an understanding there’s something in the program bigger than you are. Those are the qualities that are going to make Mike a success always.” (HA)

About serving as a mentor to his teammates, Lafaele said:
“I treat all of these guys like they’re my family. They have a special place in my heart. I try my best to take care of each one of them.” (HA)

About being named captain, Hercules (who voted for Colt) said:
“I didn’t ask for it, but I’m honored. I want to lead this team like the other captains.” (HA)

About how Hercules is a “natural” leader, OL coach Dennis McKnight said:
“When your peers vote you captain, that’s the highest honor. That’s the dot on your exclamation point, that your teammates respect you, and they want, when we go into battle, for you to be in front. That’s an honor, and Herc deserves it.” (HA)

About naming Hercules as their 3rd captain because he received so many votes, JJ said:
“It was such a close vote. And Herc also has the respect of his teammates and is a great leader.” (HSB)

About Colt and Lafaele, JJ said:
“Colt has all the intangibles. He’s very competitive, and the players play for him. Michael works as hard as anyone and does a great job with everything. He’s a coach on the field.” (HSB)

About how they are just as excited opening with UNC as they were opening vs. Alabama last year, Lafaele said:
“It’s about the same. This year we have a lot more talent, and people worked 10 times as hard as last year (in the offseason).” (HSB)