This is a daily round-ups of the quotes I can find that are related to UH Warrior football. I’ve been a lifetime UH Sports fan and figure that this will be something that at least is of interest to me as an archive of quotes that can be looked up later.

If anyone knows of an article I missed, please let me know and I will get the quotes from it to update my post. Aside from the Honolulu Advertiser and Honolulu Star-Bulletin, each day I read the LA Times, LA Daily News, Long Beach Press-Telegram, Orange County Register, Austin American-Stateman, Houston Chronicle, Dallas Morning News, and some others that I rotate to see if they have anything of interest.

When a note comes from a publication, I try to make it clear where that comes from. Otherwise, the note sections are basically my reaction to the quote that the note comes after.

HA = Honolulu Advertiser
HSB = Honolulu Star-Bulletin
JJ = June Jones
JR = Jeff Reinbold
GM = Greg McMackin

4 Responses to “About”

  1. Kepola Somerville Says:

    Greetings, and thank you very much for the great work you do.

    There’s an article on the ESPN website today (Monday 11/26) that contains multiple positive mentions of Colt Brennan and the Warriors, re BCS and Heisman, respectively. He calls the offense “hellacious”!

    The title is something nondescript like “Three Myths About College Football,” and the link was near the lower left-hand corner of the home page. (Sorry, I wasn’t able to send a direct link.) It’s by ESPN’s senior national correspondent, whose name I’ve forgotten.

    Aloha & thanks again,

  2. green_machine Says:


    Your site is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your dedication to the Warriors with us! I’ve saved a visit here for pregame good luck today.

    Had to stop by on this historic day and say “howzit” to a fellow Castle grad. All the best to you and your family, and thanks again.

  3. Jerem Althof Says:

    Sorry — can’t find the right contact info for you.

    We are sending this out to U-H bloggers and You Tubers to get the word out about a great new University of Hawaii Football online community put together by Hawaiian Telcom.
    It’s a contest – kind of a U-H YouTube – where Warrior fan’s can post videos proving why they are the biggest UH fan. Two people will win season tickets for the 2008 season, and you can also win tickets to Polynesian Cultural Center, Castle Hotels and Resorts and Sea Life Park for sharing and voting on your favorite videos.
    We are contacting active YouTubers like you because you can embed your existing You Tube videos on the site and win!. I’ve include a link to the site at http://www.warrriors.hawaiiantel.com. Post a video, join the community. Come on in!
    Jeremy Althof

  4. Bryan Says:


    I am interested in purchasing one to two simple text links on your site’s homepage. How much would you charge for that?



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