The #2 QB battle between Brent Rausch and Bryant Moniz still isn’t decided

HA Note: “It will be another few days before the coaches decide between fourth-year junior Brent Rausch and third-year sophomore Bryant Moniz. Greg Alexander is the starter for Friday’s season opener against Central Arkansas. A choice was supposed to have been made when training camp ended a week ago. But Rausch and Moniz have been impressive in 6-on-7 and team drills.”

About how they need to decide on their backup QB so that he can get enough reps to get ready to play, Mac said:
“The only rush is if you need a No. 2 guy, you’ve got to have that decision made. I don’t want to go all the way to game time.” (HA)

About how they should decide by Tuesday, Mac said:
“I think by Tuesday we have to make up our mind on the second guy. We’re in a good situation. And Shane (Austin, the No. 4 quarterback) looks good. We’re not in the same quarterback situation we were in last year.” (HA)

HA Note: “Last year, the Warriors did not name Alexander as the starter until the day before the season opener. UH played three quarterbacks in that game.”


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