The Warriors practiced the haka yesterday

HA Note: “The Warriors practiced the haka for the first time in the preseason. They are practicing a version of the Maori war chant that the team performed in 2006. Seniors Laupepa Letuli and Rocky Savaiigaea took turns leading the rehearsal. Savaiigaea said there are no specific haka leaders.”

About how they do not have leaders for their haka, Rocky said:
“We do everything as a senior class.” (HA)

HSB Note: “Before heading to the locker room, the Warriors spent a few minutes after practice working on the Haka. Savaiigaea led the instructions, but said a game day leader for the pregame chant had yet to be decided.”

About using the 2006 version of their haka, when some of their seniors now were freshmen, Rocky said:
“Some of us already know it, so we try to kind of spread it on and help all the newer guys learn it. In meetings the other day we went into what the haka really means, what it stands for and the way to do it. The big thing is not everybody here is of Polynesian descent … but we tell them when you’re at the University of Hawaii you represent the whole Pacific. We want them to do it correctly, know that it’s serious when we do it, and we’re doing it for a reason.” (HSB)


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