Quotes from the Star-Bulletin features on each Warrior position

About their QBs, QB coach Nick Rolovich said:
“Overall it’s a great group of people to work with. They’re very attentive when it’s time to work, very good listeners, good communicators as far as asking questions. Football-wise, the overall group has made a huge step over last year. They’re really fun to work with.” (HSB)

About their depth at RB, RB coach Brian Smith said:
“The most positive thing has been the depth. Having five guys we feel comfortable giving playing time to is a good problem to have. Leon’s looked outstanding in spring and early in camp. Inoke came in bigger and stronger. I’ve been impressed with both Alex and Chizzy. I compare them with Leon as far as a similar style of back.” (HSB)

About their talented but inexperienced WRs, Ron Lee said:
“We have some talented athletes, but they didn’t play much. … When they understand what we’re doing, they’re going to be fast and they’re going to be confident. They’re coming, they’re learning as they’re playing.” (HSB)

About how their OL will be better this season, OL coach (the 5th Warrior OL coach in 5 seasons!) Gordy Shaw said:
“They’re stronger and leaner. They hit all of their goals (in the offseason); every one of them are where they want to be.” (HSB)

About their DL this season, Dave Aranda said:
“We have a different skill set than we had last year. Last year we had guys who were real talented with their hands and were more finesse guys. Our guys right now are a bit more physical guys, more power moves.” (HSB)

About their young, deep LB corps, Cal Lee said:
“You can never have enough linebackers. We have seven or eight good linebackers, heck, what a problem to be in.” (HSB)

About their inexperienced but talented DBs, Rich Miano said:
“It’s an unproven group, but with a lot of the intangibles in terms of work ethic, focus, and ability. It’s just a matter of these guys early in the season getting their feet wet, feeling confident and living up to their potential.” (HSB)

About how they want to attack and try to block punts this year (UH hasn’t blocked a punt since 2006), special teams coach Chris Tormey said:
“We want to attack the punt team and we want to make them defend themselves. The more effective you are at blocking punts, the better your punt return will be.” (HSB)

About the battle between Blumberg and Enos for their starting kicker position, Tormey said:
“It’s a pretty tight competition right now. We do field goals every day, and we’re charting times and get-offs. How many we make and how many we miss. The competition’s pretty close. … They both know what their strengths are, and have to improve on their weaknesses.” (HSB)









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