UH practiced at Aloha Stadium last night

HA Note: “Midway through last night’s 2-hour practice, the Warriors’ defensive leader — middle linebacker Brashton Satele — walked onto the FieldTurf. A day earlier in Los Angeles, Satele underwent season-ending shoulder surgery. Satele arrived in town last night. But instead of heading to his Mililani home, he opted to attend the Warriors’ practice.”

About going straight to the practice from the airport, Brashton Satele said:
“I wanted to see the coaches, see my brother (defensive end Liko Satele), see the guys. I’m glad to be back home. And I’m glad to be here to watch them.” (HA)

HA Note: “It was a quick turnaround for Satele, who arrived in Los Angeles Tuesday morning. The 2-hour surgery involved two procedures to his left shoulder: mending the chip fracture in the rotator cuff and repairing the torn labrum. Satele said Israel Kamakawiwa’ole music played on the operating-room speakers before the surgery.”

About the music playing before his surgery, Brashton said:
“It made me feel like I was at home.” (HA)

HA Note: “The Warriors usually conduct morning practices on their grass practice field or at Cooke/Ching field. But McMackin wanted a night workout at the stadium to acclimate the newcomers and test the communication system. There were referees to monitor the passing drills. The Warriors did not scrimmage, and tackling was prohibited.”

About how practice went well, Mac said:
“We got to do a lot of things. And we really got into our kicking game.” (HA)

HA Note: “Alex Dunnachie, a freshman from Australia, launched several towering punts. Dunnachie warmed up by booting punts, from 25 yards away, over a 50-foot-high netting behind the North end zone goal posts.”

About punting over the 50-foot-high netting, Alex Dunnachie said:
“That’s what I used to do at practices to work on my hang time. I used to stand under a large pole or a tree, and try to kick it over. That’s a pretty good hurdle for me to practice.” (HA)

About how Aloha Stadium’s turf provided fast traction, Rodney Bradley said:
“It really did. It was good to be out here. We have to get used to it before we start playing.” (HA)

About being at Aloha Stadium for the first time, George Daily-Lyles said:
“I really wanted to scrimmage, but it didn’t happen. I’ll wait for next time.” (HA)

HA Note: “The Warriors met at the UH athletic complex, where they could hear the marching band rehearse. They traveled in three buses to the stadium. They had a meeting in the locker room before walking onto the field for the practice.”

About how he’s excited for the season to start, Greg Alexander said:
“The school had the band going, and you come out here, and you’ve got the lights. You definitely get that vibe. It felt good. I’m getting excited. I’m definitely getting ready for game time.” (HA)

About how their season will start soon, Kealoha Pilares said:
“We’re one week away. We’re getting anxious. That’s why it felt great to get out here.” (HA)



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