Quotes from training camp

About replacing John Estes as first-team center even though he has a fractured middle finger on his dominant hand, Matagisila Lefiti said:
“It’s tough, but you have to get it done.” (HA)

About the deep bruise to his left shin, Estes said:
“I got leg-whipped by somebody. It’s really tender. It’ll be OK. Luckily, it’s only a bruise.” (HA)

About helping backup centers Lefiti and Tiwanak yesterday, Estes said:
“They’re doing a good job. They’re getting reps with the No. 1s. It’s football. Anybody can go down at any moment. You have to be ready.” (HA)

HA Note: “Lefiti is a third-year sophomore from Mater Dei, a football power in Southern California. He met the NCAA requirements to play as a freshman in 2007, but fell short of UH’s standards. After June Jones, who was UH head coach at the time, pledged his support of Lefiti, he was allowed to enroll at UH under probationary status. The terms called for Lefiti to not play football in 2007 while earning at least a 3.0 grade-point average for the fall semester.”

About how he earned higher than a 3.0 GPA at UH, Lefiti said:
“I took care of that.” (HA)

Lefiti said that his academic status is now:
“fine and dandy.” (HA)

HA Note: “But during the recently completed 2 1/2-week training camp, he suffered a fracture to his middle finger. For every practice, he wraps the finger with medical tape. He has not experienced any problems with his snaps or blocks.”

About how he needed to take an extra class during the spring semester and attend both summer sessions to make up for having to withdraw from UH last fall due to a stomach virus, Jovonte Taylor said:
“It was really hard. I wanted to go back home (to Los Angeles) for the summer, to be with my family and friends. But I stayed out here for both summer sessions to make up for the classes. I rode it out. It put me back to where I needed to be.” (HA)

About being on crutches due to an injury to his right knee, Tuiatuia Tuiasosopo said:
“If I try to stand up straight without my crutches, my right knee always buckles.” (HA)

About not practicing yesterday due to a sore hip, #1 left CB Tank Hopkins said:
“I should be OK.” (HA)

About trying to limit the contact his players have while still giving them some contact in practice to prepare them for the season, Mac said:
Attempting to plow the middle ground is McMackin, who has worked with both men and “You don’t ever want to lose anybody (in preseason), but I don’t want to sugarcoat it, either.” (HA)

“How much — and how — you hit can be a touchy situation.” (HA)

About how the OL likes the practice periods that are dedicated to the run, Raphael Ieru said:
“When we get to run out, it’s our turn.” (HSB)

About working out hard this offseason to report for fall camp at 315, 10 pounds lighter than he was during Spring Practice (and 50 pounds lighter than his peak UH weight), Ieru said:
“Running was brutal, but it’s all worth it.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Offensive line coach Gordy Shaw gave Ieru a target of getting to 315 after spring ball, and has noted the difference in his mobility and conditioning in preseason practices.”

About Ieru’s weight loss, Shaw said:
“It’s made a tremendous difference in his stamina, and, knock on wood, he hasn’t missed a practice or a drill. His durability is outstanding now … and his movement has improved tremendously. Some of the stuff in the run game they have to be quick. They have to be able to get into their blocks quicker. It’s not so much positioning any more, it’s more driving blocks. That’s where dropping that weight has really helped him.” (HSB)

About how he took some snaps at center with Estes out with injury yesterday, Ieru said:
“I did my best. Trying to not snap it over the quarterback’s head.” (HSB)

About how under Shaw the guards have to read the D to determine who to block, Ieru said:
“You have to know who you’re reading. If you mess up on a little read, it can change up a lot. It can mess up the whole protection.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “haw brings a background based in run blocking after coaching at Minnesota for 14 seasons, and the Warriors linemen are relishing their opportunities to drive forward. Several times in practice, including last week’s scrimmage, Estes has punished defenders while leading the running back around the corner on runs.”

About how Estes appreciates being able to pull on runs, Ieru said:
“I think John has the best time, mostly every play he gets to pull. He gets to show everybody we don’t just sit back and relax and pass block, he can get downfield and get physical.” (HSB)

About how Alexanders quicker throws helps their OL protect him, Shaw said:
“(Quarterback Greg Alexander) is doing an outstanding job of reading the coverages and getting the ball to the right guy, fast. That’s helped our protection as much as anything. And we’ve been able to move our feet once we get engaged with defenders and stay on blocks better.” (HSB)

About how the start of the fall semester shows what a difference the scholarship he was awarded in the spring makes, Jon Medeiros said:
“I don’t have to worry about financial aid coming in or hoping for another loan.” (HSB)

Note: “Medeiros wasn’t sure that he would be able to take another loan this year if he hadn’t received a scholarship.

About competing for a starting spot at slot receiver, Medeiros said:
“Just because I have a scholarship it doesn’t change my mentality about the game and how hard I work out here on the practice field and my attitude. I just continue to work hard, scholarship or not. This is my last season so I’m going to give it my all.” (HSB)





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