Jake Ingram talked about long-snapping for the Patriots

NESN Note: “The New England Patriots have a good battle going at the long snapper position during their preseason camp. Nathan Hodel, who signed as a free agent after spending seven seasons with the Arizona Cardinals, and rookie Jake Ingram, a sixth-round pick out of Hawaii, appear to be in a dead heat with a week and a half remaining until roster cuts. The winner will replace Lonie Paxton, the Patriots’ long snapper for nine seasons before signing with the Denver Broncos last winter.

It’s been a friendly competition between Hodel and Ingram, a pair of down-to-earth guys who have been willing to help one another in any way possible. That seems to be the status quo for the league’s long snappers, who are typically genuine, unassuming and chock-full of humility. While that should be expected for players who receive no individual glory, the intensity of their one-on-one battle — after all, there are only 32 long-snapping jobs in the world — might be enough to break someone with a lesser character.”

About how JJ chose him to long snap for UH and he picked it up quickly, Jake Ingram said:
“I just could kind of do it. I just picked up long snapping as I went — at practice, reading things online and tried it out. It was just kind of weird the way it all worked out.” (NESN)

NESN Note: “Sure, they’ll help out the scout team during practices, but long snappers are in camp for one thing and one thing only. The days can get long and monotonous, with Ingram and Hodel often working alone on the sideline while the rest of the team is broken off into larger groups or 11-on-11 drills.”

About how he will help with the scout team when needed but has to focus on doing his long snapping job perfectly, Ingram said:
“I’ll contribute and do as much as I can on the look squads and everything, but I’m definitely here to snap the football. I’m a specialist. I’m a little different, not really a position player. You’re here to do one thing, and you’ve got to do it well or you’re not going to stick around.” (NESN)



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