Feature on Jason Elam

HA Note: “Late in the University of Hawai’i’s 1988 preseason training camp, head coach Bob Wagner installed what came to be known as the “Jason Elam Rule.” Elam, a true freshman, had been so amazing a kicker in the practice sessions that Wagner said he and the coaches did not want to build him up too much in the eyes of the fans, so they took the extreme action of declining to talk about him.”

About why they didn’t talk about Jason Elam, Bob Wagner said:
“We didn’t want to raise the expectations and put too much pressure on him.” (HA

HA Note: “Elam kicked field goals of 47 yards and 23 yards, the last one with 1 minute, 36 seconds left, to beat ninth-ranked Iowa, 27-24, in his first UH game, the 1988 season opener. Before he left following the 11-2 Holiday Bowl championship season of 1992 as an All-American, Elam owned just about every UH kicking record, including a share of the still-standing mark of longest at 56 yards.”

HA Note: “Elam is in the 18th year of an NFL career that many believe will eventually make him the first UH grad in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Elam came to UH from Snellville, Ga., much overlooked in national recruiting. The battle for his services pretty much came down to UH and Appalachian State. But UH, from the beginning, felt it had landed a gem.”



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