Feature on Colt Brennan’s career at UH

HA Note: “June Jones knew he had a jewel. With the career of a high-profile local quarterback winding down, Jones remembers former UH athletic director Paul Durham asking him, “What are you going to do next year after Timmy Chang?” Jones didn’t need words to explain, just visuals. He popped in a videotape, and both watched Colt Brennan in action while at Saddleback Junior College.”

About how he told his Durham to keep Colt a secret, JJ said:
“Don’t breathe a word of who that guy is. I don’t want anybody to know.” (HA)

About his high expectations for Colt, JJ said:
“I knew he was special the first time I saw him throw.” (HA)

HA Note: “In his first year at UH in 2005, Brennan led the nation in passing and touchdown throws. In his second year, he set the NCAA record for touchdown passes in a season with 58. In his third year, he played the lead role in a storybook season in which he led the Warriors to a 12-0 regular-season record and a berth in the Sugar Bowl while finishing third in the Heisman Trophy voting.”

About staying at UH for his senior season, Colt said:
“The second I made that decision, my time became Hawai’i’s time. Everything I did, I did for Hawai’i.” (HA)

“I always felt the NFL would always be there. I wanted to come back so I could do something great with my teammates, do something awesome. I wanted to do it for my teammates, and my school, and the state. If you do it for someone else, it’s always more rewarding.” (HA)

Not regretting coming back for his senior season, Colt said:
“Just the experience alone. I have friends like Matt Leinart, who went to SC. I would never trade what he had and the career he had for what I had here in Hawai’i in a million years.” (HA)



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