Article about Paul Johnson bringing his offense to UH

HA Note: “Wagner, who as a former defensive coordinator knew what was hard to defend, sold athletic director Stan Sheriff on the spread option. Johnson ran it as an assistant at Division I-AA power Georgia Southern and heard the clamor here.”

About why he chose to take the UH job, Paul Johnson said:
“When I visited before (taking the UH job) everybody I ran into and saw seemed like they were really excited about Hawai’i football, the offense and opening it up. That was definitely a positive factor in deciding to come.” (HA)

HA Note: “In 1986, UH ranked 74th in scoring offense. In 1987, Johnson’s first year, they were 21st and, thereafter, were consistent a Top 20 team offensively. In the bowl seasons of 1989 (Aloha) and 1992 (Holiday), UH was fifth and eighth in scoring offense. The 11-2 1992 team was the first to finish the season in the Top 20 and won UH’s first Western Athletic Conference title. Johnson left after the 1994 season for Navy, where he eventually became head coach before moving on to Georgia Tech.”


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