Other Warrior Quotes (the haka is back!)

About how the seniors voted to do the haka this season, Rocky said:
“We decided to do the haka.” (HA)

“We haven’t finalized the details, but we want everyone to participate. This has to be a team thing.” (HA)

About being named first team right guard after being hampered by injuries his entire career, Raphael Ieru said:
“In past years, I always got hurt. God has blessed me to keep going.” (HA)

About being named co-#1 RB (with Inoke Funaki), Leon Wright-Jackson said:
“It feels good.” (HA)

About how he’s trying to live in the moment during his senior year, LWJ said:
“I was trying to foresee everything in the future. Now I’m trying to take it day by day. Nobody should look that far ahead. When you don’t concentrate on the present, stuff happens.” (HA)

About how he used to have big expectations, LWJ said:
“I’m not worried about them. I’m going to go out and play. I’m just concentrating.” (HA)

About how Spencer earned his starting spot due to his excellent special teams play last year, Rich Miano said:
“We tell all of the defensive backs to earn their stripes on special teams. If you go on special teams and make tackles and make decisions and play fast and intelligently, that’s how you get your stripes to move to the next level. Spencer Smith, to me, was our best special teams player last year. Now he is ready to move on, not only to be a great special teams player but a big-time defensive player for us. He’s ready to take the next step.” (HA)

About why he focused on his footwork during the summer, Spencer Smith said:
“The game is played on the field, not in the weight room.” (HA)



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