Just 10 practices left before the season begins!

About having just 10 practices left before the season begins, Mac said:
“Now we’ll get into strategies and game plans and working on our first ballgame. Everything (in camp was) fundamentals, getting them to play right, techniques. We’ve got our whole package we’re going to use, and we’ll pick things or add things as the season goes on that are specific to that (opponent).” (HSB)

About their regular-season rhythm of 7am practices and afternoon meetings, with classes between those times, Mac said:
“It’s really important that they get into their routine of going to classes and we’ll get into a normal routine practice-wise.” (HSB)

About how she decided to have a clinic for women and girls involved in the Aloha (Oregon) High School’s football program (Mac’s first head coaching stop), Heather McMackin said:
“It was clear to us that a lot of the moms and sisters and girlfriends really didn’t understand the game, and we thought it would be more fun for them if they had more of an understanding of what was going on.” (HSB)



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