The Aloha Stadium parking gates will open an hour earlier this season

About how opening the parking gates an hour earlier will be great for tailgating and could reduce traffic problems, JD said:
“With the parking gates opening an hour earlier, we hope this enhances our fans’ tailgating experience. We’re also hopeful this will alleviate some of the traffic around the stadium leading up to kickoff. We’re glad Aloha Stadium management accommodated this request and we hope our fans take advantage of the extra tailgate time while at the same time acting responsibly. We’ll try this out for a year and will evaluate it if it was successful.” (HA)

HA Note: “The Lower Halawa Parking Lot (Gates 3 and 4) will open five hours and 30 minutes prior to kickoff, while all other lots (Upper Halawa, UH Reserved, and Kamehameha) will open four hours and 30 minutes before kickoff.”


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