Quotes from training camp

HA Note: “The offense broke out several innovative plays, such as shovel passes to the slotback and the wildcat scheme, in which running back Alex Green took the direct snap.”

About running for 7 yards during his first practice play running the wildcat, RB Alex Green said:
“I wanted to pass the ball a little bit, especially being that close to the end zone. But it was cool. You get the ball and take off. It was fun. There were big smiles in the huddle.” (HA)

HA Note: “There also was a pirouette play in which Chizzy Dimude took the handoff, turned and followed a block from Moniz.”

About making a big hit on Alex Green after he caught a shovel pass, Blaze Soares said:
“It’s good to be back, flying around. Football is football. You have to hit somebody. It’s a scrimmage — you hit or you get hit. I figure if you go 100 percent during a scrimmage, the chances of you getting hurt are way less. All of the guys are trying to get you, too. You have to bring it.” (HA)

About his hit on Alex Green, Blaze said:
“It just feels good to be flying around hitting people again. I feel blessed just to be out here hitting people and to be with my teammates. It was just a lucky read. The defensive line did their job and I had to come off a block and he was right there and he ran into me.” (HSB)

About colliding with LB Jake Heun during a pass over the middle in 7-on-7 drills yesterday, Blaze Soares said:
“Jake laid me out. He gave me a taste of my own medicine.” (HSB)

About Steve Stepter’s big hit on him (dislodging his helmet and mouthpiece), Ryan Henry said:
“It was a good hit. I was a little dizzy afterward. I could only see out of one eye. When I tried to look out of two, I was a little dizzy. When I closed one eye, I could see straight.” (HA)

About how he caught a pass in the flat on the very next play, Henry said:
“Coach Mack told us not to show any weakness. I knew I had to regain my composure, and go out there and make another play.” (HA)

About the big hit he made, Stepter (who is 3rd team at CB right now) said:
“This was a big-time game for me. It’s evaluation week. I’m trying to make the traveling squad. I’m trying to get into the rotation.” (HA)

“(Henry’s) my boy, but it’s a scrimmage and an evaluation. So I’m trying to make plays and try to get a role on this team.” (HSB)

About how he doesn’t have as much experience as JC transfers Tank Hopkins and Lametrius Davis, redshirt freshman Stepter said:
“I’m waiting for my time.” (HA)

HA Note: “One of the Warriors’ heralded recruits, Aaron Brown, made an interception and batted two passes. Brown was recruited as a safety, but he is being used as nickelback.”

About being used as the nickelback, Aaron Brown said:
“It’s kind of like a rover. It’s an outside linebacker, walk-down safety.” (HA)

About lining up near the line of scrimmage in blitz situations, Brown said:
“The closer I get to the line, the more opportunities I get to make a play. It puts me in the (tackle) box.” (HA)

About blocking a punt in practice yesterday, Royce Pollard said:
“I wanted to get the block.” (HA)

HA Note: “Pollard sprinted past a three-man wedge to knock away Dunnachie’s punt.”

About how there was no reaction by the team after he blocked the punt, Pollard said:
“I was like, I blocked it. I looked around, and there was no reaction. I thought: ‘Did I not block it?’ Everybody was still going with the play. Someone said: ‘You blocked it.’ I was like, ‘there you go.'” (HA)

About blocking a punt and making a long return on a kickoff, Pollard said:
“I was real versatile in high school and I want to get back to that.” (HSB)

HA Note: “Freshman safety Michael Wadsworth was held out of his second consecutive practice while he awaits word on his eligibility from the NCAA Clearinghouse. That should not be a problem. In high school, Wadsworth had a 4.0 grade-point average. He earned a qualifying score of 21 on the ACT.”

About how he had to forward his transcripts and ACT results to the NCAA, Wadsworth said:
“They lost it or something.” (HA)

About how he tweaked his knee while back-pedaling during a drill, Kenny Estes said that he should be back at practice on Monday:
“I’ve got to get an MRI. It should be fine.” (HA)

About the “tweak” he suffered in practice yesterday, Lewis Walker said:
“It’s nothing big. It’s nothing to worry about. I have to take the time to rest it. I don’t want to keep re-injuring it.” (HA)

About how their defense played well yesterday, Aaron Brown said:
“I think today was a big steppingstone for our defense. We communicated well, we executed the plays well, so now it’s just getting ready for Central Arkansas.” (HSB)

About advancing their drills for their special teams, special teams coordinator Chris Tormey said:
“We’ve done a lot of competitive drills up to this point, and for the first time we started putting the moving components together. From here on in we have to take the drill work and take it onto the field.” (HSB)




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