Quotes from training camp

About how he got to practice as the wildcat (which was named the “Noke Offense” because Inoke Funaki had been the only one running it before yesterday), Alex Green said:
“It’s the Noke-AG package.” (HA)

About playing QB a little as a high school junior, Green said:
“I’ve got a little bit of experience. I throw the ball, maybe, a little better than some running backs.” (HA)

HA Note: “He said he can accurately pass more than 40 yards.”

About the possibility of him being used at the wildcat, Green said:
“This is a way to get more variety. We can go with a different look, keep (opponents) on their feet.” (HA)

HA Note: “Green also is serving as the offset returner on kickoffs. The Warriors will receive kickoffs with two returners, one of whom will be mostly a blocker.”

Happy to be back at practice, Inoke said after yesterday’s practice:
“I’m having a lot of fun out here.” (HA)

About missing three days of practice due to a pinched nerve near his left shoulder, Inoke said:
“It’s still a little bit sore, but it’s way better than before.” (HA)

Funaki said that the soreness will:
“come for a few minutes, and then it will go away. It feels a lot better.” (HA)

HA Note: “Funaki has been impressive as a running back and member of three special teams. On kick returns, he is Green’s backup as the offset returner, which is primarily a blocking job. But on occasion, if a kick is short, the offset returner will have a chance to field a kickoff.”

About returning short kickoffs, Inoke said:
“I don’t have the best speed, but I’ll find a hole.” (HA)

Asked about his 40 time, Inoke said:
“For … ever. I don’t think I’ve ever had (a 40-yard dash time) under 4.7 (seconds). Sometimes you feel you run faster when guys are chasing you. I like to believe so.” (HA)

About returning a kick for a TD in practice yesterday, Royce Pollard said:
“It’s fun. I did it in high school. I volunteered for that. I wanted to get back into it so bad. I love kickoff returns so much. There’s nothing like it.” (HA)

About how the team cannot wait for the season opener against Central Arkansas, Pollard said:
“We’re making big plays in practice. We need something for the game. We’re ready to get the season started.” (HA)

About their 60-70 play scrimmage today that will include full-speed special teams work (without full tackling on the kick returners), Mac said:
“It really makes it a big deal for special teams and backup positions and some starting positions. There are a lot of guys that are still slashed (on the depth chart). We should know next week who we can win with. It’s a big evaluation day.” (HSB)

About how he won’t have Greg Alexander play but the rest of the first unit will play a couple of series, Mac said:
“We’ve been throwing him a bunch, so we’re probably going to rest his arm, but we want to make up our mind between the other quarterbacks.” (HSB)

About being back at practice after missing 3 days due to a strain in his shoulder, Kenny Estes said:
“It’s just a little tender, but everything was good.” (HSB)

About how the Aloha Stadium parking lot will open an hour earlier than last year for UH home games to provide extended tailgating, JD said:
“With the parking gates opening an hour earlier, we hope this enhances our fans’ tailgating experience. We’re also hopeful this will alleviate some of the traffic around the stadium leading up to kickoff. We’re glad Aloha Stadium management accommodated this request and we hope our fans take advantage of the extra tailgate time while at the same time acting responsibly. We’ll try this out for a year and will evaluate it if it was successful.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Parking gates at Aloha Stadium will open 1 hour earlier than last year for UH home games this season. The Lower Halawa Lot will open 5 1/2 hours before kickoff. All other lots will open 4 1/2 hours prior to kickoff. Turnstiles open 3 hours before the games.”




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