Kent Kafentzis is having an operation today for an 8cm cancerous tumor in his left kidney

HA Note: “Today, Kafentzis undergoes a procedure to remove an 8-centimeter cancerous tumor that is located in his left kidney and affecting a major artery. It is a perfect storm that will require cardiovascular and heart surgeries.”

About the surgeries that he needs to have today, Kent Kafentzis said:
“They told me I’m the unluckiest guy they’ve met. It’s rare. It’s one of those dealt-a-bad-hand kind of things. I have to pray to get through this, bigger and better, like the 2009 UH football team.” (HA)

About his close friend and former UH teammates Kent Kafentzis, Rich Miano said:
“He’s just a terrific human being in terms of morals. He doesn’t smoke or drink; he’s a terrific husband and good father. You couldn’t find a better person. They say these type of things happen to good people. He’s a perfect example of that.” (HA)

HA Note: “Kent Kafentzis, who was the last cut of the St. Louis Cardinals in 1986, has been a long-time UH booster. In recent years, he has worked as financial planner and high school football coach in Utah.”

About how he noticed swelling in his feet last month, Kent said:
“I shrugged it off, typical football mentality.” (HA)

HA Note: “When the condition persisted, he underwent several medical tests. An MRI showed the mass in his left kidney. Further tests showed the tumor affected the vena cava, a vein that carries deoxygenated blood toward the heart. Surgeons will try to make an incision below the rib cage to remove the tumor. If that fails, surgeons will connect him to a bypass heart machine, stop his heart, freeze his body at 20 degrees, and then try to remove the tumor. There is a 45-minute window to complete the second procedure.”

About the operations that he needs, Kent said:
“It’s a bit scary.” (HA)

About how he has received encouragement from friends, family, and his “football family”, Kent said:
“There have been so many people who have called — Gary Allen, coach (George) Lumpkin, Rich (Miano), Brian Norwood; I could go on and on. It’s great to know the bond we made in the 1980s is still here. That’s why I’m glad I chose the University of Hawai’i. It’s nice to know the lifelong friends are thinking of you. It keeps me strong. It keeps me going.” (HA)

Keeping a positive outlook, Kent said:
“I feel confident. I told Rich and Lumpkin: ‘I want to get well so I can go to Vegas (for the UH game). I want to be there for that trip, for sure.” (HA)


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