Feature on how Kealoha Pilares hit the weights at UH

About how he realized after he got to UH that he had to lift weights, Kealoha Pilares said:
“The first practice, seeing all these big guys. I told myself I have to get better, just have to put some muscle on these bones.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “A relatively slight 175 pounds when he graduated from Damien, Pilares checked in for fall camp this month at around 200 pounds, having developed an appreciation for lifting since joining the Hawaii football program.”

About how he enjoys lifting weights, Pilares said:
“I just like working out; it kind of gets your mind off of everything else. It’s kind of a natural high. Just working out in the morning, starting your day off right. It’s been helping me a lot in my game, just being stronger. I’ve increased my speed and just being able to withstand some of the hits.” (HSB)

About his workouts with Pilares in Georgia, Spencer Smith said that they concentrated on:
“acceleration stuff, a lot of form, because that’s where your speed comes, from learning how to run. Sleds, resistance, a lot of balance, things that will help you on the football field.” (HSB)

About the weight lifting that he feels helps him the most on the field, Pilares said:
“I really like cleans, because I think it’s a full-body workout. You have to have technique and you just have to be really explosive. I think that lift really transfers onto the field more than anything else. The bench press or a regular squat is not really going to transfer onto the field.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Pilares said concern that adding bulk would cut into his agility contributed to his resistance to lifting in high school. But he bought into UH strength coach Mel DeLaura’s program as he worked to gain size and strength while remaining nimble. The emphasis has enhanced his burst when he catches the ball, and he hopes his added strength will translate into more broken tackles and yards after the catch.”

About how the weight training has improved Pilares’ play, Spencer Smith said:
“I can tell now when he runs routes you have to wrap up, he has a lot of power when he runs. He’s improved a lot with his strength and to have the same agility, he’s a dangerous guy.” (HSB)



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