Notes from training camp

About how X-rays found a fractured socket in his left shoulder and he might have torn ligaments, Cory Paclebar (who is expected to redshirt this season) said:
“The weird thing is it doesn’t hurt now.” (HA)

About how he expects to have season-ending hip surgery for a torn right labrum, Steven Christian said:
“I’ll be off my feet for a couple of weeks. After that I’ll be rehabbing.” (HA)

HA Note: “The 2-minute drill period tends to produce a mixed bag of results. Last Saturday, the defense controlled the action while the offense struggled. Yesterday, the offense converted two fourth-and-long situations into touchdowns, creating consternation for the defense.”

About their 4th and long conversions yesterday, Greg Alexander said:
“We were able to get the ball in at the end, that’s what counts, but we still missed a lot.” (HSB)

About how they did a better job of clock management, Alexander said they were:
“catching the ball and getting out of bounds, things like that.” (HSB)

About how his had to miss last weekend’s scrimmage due to a groin injury but had a TD catch yesterday, Rodney Bradley said:
“That’s part of camp. I didn’t want to miss too many reps so I just come out and try to fight through it without making it any worse.” (HSB)

About being back at practice, Corey Nielsen said:
“It feels good to be back out with the guys, running around and stuff. I don’t think anything was wrong with my heart, but they just wanted to make sure I was cool with everything.” (HSB)


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