Feature story on new Na Koa Executive Director Don Weir

MW = MidWeek

About playing for UH in the early 1970s, Don Weir said:
“People forget we were an independent back then. We would play Stanford one week and Puget Sound the next. Or we’d have Grambling on our schedule and then Cal Lutheran. It was really up and down.” (MW)

About their 1973 game at the University of Washington’s Husky Stadium (UH won 10-7), Weir said:
“We were huge under-dogs (as much as 50 points, reports say). I remember the smack talk in the newspapers, and we went up there to play in this enormous stadium. Then our defense really stepped up. Harold Stringer had a couple of key interceptions, Levi Stanley lit up somebody, and Dexter Gomes hit one of their guys so hard he barely got up and was shaking his head. I don’t think people realize how tough players from Hawaii really are; I don’t think Washington was ready for that. It was phenomenal.” (MW)

MW Note: “Weir had become volunteer president of the UH Letterwinners Club. A year later, he interviewed for the very important position as executive director of the UH football booster club Na Koa. He impressed the selection panel with his passion and enthusiasm.”

About his interview for the Na Koa executive director position, Weir said:
“I started pounding on the table. I said, ‘This is my school, this is who I played for, and this is my job!.’” (MW)

About trying to build Na Koa’s membership numbers (he began on March 1), Weir said:
“Na Koa has about 850 members. But look at our population base – it’s upward of 2 million. I look at those who aren’t signed up yet as an opportunity. I’m not out there asking people for money. I’m interviewing and asking them to help be a part of us.” (MW)

About how Na Koa provides about $1 million per year for the Warriors, Weir said:
“Ticket sales pay for financial aid, like room, books and tuition. Na Koa does the other stuff, like knee braces, summer school, coach’s cell phones, training table and help in (the travel process and logistics of) recruiting. Money is raised through memberships, fundraising events and sponsorships. We’re also starting our first endowments.” (MW)

About the Pigskin Pig-Out at Murphy’s today, Weir said:
“The entire proceeds go to helping the football program. We’ve got a live auction and silent auction. One of the premier items will be a weekend getaway for two to San Diego, (complete with) airfare, hotel, meals and tickets to the Redskins-Chargers game, (where two lucky fans) will hopefully get a chance to see Colt Brennan.” (MW)

Hoping that Warrior fans will get to know more about Na Koa, Weir said:
“I’m inviting everyone who’s already a member, or who is interested, to come to the last full scrimmage before the start of the season. It’s Saturday, Aug. 22, in the morning. I’m hoping people will drop by the Na Koa office (just mauka of Klum Gym) before the start of the scrimmage. I’ll be making coffee.” (MW)

Hoping that his passion and enthusiasm for UH rubs off on others, Weir said:
“It’s like I say in all my e-mails: ‘If you buy a ticket, you get to sit in a seat. If you join Na Koa, you’re a part of the team.’” (MW)



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