Feature on Paipai Falemalu

About how his coaches and teammates keep reminding him to go all out on each play even if he isn’t sure if he’s doing the correct thing, Paipai Falemalu said:
“Coach Aranda and Coach (George) Lumpkin are real good coaches, and have helped me a lot. And my teammates help me; if they see me doing something wrong, they always say to turn your hips more, you have to club more. ‘Be more violent.’ I know pretty much all my plays right now, so before I was playing hesitant, I wasn’t really sure, I was afraid to make mistakes,” he explained. “(Aranda) pulled me to the side (Monday) and said just keep working hard, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. If you make mistakes, go full speed.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “That, and reacting to the speed of plays is his emphasis right now. Falemalu’s adjustments are borne from the instant collisions after a three-point stance every play, compared to the handful of seconds an upright linebacker would have to see a play develop and react to it.”

About how Paipai has been improving, Dave Aranda said:
“There’s a multitude of little things that go into competing at a high level. He’s been picking up those little things, whether it’s not being tripped on an over-set by the offensive tackle, or whether it’s working a secondary read on a down block. All those types of things that are advanced, that some of our seniors are getting, he needs to get right now. That’s been his charge, and like I say, he’s been getting it done.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Aranda thought Falemalu had his best day yet on Tuesday, and isn’t the only one who’s noticed.”

Praising Paipai’s performance in a drill yesterday, Mac said:
“He’s a natural, he’s smart, he works after practice. He’s really learning the position. I saw him in the inside (running) drill and he’s doing things right.” (HSB)

About how he benefits from being on the second team because he gets to watch Purcell and the rest of the D before he goes on the field, Paipai said:
“It gives me a picture of what to do, how to react. I mostly watch their hands. I need to work on my hands, getting violent with my hands and stuff. But other than that, it’s real good. It’s a big help watching them.” (HSB)



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