University of Hawaii feature on the Linebackers

UH = University of Hawaii Athletics website

About have they don’t have last year’s starting LBs (Sol, Adam, Brashton) but their LBs are working hard to be as good as last year’s LBs, Cal Lee said:
“You never replace players as good as those guy, but you want to fill the shoes as much as possible. I love their work ethic. They’re working hard every day to be as good as the guys that left. And I don’t think we lose that much as far as speed goes. All our linebackers run really well. Our speed is as good as it was last year.” (UH)

About the MLB position with Mana Lolotai and Jake Heun, Cal Lee said:
“I think what you look for in a middle linebacker is leadership and those guys are showing good leadership so far.” (UH)

About how people don’t know much about sophomore Corey Paredes right now, Cal Lee said:
“I think people don’t realize who he is. They know Blaze, they know Brashton, they know RJ. I think Corey is a guy that will come out before it’s said and done.” (UH)


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