Starting MLB Brashton Satele is lost for the season!

HA Note: “Hawai’i middle linebacker Brashton Satele is expected to undergo season-ending surgery next week. Satele and his parents met with a surgeon last night. They are scheduled to have another consultation with a Mainland specialist next week. But Satele is expected to have a surgery that will keep him out of the lineup for the rest of the season.

Satele suffered the injury to his left shoulder during 6-on-7 drills Saturday. Because he had an injury to that shoulder last year and he suffered this injury prior to the start of UH’s fall semester, he is an excellent candidate to receive a medical hardship that will enable him to play as a sixth-year senior in 2010.”

HA Note: “Satele, a fifth-year senior, was considered to be the leader of the defense. As the middle linebacker, he made most of the on-field defensive calls.”

About how he’s now working as the starting MLB, Mana Lolotai said:
“I’ve just been trying to make the most of my reps and make sure my assignments are correct.” (HA)

About taking over for Brashton at MLB, Lolotai said:
“It’s just competition. Brashton’s been working hard in the offseason. We both push ourselves, and when someone goes down, someone else has to step up.” (HA)

Praising Lolotai, Cal Lee said:
“He had a great spring, and that was big for us because he really showed that he could step up and be a contributor for the fall. It all depends what happens to Brashton, but I think Mana is a very capable young person, who’s energetic, enthusiastic and he showed that he can fit in and play the game.” (HA)

About how he hoped things were okay for Brashton, Lolotai said:
“Brashton’s our leader and will always be our leader. We’re just all praying for him; hopefully everything’s good.” (HSB)

About how practicing with the first team is different, Lolotai said:
“We’ve been making sure our assignments are correct and making sure we know what we’re doing on the field. It’s a faster pace (practicing) with the ones.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Heun joined the program last season as a running back, but feels back at home at middle linebacker, his primary position in junior college. After injuries led to Heun redshirting last fall, he dabbled at defensive end in the spring before moving to linebacker. He missed the latter part of spring practice when a calf injury acted up again, but he said he feels his speed returning so far in camp and embraces the responsibilities of the position.”

About moving up to second team MLB, Heun said:
“Brashton’s a natural leader, but also just the role of the Mike linebacker. We’re making the calls, we’re changing the line, so it’s a big thing we have to step up to. You have to know what’s going on because those D-linemen are looking at you to make the calls.” (HSB)


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