Q&A with Ashley Lelie after his first day of training camp with the Kansas City Chiefs

KC = Kansas City Chiefs official website

Asked what he thought about the Chiefs and their receiver corps, Ashley Lelie said:
“It’s a good group of guys, talented. And with coach coming in, his Super Bowl experience, we’ve got a chance to win, it’s something special.” (KC)

Asked if he felt it is too late for him to be able to get into the mix, Lelie said:
“I don’t think it is. Especially with the coaches bringing me in, they must not think so either. They think I have a pretty good shot.” (KC)

Asked if he’s still the player he was early in his career with Denver and if he still has those skills, Lelie said:
“Oh, definitely. Especially, because I’m so fresh. I haven’t really had any major injuries. My body still hasn’t been banged up. So I still feel like I’m 23 out there.” (KC)

Asked how long he thinks it will take him to get to know the playbook, Lelie said:
“A couple days. Especially with the way camp is and the way everything is kind of drilled on you so hard, you can’t help but to absorb it. Everybody kind of runs similar concepts, they might not call it the same, but once you see it on the field and through the pictures, and start putting the process together, you can just put a different label on it. It shouldn’t be too hard picking up the plays.” (KC)

Asked what he liked during his first day of training camp with the Chiefs, Lelie said:
“It feels good, just to kind of be able to sit back and see the talent that the team has at all positions. With the experience of the coaching staff, something special could happen here.” (KC)

Asked how quickly he expects to get integrated in the offense, Lelie said:
“With the offense, hopefully by the end of this week. Getting my playbook every chance I get to look over the contents again. And with the season, definitely just making the roster, making the roster and helping this team win.” (KC)

When the questioner said that Coach Haley’s offense has to be a fun one to play in, Lelie said:
“Especially as a receiver, you want to catch balls. With Coach Haley and you have (QB Matt) Cassel here, showing what he did last year, it’s nice.” (KC)

Asked how he stayed in shape while waiting to try out for a team, Lelie said:
“Running whenever I can. I’ll go play basketball. Whatever I can do to keep that competitive edge, I’ll do. It’s kind of hard when you’re by yourself, to motivate yourself to keep running while you’re waiting for that call. You just have to stay hungry and be ready.” (KC)



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