Feature article on Warrior kickers Scott Enos and Brian Blumberg

HSB Note: “Scott Enos has the distance. Brian Blumberg has the accuracy. How quickly one taps into the other’s talent will decide who gets the bulk of the footwork this season; special teams coach Chris Tormey wants Dan Kelly’s successor to have some ability in both strength and aim.”

About how the competition for kicker is “pretty tight” right now, Chris Tormey said:
“Fortunately when we’re home, we can play two kickers. We have one who’s better on field goals, one who’s better on kickoffs, we can do that. But on the road we have to make a tough decision, whether or not we can take two.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Blumberg considers himself automatic within 40 yards, while Enos can hit from the 60s, and has the deeper kickoffs. Blumberg was known as “Clutch” as a freshman at El Camino College last year, when the only field goals he missed in 18 attempts were two blocks.”

About his accuracy on field goals, Brian Blumberg said:
“I’m not really here to be the power guy. I had knee surgery a couple of years ago, so I’m here to be accurate, especially within 40. I don’t want to miss anything. When we get that far back (in the 50s), the other kicker, Scott, has a boot, so he’s the one who’s gotta be money.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Enos converted 18 of 29 field goals in two years at Sierra Junior College. He went 90-for-109 on PATs.”

About how he has a problem with accuracy, Scott Enos said:
“That’s one of my weaknesses, is accuracy. (But) I’ve been working really hard on getting my consistency down and I think it’s coming along pretty well. If there wasn’t any competition, there wouldn’t be that motivation to get better. I think it’s real important to have that, and we do bring that out here every day.” (HSB)



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