Bill Belichick said that it will be hard to decide between Jake Ingram and Nathan Hodel

BG = Boston Globe

BG Note: “Veteran Nathan Hodel didn’t play Thursday as rookie Jake Ingram handled all the long-snapping duties. Hodel was at practice yesterday.”

About how it will be hard for them to choose between Jake Ingram and Nathan Hodel, BIll Belichick said:
“I think both players are capable of doing the job. Who would be better at it? That may depend on what you’re talking about because you’re talking about punt snapping and protection, coverage, field goal snapping and protection. So depending on which one of those areas you want to talk about there may be a different ranking of the players and those rankings could change over the next few days, few weeks. But I think it’s competitive, and I think we’re working with players that are capable of doing it.’’ (BG)


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