VJ Feheko named UH as part of his top 5 schools

SC = scout.com

About how he chose his top 5 schools based on how much each school made an impact on him for the last 3 years, VJ Feheko said:
“I have heartfelt reasons why I chose these 5 schools. You know, I gave it a lot of thought. I received about 20 offers and they came from all over the Nation. To be honest with all the colleges, it was time to share my top 5 before my season kicked off.” (SC)

About his 9 tackles, 2 sacks and 1 forced fumble in last night’s preseason game against Campbell, VJ said:
“That’s just the start, and I am going to keep true to my word; I am going to enjoy my season and not worry about recruiting.” (SC)

SC Note: “VJ’s top 5 include: University of Hawaii, Texas Tech, UCLA, University of Utah and Utah State.”

About having UH in his top 5, VJ said:
“Well, the University of Hawaii has known me since I was a child. Cal Lee told me when I was in 5th grade that he believed in me. That never left me. Also, Coach Rich Miano has taken the time to work with me in increasing my speed at Speed Camps. Most of all, I’d love to play in front of family.” (SC)

SC Note: “Choosing Texas Tech is where VJ’s older brother Sam is playing at MLB. My brother Sam is kinda like my mentor, he helps me academically as well as athletically. Family friend, Norm Chow is familiar with the Fehoko Family. Coach Chow has known me since a sophomore and told me he was going to keep an eye on me. He believes in Polynesian Players. Fehoko’s cousin Kalani Sitake is the Defensive Coordinator for the University of Utah.”

About how he could be coached by his cousin at Utah, VJ said:
“It would be great to have your cousin as the DC and position coach. Kalani is a close cousin and he has known me since I was a baby.” (SC)

Asked why he chose Utah State to be one of his top 5 schools, VJ said:
“Yeah, I knew that people are going to ask that, so I say, why not? First of all Coach Chad (Utah State DL coach), coached me at camps since I was thrown in at the 8th grade in Moanalua. He and Coach Brian Derby always brought out the best in me at these camps. So, I am going to give them a fair shot.” (SC)

SC Note: “Fehoko has been invited to 3 All-America Games, but has decided to choose the Under-Armour Game over the US Army and Emfinger Games.”

About dedicating this season to his older brother Whitley, VJ said:
“Whitley opened the doors for all us brothers to attend D1. Although he cannot play football again, he is at my practices everyday and gives me a coach’s perspective from the offensive side of the ball.” (SC)

VJ ended his interview by saying:
“watch out for my baby brother Breiden, he is the best of all 4, and don’t say that I didn’t tell you.” (SC)



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