UH’s Defense dominated the live scrimmage yesterday

HA note: “The defense yesterday dominated a 6-on-7 scrimmage, landing several big hits, including two by right safety Mana Silva.”

About the big hits he made during their scrimmage, Mana Silva said:
“I was hungry. That’s pretty much it. I wanted to go out there and make plays. This year I’m trying to use my instincts, make it to the ball, and break to the ball.” (HA)

“I told (slotback) Jon Medeiros before the scrimmage, ‘You look like a honey barbecue chicken to me.’ They all know I love KFC, so I just tried to go out there and make plays.” (HSB)

HA Note: “The defense saved its best for last, ruling the 11-on-11 two-minute drill. The quarterbacks were held to a combined 6-for-14 passing for 37 yards. They were intercepted three times. Greg Alexander, the No. 1 quarterback, was 3 of 7 for 11 yards and an interception. He was sacked twice.”

About how their D was ready for the scrimmage, Lewis Walker said:
“The defense had the high intensity from the beginning of practice, even when we started stretching.” (HA)

About his 4 INTs this week (including an INT from a Rausch pass yesterday after Aaron Brown tipped it), Walker said:
“The quarterbacks love me. It’s competition. The defensive coaches put us in position to make plays. We just have to make them. That’s kind of what happened.” (HA)

Asked when was the last time he played volleyball, Aaron Brown (who tipped the pass like a volleyball set for Walker’s INT) said:
“Back in sixth grade. I should have come down with it. You never know with a tipped ball who’s going to come down with it.” (HA)

HA Note: “Silva and nickelback Spencer Smith also had interceptions during the two-minute drill.”

HA Note: “Yesterday’s practice was supposed to be used as the final evaluation before the coaches meet today to revise the depth chart. The coaches want to establish scout teams and give more work to the first- and second-team players. But because of injuries, the evaluation period is expected to be extended at several positions, including quarterback.”

About how they haven’t decided on who won the #2 QB spot between Rausch and Austin, Ron Lee said:
“They’re still pretty even.” (HA)

About how he’s been bothered by a sore right (throwing) arm, Bryant Moniz said:
“Just fatigue.” (HA)

About wanting to give Moniz some reps before they decide on their QB depth chart, Ron Lee said:
“We’ve got 17 more (practices before the opener). Maybe by Wednesday, we can narrow it down. We want to give Bryant Moniz a really good look. He’s done some really good things.” (HA)

About how they will decide their depth chart after a few practices this week, Ron Lee said:
“This coming week will be big for us.” (HA)

About how the D enjoyed being able to tackle at full speed yesterday, Mac said:
“We wanted to see how our tackling was in the secondary and I was very happy with where we are. We did it so the DBs could show they could tackle and break on the ball. The offense made some plays. It’s important that we saw the receivers can catch it with pressure on.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “After two short completions, Silva ignited the defense with a crushing hit on receiver Jett Jasper along the sideline. Jasper, to his credit, hung onto the ball.”

About Mana Silva’s big hit on Jett Jasper, LB Corey Paredes said:
“That was beautiful. That jacked us up for sure.” (HSB)

About how his big hit fired up the D, Silva said:
“You have to set the tone for the defense, and I guess everyone fed off that energy and it worked out well for the D.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “The offense turned in some highlight moments as well, with Shane Austin connecting on a deep throw to Royce Pollard. Joe Avery later hauled in a long completion from Greg Alexander. Greg Salas was among the busiest receivers with five catches. With the defense keying on the pass, the 7-on-7 drill turned the receivers into targets, testing their focus in catching the ball knowing a big hit is likely to follow.”

About how the live hitting helps prepare the receivers, Ryan Henry said:
“It’s an advantage to the defense, but it’s just making us better. The coaches want to see who’s going to catch the ball in traffic and be able to secure the ball and take the hit.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “The defense rolled its momentum into the 11-on-11 (without full tackling) 2-minute drill period that followed. Silva came up with an interception off Alexander, the first of three for the defense.”

About how the offense will learn from their mistakes, Greg Alexander said:
“I think it’s going to be a good learning tape for us. We had a pretty bad day, so it’ll be something we can look at and learn from.” (HSB)

About how their success yesterday was important for their inexperienced D, Silva said:
“It was huge for our development and our progression as a defense as a whole and our chemistry working together. We’re all young and trying to feed off each other’s energy and develop, because when the lights go on we all have to ready.” (HSB)

About how allowing hitting helped the D, Alexander said:
“The receivers were almost on a suicide mission. We were just doing our best not to get them killed.” (HSB)

About how the defense has waited to be able to make a hit like the one Silva did to Jasper, Richard Torres said:
“You’ve been waiting to do that all camp.” (HSB)

About how Jasper held onto the ball despite the hit, Silva said:
“When I saw him on the ground and he still had the ball, I thought, ‘Damn.'” (HSB)

About how the D enjoyed the live hitting during the 7-on-7 scrimmage, Cal Lee said:
“It’s the excitement of it. You get all excited when those things happen.” (HSB)

About the live hitting scrimmage, Mana Silva said:
“Just react off the ball and read the routes. You gotta jack up the rest of the defense, it’s a good simulation.” (HSB)

About how the offense will learn from their struggles, Ron Lee said:
“It was good for us, good for everyone.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “The receivers got bopped because they ran too far downfield and didn’t find the right places in the zones, Lee said. They’ll learn from it, sore ribs as a reminder. His troops — who torched the defense in the spring game — were now the ones suffering the indignity of what the mealy mouthed now call a teachable moment. The kids call it being owned.”





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