Corey Nielsen has had to miss practice after his irregular heartbeat was discovered

About complaining about shortness of breath during Wednesday’s practice, Corey Nielsen said:
“I couldn’t catch my breath. That never happens to me.” (HA)

About what the electrocardiogram found, Nielsen said:
“They said I have an overworked heart or an enlarged heart or something.” (HA)

About how he hasn’t had any problems in his past, Nielsen said:
“I think it’s precautionary. I feel good. I feel I can practice, but I don’t want to risk my health.” (HA)

About how he has to watch practice instead of participate, Nielsen said:
“I’m bummed I can’t practice.” (HA)

About how he’ll redshirt this season, Nielsen said:
“It’s not a bad thing to redshirt.” (HA)


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