UH feature on the Warrior RBs

UH = University of Hawaii Athletics website

About how UH will be running the ball more than in the past, RB coach Brian Smith said:
“We’re putting a lot of emphasis on the running game. The run-and-shoot will still be a wide-open passing attack. We think we have a lot of depth at running back and we think we can do pretty well up front, so we expect that to be a big part of our offense again. But we’re definitely not taking anything away from the passing, because passing always sets up the run here.” (UH)

About coaching the RBs (Smith was UH’s OL coach last year), Smith said:
“You always want to, especially in the running backs, to instill a lot of toughness in them. Coaching offensive line and coaching running backs really go hand- in-hand in the blocking.” (UH)

Expecting Leon Wright-Jackson to have a big year, Smith said:
“I expect him to have an outstanding year, as long as he stays healthy and keeps progressing the way he is. There are also some great guys behind him to take some of the load off.” (UH)

UH Note: “The big news is the conversion of former quarterback Funaki to running back. Funaki started six games behind center last year but was enough of a threat on the ground to finish as the team’s third-leading rusher (215 yards, 1 TD). The senior got his first reps at his new position during spring camp and enters the fall as co-No. 1 on the depth chart with Wright-Jackson. So far, the transition for Funaki this season has been a smooth one. ”

About Inoke’s transition from QB to RB, Smith said:
“He’s definitely fearless, has been providing good protection, so it’s been a good transition for him. He’s worked hard in the off season, getting stronger and getting bigger, so now he’s playing a little more physical and he’s got outstanding running instincts. He’s great in space with the football.” (UH)

About senior Jayson Rego, Smith said:
“Rego is just a really good physical running back. Not necessarily as fast or as big, but he’s probably our most physical blocker and understands our protection the best. And he’s a really efficient runner.” (UH)

UH Note: “The team has a number of newcomers joining the backfield, including junior college transfers Alex Green and Chizzy Dimude. Green rushed for more than 1,000 yards on a Butte College team that captured the 2008 junior college national championship. Dimude averaged 6.8 yards per carry at Laney College last season.”

About JC transfers Alex Green and Chizzy Dimude, Smith said:
“Alex has an outstanding attitude. He’s a hard worker, a very similar style to Leon as far as size and speed go. Chizzy is more of a stack-pack kid, with real explosive speed and great quickness. He’s great in the screen game, and getting out in the backfield catching the ball in space. He has real good running instincts. They’ve both been great additions and we’re excited to have them.” (UH)



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