Feature story on Colt Brennan

WP = Washington Post

WP Note: “For the past two weeks, the pecking order among the four quarterbacks in Redskins’ camp has been clear: Jason Campbell, the leader, the starter; Todd Collins, the reliable, experienced backup; Brennan, the young slinger, not quite ready for prime time; and Daniel, at least a Hail Mary or two from the 53-man roster. But beginning with tomorrow night’s preseason opener at Baltimore, coaches will carefully scrutinize every snap, every huddle and every routine throw to see if a change in the depth chart is necessary.”

About the importance of preseason games, Colt said:
“Subconsciously, I realize that Thursday is the start of the next big test. I have all four preseason dates circled in my head. This is what I’ve been waiting for.” (WP)

About the improvement he has made this season, Colt said:
“I’m, like, galaxies better. The understanding of the offense, my comfort level with the offense, the people around me. I’m so much more confident with everything.” (WP)

WP Note: “He’s also more comfortable with his body. Injury-free most of his life, Brennan had surgery on his hip before his rookie year and afterward on his knee. He’s also added about 20 pounds since his senior year at Hawai’i, at the behest of coaches.”

About how he always prepares himself as if he will be the starting QB, Todd Collins said:
“As I’ve learned over the years, if they don’t give you the opportunity to start, you still have to prepare the same. Your expectation should still be to play like a starter. Look what happened a couple of years ago, I had to go in there and play.” (WP)

WP Note: “Perhaps complicating matters for Collins is the disparity in contracts. If Campbell wasn’t able to start for some reason, the team might not be ready to turn the reins over to Brennan. But Collins turns 38 in November, and he’s set to earn $1.9 million this season, the second year of a three-year contract. By comparison, Brennan is due to make $385,000 this season.”



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