UH feature on the Warrior QBs

UH = University of Hawaii Athletics website

About how he is much more confident in their QB position this season than he was last season, QB coach Nick Rolovich (Rolo) said:
“I’m much more confident this season. Brent [Rausch] and Greg [Alexander] have had a year under their belt, they’re doing much better. They’re much more advanced. Shane [Austin’s] been here enough years to have a good idea about the offense. It’s just much better for the whole team to have a little more stability at the quarterback position, not only having a starter, but having everyone knowing what they’re doing.” (UH)

Praising starting QB Greg Alexander, Rolo said:
“His greatest strength is his desire to be great. I think he really wants to be a good player—a great player—and wants to really represent this university well and this team well. He’s really taken it on his shoulders and I think he’s going to will us to a bunch of wins.” (UH)

About how his experience last season has prepared him for this season, Alexander said:
“I’m coming in with a different mind set obviously. My comfort level’s gotten high. I’ve been up here for a year. I’ve been able to get acclimated to the guys, the program, the school, and just life here basically. So everything is just a more comfortable feel.” (UH)

About how Brent Rausch and Shane Austin are competing for the top backup QB position, Rolo said:
“It’s going back and forth. One will have a good day sometimes and then the other guy will have a good day. We got Bryant Moniz creeping up so they just need to stay consistent, do what they do, don’t worry about the other guys and I’m sure it will shape up here in the next week or so.” (UH)

About how freshmen David Graves, Corey Nielsen and Cayman Shutter are learning the offense now, Rolo said:
“Newcomers are kind of swimming a little bit with the offense. A couple of them have a little more knowledge than the other ones. It’s a lot to learn and it’s good that there’s no pressure on them to perform immediately and they can soak it up. They ask good questions and they enjoy it here. I think they’re three great people to have on our team. They get a grace period of learning so they’re going to be fine.” (UH)



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