Feature story on Davone Bess and Greg Camarillo

PBP = Palm Beach Post

About Bess being ahead of him right now on the depth chart, Greg Camarillo said:
“He’s been playing great. So he’s got the job with the starting team. That doesn’t mean I’m not still fighting for it. It’s friendly competition.” (PBP)

About the close battle between Bess and Camarillo, head coach Tony Sparano said:
“Both of these guys catch it extremely well. They both have great knowledge of the system, of the coverage. Both play at a high level, so it’s pretty hard to separate them.” (PBP)

PBP Note: “Offensive coordinator Dan Henning said Bess (5-feet-10, 190 pounds) is physically comparable to Nat Moore, whose strength and compact build helped him last 13 seasons (1974-86) with the Dolphins.”

About Bess’ great strength, offensive coordinator Dan Henning said:
“When you look at Bess from the shoulders down, he’s built. He works with a tremendous base and he can change direction immediately. He has a chance to play in this league a long time because he’s physically able to take a pounding.” (PBP)

About how Camarillo isn’t as strong as Bess, Henning said:
“Camarillo is not as stout. He’s a lot more fragile; he kind of flows into things.” (PBP)

PBP Note: “Neither Bess, 23, nor Camarillo, 27, was drafted out of college, and neither was projected to have much of an NFL career. Camarillo (6-1, 190) spent 2005 on San Diego’s practice squad, played four games in 2006 and was claimed on waivers by Miami in 2007. Seven of his eight catches that season came in the last three weeks, including a 64-yard touchdown that secured the only win of the season. Last year, after catching 55 passes in his first 11 games, he was lost for the season trying to make a tackle on an interception against New England. That opened the door for Bess, a free agent from Hawaii. Of Bess’ 54 catches, 37 came in the final seven weeks.”

About how Camarillo hasn’t been slowed by his injury, Sparano said:
“The guy is out here every day, doesn’t say ‘boo’ and takes as many reps as you can give him.” (PBP)

About how Bess earned his trust, Sparano said:
“Bess has always done that. That is why he made the team last year. And to do it practice after practice really showed me something. Then to do it in a game, that’s how I came to trust the guy.” (PBP)

PBP Note: “Bess, who married his college sweetheart in October and became a first-time father in November, spent the summer in South Florida and worked almost daily to hone his craft, even if he had only a machine to launch passes at him. Bess said he takes pride in that kind of effort.”

About how he takes pride in his work ethic, Bess said:
“Now I just need to transfer what I’ve learned in the off-season and bring that to the practice field.” (PBP)

PBP Note: “Bess and Camarillo have been so good that Henning and Sparano sometimes have put both on the field in three-receiver sets. But one will likely be sitting once the season starts.”



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