Random quotes (backup QB importance, Lane to redshirt, tropical storm plans)

About the importance of the backup QB job, Shane Austin said:
“The backup job is a hugely important role. If something happens, you’re the guy, and you have to able to lead and keep going and not take a step back. So you have to be ready.” (HSB)

About how the battle between Rausch and Austin is close, Rolo said:
“I expect it to be close; it’s been close since spring. We need to have a backup quarterback, and in this case we’re going to have to have a No. 3 who’s not very far behind. With Brent, I’ve been impressed with his growth and maturity and focus. Shane is continuously accurate, has a good understanding of the system.” (HSB)

About facing the defense in practice, Austin said:
“I love it. It gets your heart pumping a little bit and gets the adrenaline going. For the first day, I think we’re clicking a little earlier than we thought we would and I think we’re in good shape right now.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Rausch, who has been running second in the rotation so far, was among the leading contenders for the top job last summer and was named the starter about midway through camp. But Alexander ended up getting the call in the opener, while Rausch played in three games in his sophomore season. This year Rausch is concerning himself more with his grasp on the system more than his grip on his place in the order.”

Just trying to improve and not worrying about his place in the depth chart, Brent Rausch said:
“I’m not thinking about the competition. I’m just trying to know the offense, know the plays and throw the ball.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Since Dan Robinson went the distance a decade ago, there have been three seasons in which the Warriors had one quarterback start every game — Tim Chang in 2002 and 2004 and Colt Brennan in 2006.”

About their three freshmen QBs, Rausch said:
“It’s cool. We’re all friends; Coach calls them the young pups. We’re trying to help them out and teach them some stuff.” (HSB)

About how he doesn’t expect Greg Alexander to lose control of their starting QB job, Rolo said:
“It would be very surprising to me if he took his foot off the gas pedal now with the great opportunity he has in front of him.” (HSB)

About Malcolm Lane redshirting this season, Ron Lee said:
“He was one of the two returnees as far as a receiver and a special teams guy. We’re moving on and we have some guys who we think will be OK. He wants to get his degree and that’s important.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “McMackin said he met with Lane on Saturday and they mutually agreed on the decision to redshirt, noting that Lane was academically eligible and will remain on scholarship.”

HSB Note: “McMackin said he is monitoring the progress of Tropical Storm Felicia. Forecasters have warned the storm could bring heavy rains to the islands starting tonight. With the Warriors housed in the athletic department dance studios for camp, McMackin said he’s spoken to UH officials about contingency plans.”

About their contingency plans for Tropical Storm Felicia, Mac said:
“We think we’ll be able to practice (today), and then we just have to be flexible.” (HSB)



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