UH’s OL are working to form a strong bond

About how their OL are working towards being able to understand each other without speaking, Ray Hisatake said:
“It’s like (former UH great Jesse) Sapolu said, he just looked at his teammates and they knew what to do. We’re in the beginning stages of that now.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Most of the Warriors’ offensive line, led by five senior starters, stayed in town much of the summer, building chemistry as they toned their physiques.”

HSB Note: “All-America candidate John Estes returns as the hub of the line, flanked by Hisatake and Raphael Ieru at the guard spots. Laupepa Letuli and Aaron Kia return as the tackles.”

About having their starting spots settled enables the OL to focus on working together instead of competing for starting spots, Aaron Kia said:
“Now we can work on improving as a unit instead of having to compete against each other to get that starting spot.” (HSB)

About having the OL focus on one position to learn that position best, Gordy Shaw said:
“Knowing they can improve their fundamentals and techniques at that one position has really helped them grow.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “The line took its first true test of fall camp yesterday as the Warriors put on the pads and engaged in offense vs. defense drills. There were two plays that would have been sacks out of the 36 in the 11-on-11 periods. The line was able to break running back Alex Green open for a big gain up the middle. Inoke Funaki and Leon Wright-Jackson picked up sizable yardage as well.”

Happy with the performance of their OL in the 11-on-11 drills yesterday, Shaw said:
“I was very excited and impressed with our communication both in the passing game and the running game. The first unit and the second unit did very well. We were probably 100 percent grading out mentally. We popped some running backs through there. Any true offensive lineman loves to run-block, they don’t want to always just be retreat blocking. … I think we’re going to be pleased with what we see on this practice tape.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Shaw said the unit entered camp “stronger and leaner” than it was in the spring, a result of a summer regimen that included the regular yoga sessions for flexibility, along with running and lifting.”

About learning yoga, Hisatake said:
“It was harder than we all thought. It hit so many muscles that we never even used. It was tough on the core, but as time went on we got a lot better.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “The seniors are backed up by a second unit featuring a junior (Adrian Thomas), three sophomores (Matagisila Lefiti, Austin Hansen and Clayton Laurel) and a redshirt freshman (Drew Uperesa).”

Hoping that all of the years they have been together will enable them to be a strong OL unit, Estes said:
“We’ve all been together, we know each other, know each other’s families, and it’s just fun playing with your best friends.” (HSB)

About having all seniors on their starting OL, Hisatake said:
“I think that makes it more special. We all know that after every practice, we’re not getting that day back. We’re this much closer to the end of our careers.” (HSB)



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