Feature story on safety Aaron Brown

About how it is possible to rebuild a secondary in one year, Chris Tormey said:
“I’ve actually had it happen a lot.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “Tormey recalls a transfused defensive backfield intercepting 22 passes in 1994 when he coached at Washington.”

Praising Aaron Brown, Tormey said:
“One word to describe him is ‘physical.’ He’s as physical as anyone on this football team.” (HSB)

Praising Aaron Brown, Rich Miano said:
“He’s violent, he’s athletic, he goes to the ball and he’s a great kid. He’s handsome and charismatic and a bit of a YouTube sensation.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “But I did learn something watching Brown’s YouTube footage from Saddleback College: He is feared. The tape from 2007 is 4 minutes, 21 seconds long. The one from last year is just 2:27. What happened? Opponents learned you should avoid No. 23. Hence fewer picks, fewer crushing tackles. Same player, fewer highlights.”

Asked what happened in high school to force him to go to a JC, Aaron Brown (who had four Pac-10 offers out of high school) said:
“I took it too easy, lost focus. It was really disappointing, but I had to take it in stride. Saddleback was great and now I’m in a beautiful place.” (HSB)



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