Reports from Day 1 of training camp

Happy with their first day of practice in camp, Mac said:
“It was a great first day.” (HA)

“We’re going right back to the basics. The offense started off, in my opinion, where they left off in the spring. Defense and special teams, we’re going right to the basics from the ground up.” (HSB)

“There was a lot of teaching going on, a lot of learning going on, which at this time of year with no pads is really important.” (HSB)

“They’ve come back in shape. We started with that swarm drill, and the first unit and second unit just flew.” (HSB)

About putting the controversy from the WAC Football Preview behind him, Mac said:
“I’m totally, completely focused on football.” (HSB)

HA Note: “The Warriors were without Lane, their top deep threat last season. McMackin said Lane is “taking care of personal business.” McMackin said he did not know when Lane would report.”

Happy with their practice, Greg Alexander said:
“We all jumped right back into it. We’ve been working so hard over the offseason, we only took about a week or two weeks off to get their minds and their bodies fresh and we just picked up where we left off. I think we’re in a really good spot right now. We’re definitely ahead of last year, maybe a little ahead of the curve as far as chemistry with each other. We know body language, how guys are going to run certain (routes). I’m really excited, I think we have a great chance to do some things.” (HSB)

About the team moving him from LB to DE, Paipai Falemalu said:
“I told Mack I would do whatever is best for the team.” (HA)

“Coach Mack asked me if I wanted to play D-end. I told them whatever I have to do to help the team.” (HSB)

About why they moved Paipai to DE, Mac said:
“We made the move to get speed on the field, and Paipai can run. He’s a great athlete. He was one of the top guys in my first recruiting class (in 2008). He’s a guy we can build on. I want him on the football field. We’re going to let him compete and see if he’s one of the best football guys.” (HA)

HA Note: “Falemalu reported to the 2008 training camp weighing 225. Three weeks later, he weighed 250, and was regarded as a redshirt candidate. The decision was finalized when Falemalu suffered a torn labrum. He underwent surgery in October.”

About not being able to participate in practices last season after his torn labrum injury, Paipai said:
“It was tough sitting out, watching everyone practice.” (HA)

About staying after practice to work on DE techniques, Paipai said:
“It’s a whole different world, it’s a bunch of new techniques to learn. It’s totally different, but if the coaches believe in me I’m pretty sure I can do it.” (HSB)

HA Note: “He also was held out of contact drills during spring training. Falemalu, who is 6 feet 3 and now 230 pounds, stayed after practice to receive tutoring on rip and club moves, as well as the proper technique to disengage a block.”

About his emotions yesterday when he walked onto UH’s grass practice field, Blaze Soares said:
“I just felt blessed. I felt blessed to be out here with these boys again. Just competing.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “His excitement was obvious as he mimicked his teammates’ movements on the side during the reps he didn’t take (he was in on about one in every four).”

About having to miss so much due to his past injuries, Blaze said:
“(Sitting out) was very depressing. Know what I mean? Just going through that battle. It’s something that I don’t want to go through again.” (HSB)

About how he’ll pace himself to preserve his body, Blaze said:
“They keep working with me on pacing, because I know I have a tendency to go full speed. Do what I can do and glory will come. That’s what I’m hoping.” (HSB)

About being able to participate in practice, Blaze Soares said:
“I did what I had to do. I did it to my pace and ability. I was scared (of a recurrence), of course. You don’t know what to expect, to be honest.” (HA)

About avoiding surgery and relying on rest and rehab to recover, Blaze said:
“I’m at 90, 95 percent. Anything over 80 percent is gravy off the plate to me. I should be OK.” (HA)

Happy to be back at practice after missing all but 1 game last season due to a torn left tricep injury, Rocky said:
“It’s good to be out there and getting the blood flowing.” (HA)

About how the sun didn’t bother him during practice, Rocky said:
“It was so hot in Arizona — 117 degrees once. Running out here is nothing.” (HA)

About his shaved head, Rocky said:
“Up there (in Arizona), I didn’t have a barber. I decided to go bald. No baggage. No hair. I’m good.” (HA)

About the surgery he had for his first torn ACL, Bell said:
“it didn’t feel right. It was pretty much ready to snap again.” (HA)

HA Note: “Bell suffered a second torn ACL in the right knee while working out last year. He underwent another surgery, placing his career on life support.”

About how they didn’t expect Bell to be able to play anymore, Mac said:
“We thought he was done.” (HA)

About coming back from two ACL surgeries, Bell said:
“Initially, they didn’t think I was going to make it back. But I worked really hard.” (HA)

HA Note: “Bell was not listed on the initial training camp roster. He also was not listed on the revised roster. But he reported to training camp, where he underwent an extensive medical evaluation and was cleared to rejoin the Warriors.”

About adding Bell to their training camp roster at the last minute, Mac said:
“We’re going to give him a shot.” (HA)

About his 75-yard punt during practice, Alex Dunnachie said:
“I don’t know where it came from. The wind dropped at just the right time.” (HA)

HA Note: “The football nearly struck offensive coordinator Ron Lee, who was leading drills on the opposite side of the grass practice field.”

About Dunnachie’s punt, Mac said:
“He almost got Ron Lee killed. He kicked it all the way down to the offense.” (HA)

About how it is easy to work with the 6’3″, 235-pound Dunnachie, Lucas Ingram said:
“He’s a big target. He makes my job easier.” (HA)

About how he was nervous when they started to work in punt formation, Dunnachie said:
“I didn’t know what to expect. On the first one, I didn’t know they were rushing me. It took me a bit by surprise.” (HA)

“I was a bit nervous actually. When Luke (Ingram) snapped it to me I didn’t know they were going to rush me, so I caught it and I looked up and there were all these guys around me. But after that first time, I was able to settle down and just concentrate on watching the ball and kicking the ball.” (HSB)

HA Note: “But he quickly recovered, and then launched the towering punt, inducing his teammates to chant “Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!” In Australia, the crowd yells that after good plays. The response yell is: Oy! Oy! Oy!”

About the chants for him, Dunnachie said:
“I don’t know how they knew that, but it was good to hear.” (HA)

Asked if he responded to the chants, Dunnachie said:
“I didn’t do that. I focused on the next one.” (HA)

About how Dunnachie can blast high punts as well as rugby-style kicks after rollouts, Mac said:
“He can kick it with all different rotations, making it tough on the returners. He can hit the long one. And when we move him, he kicks rugby-style. He can run this way and kick it that way. He’s a talent.” (HA)

HA Note: “Three of Dunnachie’s punts were dropped.”

Praising Dunnachie, Ingram said:
“He’s a stud. He came out here on Day 1 and proved himself. ” (HA)

About working on improving his concentration, Dunnachie said:
“Sometimes I think too much, complicate it, and then it doesn’t work. I have to clear my mind. I wouldn’t be here if I couldn’t do it. I have to trust I can do it.” (HA)

About how he kicked differently in Australia, Dunnachie said:
“We kick the ball end over end (in Australian Rules), so it’s just a matter of turning the ball and making sure everything’s going straight. You have to try to come up through the ball instead of kicking it low.” (HSB)

About his improvement after losing 26 pounds in Arizona, Brashton Satele said:
“Physically and mentally, I’m better than last year. I got myself right this summer. Plus, I’m taking more of a leadership role this year. I’m the middle linebacker. I have to take everything on my shoulders.” (HA)

“(Practice) was fun, especially at 240, it felt good. I can feel a major difference.” (HSB)

About how they were all anticipating the first day of practice, Brashton said:
“We couldn’t wait. We couldn’t sleep last night, a couple guys kept talking about it. There’s nine new guys (on defense) but we’re all close, so it’s a good mix. … I have confidence in every guy we line up with.” (HSB)

HA Note: “Mana Lolotai, who also trained in Arizona this summer, yesterday worked out as an outside linebacker. Lolotai was a backup middle linebacker last season. Lolotai once weighed as much as 243. He now is 229, and his body fat is 11 percent.”

About trying to maintain his weight loss, Mana Lolotai said:
“I’m eating better. I’m trying to maintain my diet with the training table we have.” (HA)

About how the OL reported in shape to camp, John Estes said:
“Excellente. Estacio is back. It’s good to see we’re all on the same page. So far, so good.” (HA)

HSB Note: “Rolovich tossed out pointers to the Warriors receivers yesterday as they practiced their routes, while he simultaneously went through his usual work with the quarterbacks. He noted that offensive coordinator Ron Lee (formerly the receivers coach before Stutzmann assumed the job) is sharing the duty.”

About helping out the WRs in addition to working with the QBs, Rolo said:
“I just got some quarterbacks to worry about, but if I can give a tip here or there … The filmwork is what really allows us to coach everyone. But as far as hustle and getting those guys going, I kind of say what I think needs to happen. If they listen, they listen. I hope they do. They have so far.” (HSB)


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