Maui News report on the first practice of camp for the Warriors

MN = Maui News

About how their starting QB spot is settled, Mac said:
”Greg Alexander is the guy that’s going to start our first ballgame.” (MN)

About the importance of knowing who their starting QB is, Greg Salas said:
”That was always in the back of our minds last year. As much as we said it wasn’t, it was. We didn’t know who was going to be the starting quarterback or how long they were going to be the starting quarterback for. It’s a huge relief for us.” (MN)

About spending more time with the defense and special teams in practice, Mac said:
”The offense actually started off, in my opinion, where they left off in the spring. Defensively and special teams, we’re going right to the basics, from the ground up.” (MN)

MN Note: “The special teams and defense, however, did provide some highlights. Freshman Alex Dunnachi boomed a punt that traveled about 70 yards in the air. Defensive lineman Rocky Savaiigaea showed up 31 pounds lighter than last year, and said the weight loss made a notable difference.”

About how things are different for him after his weight loss, Rocky said:
”I’m not leaning over gagging. I feel I can go through the drills 100 percent.” (MN)

About how they are motivated by the Hawaii Bowl loss, Salas said:
”(The loss left) a bad taste we have in our mouths so we definitely want to get out there in that first game and really prove a point and get after it this season,.” (MN)

MN Note: “Following tradition, the players are living in two dance studios on campus. McMackin said he was going to move the players into dorms last year, but they wanted to stay in the studios.”

About how they need to learn the personality of their team, Mac said:
”We’re at a point where we’re learning our personality. This was the first day to build that personality. We just have to continue to get better every day.” (MN)

About living with about 100 Warrior teammates, Salas said:
”People snore really loud. I mean really loud. It’s horrible. It gets a little stinky in there, but it’s all good. It’s for chemistry. We like it.” (MN)


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