Feature story on Rocky Savaiigaea

Praising the character of Rocky Savaiigaea, Brian Kajiyama said:
“Last year when he was injured, he still would show up at practices and games to show his support for the TEAM. He was disappointed with his injury, and tried to come back after surgery, and realized it would not work. Despite his frustration, he continued to show up for all team functions. Rocky is someone who leads by example … and when he does speak, players listen because they truly respect him as a player, a friend, and as a person.” (HSB)

About how Rocky could have a big impact this season, Mac said:
“He’s really working hard. He’s got great quickness, great power, he’s just been unfortunate in getting hurt. He had an excellent spring, he’s a hundred percent. He’s strong, he’s quick, he’s got a great attitude. He’s a leader. He’s a guy who guys will follow. He just has to get his opportunity and make the most of it.” (HSB)

HSB Note: “You’ll be seeing a lot less of Rocky this fall. That’s because there are only 305 pounds of him left. Actually, as you read, it’s probably closer to the 295 he wants to play at this season.”

About how Rocky started at his performance center in Arizona at 336 pounds three weeks ago and returned in the best shape of his life, Chad Ikei said:
“(Savaiigaea) was driven and worked extremely hard and the end result was amazing, he dropped over 10 percent body fat in three weeks, not to mention 31 pounds. He not only lost the weight but he also ended up adding 8 pounds of solid muscle, that’s incredible.” (HSB)

About how other Warriors had told him about Ikei, Rocky said:
“Three weeks of top-notch training. I always knew about (Ikei), from Tala (Esera), Reagan Mauia. He’s strict with you. It’s all training. Monday through Saturday, no distractions. He breaks everything down. Correct lifting form, running form.” (HSB)

About how Ikei changed his eating habits, Rocky said:
“You have small portions, and you’re hungry, but you’re eating a lot of the time (meals and snacks) so you don’t worry about it.” (HSB)



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