Feature story on Mark Kafentzis

TNT = Tacoma News Tribune

TNT Note: “Mark Kafentzis’ mother says the reason her sons are so athletic is because she has 13 children but only set a table for 10. Apparently her strategy worked. She has had a total of eight sons and grandsons pass through the University of Hawaii athletic department — and most recently Mark Kafentzis was named one of the university’s best football players.”

About being selected as the 58th best football player in UH history, Mark said:
“There have been so many of us (sons) that have played there. To be selected out of all of the players was a great honor.” (TNT)

TNT Note: “A three-sport star at Richland High School, Kafentzis began his college football career at Columbia Basin College and then transferred to the University of Hawaii to enjoy the warmer, more humid weather that the state is famous for.”

About being at UH from 1979 to 1981, Mark said:
“I was redshirted in the 1979 season. But I was the starting safety in 1980.” (TNT)

TNT Note: “The Warriors went 17-5 during the years Kafentzis played safety and earned the university’s first national ranking in the ’81 season. After his senior year, he was drafted by the Cleveland Browns and went on to be picked up by the Indianapolis Colts as a free agent.”

About making it to the NFL, Mark said:
“When I started playing football, I didn’t think I would ever play pro ball. I mean, I had dreams, but it wasn’t until my junior or senior year that I realized I might have a shot at it and really started focusing.” (TNT)

TNT Note: “Kafentzis left the NFL in 1985 after he suffered a knee injury. He said he hasn’t looked back since.”

About how he doesn’t talk much about his playing days, Mark said:
“I enjoy watching my sons and nephews play football. But I don’t like to sit in a bar and reminisce about the ‘glory days.’ ” (TNT)

TNT Note: “Kafentzis was the first in his family to attend the University of Hawaii and is credited with beginning the line of eight relatives to attend the school — four brothers, two sons and a nephew. And it’s possible that number could reach double digits: Kafentzis has a son and a daughter who could soon day attend the school.”



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