Feature story on Leon Wright-Jackson

HSB Note: “Wright-Jackson, a Parade All-American at Pasco High School (Wash.), didn’t want to have any regrets for his final year as a college player. He prepared feverishly for his last chance to make an impact. He called up his competition over the summer — including newcomers Alex Green and Chizzy Dimude as well as converted back Inoke Funaki — to arrange workouts and drills to maximize their collective potential.”

About the offseason workouts for the RBs, LWJ said:
“We really push each other. That’s what we all talked about. That’s what I told all the new guys: push each other. Whoever starts, whoever starts, you know. But the whole thing is, we have to get better as a team. So we’re going to be pushing each other. We’re not going to slack off on each other — we’re going to make each other work.” (HSB)

After switching from QB to RB in the spring, Inoke said that LWJ is:
“kind of the coach other than Coach Smitty (Brian Smith). Not only do we see that he’s hungry himself to be better, but for the whole team. He’s helping the other guys behind him work hard and get better, just in case something happens. Then there’s people who can pick it up. A lot of leadership, definitely a good guy in trying to help. He speaks more about the team.” (HSB)

About how he was more dedicated this offseason than in any other offseason, LWJ said:
“I did it, but I wasn’t as consistent as I was this time. It’s the last time I’ll probably ever put a helmet on. Just gotta go out there, put everything out, simulate games, and that’s what we worked on.” (HSB)

About correcting his problems from last year, LWJ said:
“We run the plays, and if it’s there, I’m hitting it hard. I know my faults from last year, and I’m correcting them.” (HSB)

About showing his leadership with the Warriors, LWJ said:
“Just to show that I’m a leader, and I’m going to lead by example. I may not be as verbal as others, but just going to lead by example and help out everybody who needs help.” (HSB)



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