Feature article on the importance of this preseason to Colt Brennan

FLS = Free Lance-Star

FLS Note: “When the Washington Redskins’ four preseason games advance into the second half, and you hardly know any of the players on the field because many of them will be unemployed soon anyway, no one will blame you if you change the channel or turn off the TV. Just know, though, that in those moments, Colt Brennan will be playing the most important football of his life and possibly changing the landscape of the Redskins’ quarterback position.”

About the importance of this preseason to his career, Colt said:
“It is pretty intense, because you know that’s the only chance that you’re going to get to go out and showcase yourself.” (FLS)

“I’m excited because if I have any success during that, it’s going to continue to push me and show people I belong.” (FLS)

About how they have worked on Colt’s mechanics, Washington QB coach Chris Meidt said:
“When he got here, there were no mechanics to his game. None. He was a slinger. Now, he was one of the best in college history. But in the NFL game you have to have some mechanics.” (FLS)

FLS Note: “And so the project began. The Redskins didn’t tear Brennan down–something for which he is thankful. They tried to build him up. They taught him to drop straight back with proper footwork and not to unnecessarily drift outside the pocket. They had him hold the ball higher during his drop, not expose it at the waist as he did previously.”

About how Jim Zorn hasn’t changed his sidearm delivery yet, Colt said:
“Why try and fix what’s not broken? I don’t mind saying this: I was the most accurate quarterback in the history of college football.” (FLS)

FLS Note: “The results last preseason were positive. So positive, in fact, that some fans began calling for Brennan to start when Campbell and the offense struggled to move the ball and score points. Brennan’s supporters cited his 68 percent preseason completion rate, his three touchdowns and zero interceptions to make their case. But skeptics note that Brennan piled up those numbers against the dregs of NFL training camps. Zorn realizes that, too, so he has promised that Brennan will play against better competition in the coming weeks.”

About how Colt has improved significantly, Zorn said:
“I think Colt has come a long way. I think the way I get on him, he probably doesn’t feel like he’s come a long way. But I’m pushing him. Now he’s really being more disciplined in the pocket. He’s starting to read the throws, but he’s a work in progress.” (FLS)

About what he wants to see from Colt in the preseason, Meidt said:
“If Colt can go out and just run the game, make the checks, have great tempo, change cadence, I’d be absolutely thrilled. It really comes down to execution for him, and to do that he has to be mechanically sound, he has to have an understanding of the system and where we want to go with the ball. If he does those things, I think touchdowns will happen. He’s a playmaker. We know that.” (FLS)

About Colt’s personality, Meidt said:
“I like his aggressive mentality.” (FLS)

FLS Note: “Step back and analyze the Redskins’ quarterback situation, and the prospect of Brennan starting in 2010 isn’t that farfetched. Depending on Campbell’s play this season in the last year of his contract, the Redskins could be looking for a new No. 1.”

About how his preseason performance will be scrutinized, Colt said:
“You really don’t want to get caught up in it, because this league is so full of business. Really what you want to focus is on just playing good. Even if I go out there and make a mistake, at least I’m backing it up with making good plays, doing good things at certain times and keeping that buzz, that energy going. I don’t want anything to set me back right now.” (FLS)



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