Quotes before training camp opens

About how his belief in his players has him excited for the season, Mac said:
“I’m excited about this year. I’ve got a lot of belief in my players. I’ve got a lot of belief in my coaches. I know the people of Hawai’i are really excited about this season. They will us to win, and they pray for us to win. … This is a team that we have to do a great job of coaching, and the players have to do a great job of learning.” (HA)

“I’m ready to start.” (HA)

“I see unity in this team, I see work ethic in this team. Now the biggest thing is to get our team personality.” (HSB)

HA Note: “The Warriors lost three coaches — Alex Gerke (offensive line, running backs) to Utah State, Ikaika Malloe (defensive tackles, special teams) to Yale, and Craig Stutzmann (receivers) to Portland State. Gordy Shaw replaces Gerke, with Brian Smith moving to running backs coach, and former Nevada head coach Chris Tormey will coordinate special teams and coach the safeties.”

HA Note: “Last season, the Warriors ran out of necessity, using the strategy to help shorten games and ease the pressure on Colt Brennan’s quarterback successors. This year, they will run to counter opponents trading tackle-box defenders for pass-coverage guys. The blueprint actually was conceived when McMackin took over in January 2008. He sought a power back with agility; his first signing was Jake Heun. Heun, who did not play last season because of a back injury, moved to linebacker. The role now will be filled by Funaki, who switched from quarterback; a rejuvenated Wright-Jackson, and Green, a heralded junior-college transfer.”

About having the entire team stay in the dance studios during camp, Laupepa Letuli said:
“This is a perfect place to have everyone together instead of in their own rooms. You get a chance to bond on and off the field. It’s fun. It’s like three weeks of camping and football. What more could you want.” (HSB)

About the competition for playing time, Kealoha Pilares said:
“There’s a lot of competition. Coach has a lot of us next to each other on the depth chart. It’s going to make everybody better in the long run.” (HSB)

About playing with Estes, Kia, Ieru and Hisatake, Letuli said:
“Ray is our brother. He’s part of our class. It feels good for us to play together. There were a lot of setbacks because of injuries. John really progressed. He set the example. We’re all following in his footsteps.” (HA)

About covering WRs, Lametrius Davis said:
“My (junior college) team last year ran a bear defense. It was all man-to-man, one-on-one, the whole game. It was fun.” (HA)

About starting QB Greg Alexander, Mac said:
“Greg Alexander has had an outstanding offseason and finished the season very well.” (HSB)

About LWJ and Inoke at RB, Mac said:
“Leon has worked out better than I’ve ever seen. Inoke showed good things in the spring.” (HSB)

About their depth and talent at receiver, Mac said:
“We’ve got speed and we’ve got experience. … The thing we need is game reps.” (HSB)

Happy with the work the OL has put in, Mac said:
“The offensive line has been here all year working out together, going to school, just dedicated. … I like the personality of that offensive line.” (HSB)

About their top 3 DTs, Mac said:
“You have to have great defensive tackles to play this defense. I consider all three of those guys (Meatoga, Savaiigaea and Tufaga) starters.” (HSB)

About Brashton Satele and Mana Lolotai, Mac said:
“(Satele) worked out hard and that showed me what kind of person he is. (Lolotai’s) going to be a middle linebacker, but we’re going to give him a shot at outside linebacker, too.” (HSB)

About their secondary, Mac said:
“I feel like we’re going against one of the best pass offenses in the country every day and I believe in Rich Miano and Chris Tormey and we’ve just got to bring that secondary together.” (HSB)

About the special teams specialists, Mac said:
“We’re talented, but we’re young and inexperienced.” (HSB)




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